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  1. Fish room for sale

    https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/353642745129214 Somebody's about to get a lot of junk in their garage.
  2. ISO 24w t5 bulbs

    Borrowing or taking for free99?
  3. ISO 24w t5 bulbs

    What ones are you wanting to try?
  4. I made it snow in my tank

    It's so magical, I am buying my fish matching scarves from Gap.
  5. I made it snow in my tank

    Mine was just up too high. Turning down the reactor and giving it 20 minutes actually cleared it up.
  6. I made it snow in my tank

    Not on here enough to get that joke. Put the calcium reactor back online and apparently it works. Dialed back down so the snow lasted as long as it usually does in Portland.
  7. Need help identifying this algae

    There is, you can use chaeto or a denitrator brick but once it's gone keeping good flow in your tank can also help among other things. Do you have a cleanup crew in the tank?
  8. Need help identifying this algae

    More in terms of just overall flow. Are the rocks with algae getting a lot of flow over them? Then also look at your nitrates, etc.
  9. Need help identifying this algae

    How's your flow?
  10. Best SPS LPS scuba diving destination

  11. Only need 90gph or so but silent needs to be the key.
  12. Budget pico contest. Who's in?

    Sorry dude- Another term gaining popularity is pico reef, which is used to refer to the smallest of nano reef aquariums. Most online forum polls set the range of approximately 10 litres (2.5 gallons) and below as pico reefs. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reef_aquarium#Pico_reefs
  13. Free flame angel

  14. Wtb 24" t5 fixture(s)

    Got it. If I sell my 8 bulb I'll hit you up first.
  15. Wtb 24" t5 fixture(s)

    http://www.pnwmas.org/forums/topic/42513-two-ati-lights-for-sale/ That or I may be selling an ATI dimmable sunpower 8 bulb next week.
  16. Can't lower nitrate

    You could always try a denitrator brick if it doesn't go away permanently.
  17. FS: tri color valida acro colony

    "Random browned out acro" may deter some people on this board. Better photos showing the actual color may help somebody dole out the cash you seek.
  18. This fish needs a name...

  19. Need an ID

  20. Free Birdsnest

    Is it the dense yellow/purple ponape? I had a large colony of it before my crash and it was one of my favorites. One of the better birdsnests IMO.
  21. I NEED A SUMP !!!

    I actually have a fairly large one I was about to list for sale. Perhaps it was meant for you.
  22. Holly's Amazingly Awesome $10 Frag Sale

    Want me to grab them for you? I just steal everything I get from Holly, anyway.
  23. Clear pvc cement

    My life is now complete
  24. What are your other hobbies?

    @Manny Tavan do you race with Brian on this board?
  25. What are your other hobbies?

    I owned a Catalina 320, too!