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  1. I have some nice tubbs blues if you want to trade. Got them from Scott before he quit the hobby - really bright blue.
  2. I agree with going as big as you can. Your water paramaters will be more stable due to it. I started with a small nano and it was great, but I soon outgrew it and I am now happy with my 60g cube. I also did freshwater for years before making the switch to salt, no looking back for me! When you get setup let me know and I can get some softies your way to get you started. Much of what you get really boils down to how much you want to initially spend, and how much you want to spend in long term care for it also. It is obviously cheaper to dose a small tank than a large tank.
  3. Also, Coral Magazine has a great FREE Iphone app as well. Has a lot of the articles the magazine has. http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/coral-magazine/id404620181?mt=8
  4. You guys went a lot fancier than I did. Nice work! How is it working for you so far? I tend to take mine out every 7-10 days to clean. No algae in my display tank still, and I've increased feedings some.
  5. Just wanted to say thanks for the loan of the return pump, you are a stand up guy and if you ever need anything just let me know.
  6. Kasasah, that was the first thing I tried as it has happened before. In the future I will have a spare on hand that I can use or someone can borrow! I'm thinking I need a new impeller, but will first order a new pump. Pnkrcklives was nice enough to loan me a pump for a week until a new one comes in!
  7. Clay, Mark, thanks but i need an in-sump model. I should have specified that initially.
  8. That would be great if i could borrow it until i find one local or mail order! I think i will be able to drive tomorrow so i could swing by your way also. Where abouts are you? Im in beaverton.
  9. AARRRG. Had surgery today and relaxing on the couch when my Return pump decided to die on me. I run my skimmer, chiller, Ca reactor and a few other items off this pump. It was a sealine 6540 pump - 767 GPH, 10.23 ft. Max head pressure. Dimensions: 7.2” x 5.9” x 7” and Connections: 3/4" hose barb compression fitting inlet & outlet So, does anyone know of a local shop that I can send my wife to get one tomorrow, or something comparable? Anyone have something like it for sale? Right now I hooked up a pump that will pretty much just move water to the display and run a bit of water thru the skimmer, but not sure how long I have before this does not suffice. Thanks in advance all.
  10. Kim, what now constitutes a 'legitimate' business? Business License? Storefront? Just curious.
  11. Was wondering if anyone would like to share their experiences with this salt. I've been using Gettanked salt and had good luck with it, but it is time to order and looking at my options. Any local stores carry the B-ionic salt? I like the fact that it mixes up extremely fast and clear with no residue, and the params seem spot on. Did a quick search and could not find any posted info on this yet.
  12. Oh, colonizing hydroids would take over and kill your GSP, trust me on that. Heck, I'll give you some. ha ha ha.
  13. Nice looking fungia. I have one of Roy's offspring that has gotten quite large, but unfortunately it has never split on me. I have always wondered what the 'trick' is?!
  14. API kits are some of the most innacurate I have ever used. Elos and Salifert is what I use, but wanting to try the new Red Sea kits.
  15. I run the ultra-quiet Yamaha 2400i genset during power outages, love it. Thanks for reminding me, I need to start it up and let 'er run for about 20 minutes as it has been a month or two!
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