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  1. Mikep503

    Interceptor Pills

    I would be very carefull selling them online....highly illegal :USA:
  2. Mikep503

    FS 450g acrylic

    Oh man! I want that in a bad way. Someone come buy my 4'x4' cube so I can get it!
  3. Mikep503

    SPS 10/$100 frag sale

    Just to let you guys know, I made the trip up from Salem for Mikes last sell and the deals were CRAZY cheap! It's worth a long drive just to see his amazing tank! Mike
  4. Mikep503

    Fs powder blue& yellow tang

    Your price sounds good to me, I just don't want them.
  5. Mikep503

    Opening the New Shop up!! Finally!!!

    The store looks great! Definitely one of the nicest shops in the state now!
  6. I would be interested in all the fish if someone wants it without them.
  7. Reasons like these are exactly why I stopped being a paid member! MVP has tried to do the right thing since the begining and the club managment has made it impossible. The club will not be getting my money any time soon! Mike
  8. Mikep503

    Auction #1 Maxi Carpet

    $40 for a great cause!
  9. Mikep503

    The $100/10 pack SPS sale

    Thanks for having me up Mike. Amazing tank, one of the nicest private tanks I have seen in person! Time to go glue some sticks onto my rocks now!
  10. Mikep503

    The $100/10 pack SPS sale

    pm sent. I never have enough sticks!
  11. Mikep503

    Birthday sale!

    Happy Birthday old timer! Whats on the birthday sell today? (laugh)
  12. Mikep503

    WTB / WTT Oregon Tort

    Garrett (The Premium Aquarium) Might still have one. He had some a couple weeks ago.
  13. Mikep503

    90gal OddBall Acrylic AIO

    Very impressive work! I love the mahogony! One quick question.....What is the little box on the left side of your overflow? I think I read something about it being the feed tube for your skimmer? If so does it keep enough water in it to suppply your skimmer or does it suck air?
  14. Mikep503

    Now what?

    I had it pretty bad at one point a couple years ago. I would just blow them off with a power head once in a while and with the help of a hungry 6 line wrasse I haven't seen any in my tanks in years. From my experience they really don't hurt much so don't get to stressed out.
  15. Mikep503

    New cold water store!

    Many years ago.....when I first started in to the saltwater hobby and had NO CLUE what I was doing, I took a couple of anenomes from the Oregon coast and placed them in my "Tropical" saltwater tank. Those things were bullet proof. I don't know why they lived, kept the tank around 78 I think, had lava rock instead of live rock, and had them for over a year before I finally took them out. Thats the closest I have come to cold water tanks lol. Pretty amazing how I had no idea what I was doing back then!