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  1. I thought it would be pretty cool. Maybe you do, too. Take a chance and find out, it's free.
  2. I had this plumbed into my main system under the DT. It's a 10 gallon measuring 24x12.5x8. $100
  3. $40, in SW Portland
  4. Been in the garage for too long. $60
  5. Like everybody else, cleaning. Plumbing materials, some carbon, light bulbs, etc.
  6. I still have a tank, just not a priority. There's some fish and coral in there but nothing like it was.
  7. I've had most of this for the better half of two decades but I don't see an amazing tank setup coming back in my future and this has gone from live rock to dry rock to in the way. There's a lot in here, branch, tonga, plate, etc. No clue what it sells for these days but how does $1lb sound?
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