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  1. Selling it all

    Hundreds of pounds to be honest.
  2. Selling it all

    Depends on how much rock you want. Storage containers sold.
  3. Selling it all

    I've got a fair amount. Some as large as basketballs.
  4. Selling it all

    I'd sell tank and stand together, yes.
  5. Selling it all

    My first hobby is auto racing and, with the weather changing, I'd like more room in my garage for winter projects. I'd like to get what's fair for this stuff but space matters more to me than price. I'll get photos up eventually but use your imagination, it's basic stuff. 55g tank and stand Sump Return pump A large amount of live rock, all large pieces Sand 44g barrel with ATO 33g barrel with ATO and drain 5 stage RO/DI HOB refugium You could setup a pretty cool tank with the addition of a light and have a fairly seamless setup. I'd like $300 for all of it but if you want something specific or have a better price shoot it over. Heck if you want to buy it for $300 you can have all the extra tank stuff I have as well.
  6. Hydor 705 skimmer

  7. 5 stage RO/DI and barrel

    $80. I really just want it gone so let's make a deal!
  8. 44g Rubbermaid with ATO

    $30. Comes with a stand on wheels, too. Fancy.
  9. 44g Rubbermaid with ATO

  10. 5 stage RO/DI and barrel

  11. Hydor 705 skimmer

  12. Got my dream skimmer!!

  13. Hydor 705 skimmer

    I have experience with them. They work.
  14. Hydor 705 skimmer

    Depends on what it is.