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  1. oops didnt mean to attatch the pics aswell. also im located in eugene for pickup
  2. picked this up a while back for a project. I have since decided to skip this size tank till the future an dont really have the room to store it.It is a 150 gallon AGA the stand is pine not the cheap particle board type. it was used for freshwater before i acquired it, i believe a bit over a year. i did fill when i got it. no problems. silicone seals are in amazing condition. there is 1 scratch i found on one of the sides and will show in pic. pic makes it look worst possible but want you to know it is there.has not been drilled yet.good project for someone. dimensions are 48x24x30 asking $575 OBO will deliver not far off the beaten path of I5 for an additional $80 will trade for guns or....? anything thats a good offer. dont be shy worst i can say is no thanks.I enjoy bartering;) respond via pm or text 541 729 0567 thanks shawn
  3. Light hood looks amazing franklin! Nice planted tank
  4. all PMs responded too only 3 of the zoa frag pack #2 left......and 2 of the first zoa frag pack left....as things are sold out ill put a big red sold over them thanks to everyone shawn
  5. I am back in the hobby after a few years off! (rock2) I'm trying to raise some money to restore a boat for the summer, so I'm having big sale on some quality corals. For local residents (Eugene/Springfield), I will be available any day of the week after 4pm and in anticipation of selling a few of these zoanthid frag packs for an amazing price, I am planning a to head north on Saturday the 19th. I am able to make stops near Corvalis, Albany, Salem and Portland areas either at a designated meeting locations or delivery to your door if needed. All pictures of the corals were taken recently by me. I didn't have time to do wysiwyg pics, but you can see there's some quality stuff here. So here we go with the pieces for sale. Help me get this boat in the water!!!! AARRGGGHH!!! Please respond with a pm and include which items you're interested in and your location and I'll get back to you with my cell phone number so we can set up a meeting time and place via calls or text. First thing up for sale is a chalice that Fluid Dynamic Aquariums calls an FDA Exclusive Bloody Irish. I call it a good-looking nice chalice at a fraction of their price. $25 per 1" plus sized frag. Multiple available. Next up another chalice. This is a really neat piece.. no clue what its called but has really nice purple and green color with light purple around eyes and crazy sparkles throughout. This is hands down the fastest growing chalice I've had. $25 per 2" plus frag. Multiple available. A Montipora classic!! Chili pepper with purple rim!! $20 per 1" plus frag. Multiple available. IOrange Montipora cap frags. $10 per 1" plus frag. Multiple available. Amazing coloration on these Riccordia Yumas!! 2 frags available, 1 with a baby that's gonna grow where it walked and left the foot and one single. Price is $30 for the one that's about to sprout another and $25 for the single Hot looking Riccordia Florida. Looks LA lakers colors to me, yellowish-orange and purple, sweet neon green mouths and a fast grower to boot. $15 per polyp. Multiple available. Nice purple and green Frogspawn. $25 for 2 heads. sold!!!zoa pack #1 sold!!!Zoanthid Package #1 we're looking at the hornet-like polyps in the upper left corner of the photo and the rasta-like polyps in the upper right corner. These are two of my most prized zoanthids. I think it's one of the best-looking and brightest hornet-like zoanthids out there. This frag pack is 4 of the hornet-like and 3 of the rasta-like for $35. I saved what I think is the best for last and a great deal. Even if you already own one of the zoas in the pack, it's still a great deal and could trade it out in the future. The pack includes 5 polyps of the blue and pastel pink green skirted zoas.. called Blue Plasmas if I remember correctly. Regardless, it's a great zoa. Includes 5 polyps of Tyree Blue Eye Girl!!! A hot zoa!!! 5 polyps of Pink Panthers. and last 5 polyps of Mohawks aka Event Horizons. All these wonderfull Zoanthids for only $45!!!!Multiple packs available So excited to be back in this amazing hobby. Anxiously awaiting your messages. - Shawn PS I'm also interested in potential trades for Rainbow Montipora!
  6. wuahahahah more than 8 hours from the start of breakdown to just walking back in the door. was nice meeting you guys. i was glad to see it was going to a good home looks like you guys have a bit of an addiction for sure.im sure ill find more aquarium related stuff over the next week and will send it your way. thanks again nice doing buisness with yaa i gotta be at work in 3 hours lolDOH!
  7. sold sold sold(sad)(sad)(sad) sad day here but id rather have a house than an aquarium
  8. 34 sorry. call me you can make your money back on the micros alone.lol smokeing deal
  9. pics are really bad as far as clarity and color sorry can be seen in person! seriously nice show tank
  10. im kinda hosed here i need money asap 650 obo for anyone on the forum you could seriously make your money back in a week. ill deliver and setup will hear offers.... here it is on craigslist http://eugene.craigslist.org/for/1804216269.html
  11. will do ill make it over sometime this weekend.
  12. short for mortgage. need some scrilla.memorial day sale! i have a 6" by 3" ish piece of orange monti cap. pretty big! started scrolling. nice piece horrible pic. it is bright orange like the other orange monti caps youve prob scene. i need to get this all sold asap! i will drive as far as washington but dont want to go to far from the interstate. looking to make the trip sunday! 40$$$$sold [/img] next up super sick green chalice with glowing green eyes and purple rim. about 3.5"-4" circle almost 40 eyes. sick piece. 120$$ [/img] next up my babys. beautiful bright red and orangish green minty mouths and an intense purple filled between polyps. smoking deal on these look up micros and there pretty [language filter] price. gonna go 3$$ a head frag #1 20+ heads 60$$ frag#2 20+ head60$$ frag#3 22+ heads 66$$ frag#4 15+heads 45$$ frag#5 13+ heads 39$$ frag#6 11+heads 33$$sold frag#7 11+ heads 33$$ real nice deal on these all mounted and have been growing on plugs for 4+ months now. [/img]
  13. wait wait.... popular.. reply HIPPIES(wife)(wife)(wife)..................(laugh)
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