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  1. Zoolander

    Sps grow out contest?

    Question- is buying two frags and gluing them on top of each other permissible?
  2. After everything crashed I lost motivation in keeping up on it. Tank is still there but corals are sparse. And it could use a water change.
  3. Make an offer if you don't like the price. Skimmer- $50 Socks- $2 each Jugs- $5 each HOB refugium- $40 Coralife 5g hex- $20 Make an offer for what's not listed. Take everything for $100.
  4. Zoolander

    Automotive Gurus

    Me or @Taylorhardy1 could probably be of assistance.
  5. Zoolander

    Lawnmower blenny

    Good problem to have!
  6. Zoolander

    2 nano cubes FS

    11.5"W x 12.5"T
  7. Zoolander

    2 nano cubes FS

    $20 for the complete, $10 for the empty one.
  8. Zoolander

    Lawnmower blenny

  9. Zoolander

    4 Reefstar LED fixtures

    And up
  10. Zoolander

    Maxspect Gyre Problem

    Glad to hear it's running well, they are amazing in a tank.
  11. Zoolander

    Lawnmower blenny

    Still chilling in my sump.
  12. Zoolander

    Large sump?

  13. Zoolander

    2 nano cubes FS

    Both 5 gallon hex acrylic. One was used as an AIO, the other had a small sump and additional light. AIO has the small filter and a Coralife PC that grew softies well. $20 for each sound fair?