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  1. 200 gallon starfire tank/stand/sump/pump/misc

    That stand is stunning.
  2. Oh this is tempting.
  3. WTB: Finnex heater

    Before I buy online wanted to see if one was available locally.
  4. First batch of new fish for new tank :)

    I [language filter] new it!
  5. First batch of new fish for new tank :)

  6. RO unit and storage containers

    They are your standard 5 gallon jugs we use. I have some buckets and totes I can include, though.
  7. Red Planet Frag - Large

    What would you sell the trimmed portion for?
  8. Red Planet Frag - Large

    How much for the whole colony?
  9. 280g Barrel of monkeys build

    I would. Guy sounds like a douche.
  10. Red Sea 130D package

    Priced to sell!
  11. 280g Barrel of monkeys build

    Oregon must be #4 with your spelling capabilities.
  12. WTB: BRS dosing pump

    Such as this one. https://www.bulkreefsupply.com/brs-2-part-doser-1-1-ml-per-minute.html
  13. December Picture of the Month - Tangs

    I will try and get a better pic of him in the morning. Hoping to upgrade to a 10g when Petsmart has their $1 sale again.
  14. WTB: BRS dosing pump

    Still looking.
  15. Live Rock $2lb

    A lot of large pieces, couple of shelf like pieces. I also need to get rid of some buckets and totes so your purchase can come with one! No need to bring your own container.
  16. WTB: BRS dosing pump

    Sent you a PM last night. Did you not get one?
  17. WTB: BRS dosing pump

    I will take it!
  18. Would need to measure but probably 24x15x15. Somewhere close to that.
  19. Light is gone but the rest is there. Can also throw in a bucket of sand and have a tote of extras you can have as well. $100. Measures 36L 18D 17T
  20. Live Rock $2lb

    SW Portland
  21. 3 five gallon jugs

    How about $10 for all?
  22. Live Rock $2lb

  23. anyone have an extra stock tank??

    Come borrow all the totes in my garage. They are from when I did my tank and I have no use for them.
  24. bulk filter sock buy

    I would be interested.