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  1. 10g nano cube

  2. Anyone from the Couve going to Cuttlefish today?

    I have no set time to be out there so your call. I was planning my trip on based on traffic, anyway.
  3. Anyone from the Couve going to Cuttlefish today?

    I have to go from Hillsdale to Vancouver at some point this afternoon so I can help.
  4. SPS Fire Sale

    Times like these I'm sad my tank is already full. Beautiful pieces.
  5. But which one was your favorite? I was kinda partial to Posh.
  6. Salifert pH test kit

    It's brand new so something like 2020 or 2021 I'd assume.
  7. Salifert pH test kit

    Bought it, never used it. $10
  8. 10g nano cube

    10g glass nano cube ecoxotic led lights with remote powerhead sand live rock Now for the options- This can be sold with a Cobalt Neo Therm heater or a standard heater This can be sold as a stand alone cube or with a sump. Either a 5g or 29g. I have a mini overflow that I can include if the sump if preferred. $120 OBO
  9. Will trade frags to borrow fishing gear

    I only fish for yellow tangs so I can't help.
  10. Open House at Holly's - $10 frags

    Beautiful, wish I could come!
  11. Any car people on here?

    Our company purchased a hospitality suite for the Rose Cup Races and there are still extra tickets available so I figured I would see if anybody on here had interest in going. Dates are July 7-9, 9am-5pm each day. Tickets are $60 per person, that gets you 3 day admission, infield parking and a parking pass for all 3 days, access to the suite (covered, seating, etc), an unobstructed view of the races, access to food and beverage and I'm sure there's something else I don't know about that's included. Feel free to reach out if interested.
  12. Tank, fish, and coral.

    If you do part out I'd take the yellow wrasse depending on your location.
  13. WTB RODI (or Rent me your unit)

    I have an extra one I could sell you. I may be up there next week as well.
  14. Hot weather sale!

    I support this post.