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  1. Smann

    Son's 250 gallon SPS dominant tank!

    Looks good Sonny! I like the pvc and fittings
  2. Tank 72”x36”x25.5”H Envision ¾” acrylic tank built 2010 average wear 500.00 includes sump See the tank thread here http://www.pnwmas.org/topic/19104-its-alive-250g-tank/page-1 Includes the upper cabinet face on pg2 Tank/sump and 4 OR Led lights Sold Super Reef Octopus 3000 Ext skimmer 250.00 have new impeller Pacific Coast CW-0500 Heater Chiller 250.00 4 OR-IT2080 Led lights 150.00 ea or 400.00 for all 4 purchased Feb 2013 sold 2 OR Arctic S026 led lights new 100.00 ea 3 Mp40 150.00 ea 5yrs old BRS 6 stage RO/DI with filter monitor and Dual TDS meter extra filters and media 100.00 Reeflo Super Dart Gold return pump less than a year old 200.00 Have two other Pan World return pumps, one new in the box the other a few years old, Tank is running now and will come down Sat May 14th . If interested in the tank come by and look at it with water in it, will need cleaning. If any fish or coral left the week before I’ll list then, all free to a good home. I do have three Rose Anemones but will have to get them off the rock, some Zoas on large rocks and a few soft coral All the rock is free, first come, will need to be dried, cleaned and recycled it was BRS dry rock Everything will be available later Saturday the 14th and Sunday
  3. Ready to go even has float valve {if you dont want float valve I'll throw a patch on} $150.00 OBO also have a nice new ReefStar Led that would go nicely over it that I would make a real deal on all of it! Steve
  4. Smann

    200 gallon Envision New tank

    Have had the Hammer head for years, works great never had a scratch. Pad replacements come with new felt, I changed mine each time I ordered pads
  5. Smann

    Stopping siphon when power goes off

    I would shut the pump off the watch the drain down, when the sump gets close to being full mark water level on the returns {file mark, ect} then drill the hole just above that. Mine just makes it with the water forming a bead right at the top of the sump but I'm going to do the same just in case.
  6. Smann

    Mounting Rock to wall help please

    I did rock similar to this but more of a bridge with a rock below. I also cut a piece of rock flat with a tile saw then used the 2 part epoxy putty to attach it to the back wall, this is a big piece in a 250g tank on the end viewing side. Made a nice bridge for fish to swim under and have coral on top. I staged it in the garage then put it in the tank while it was filling, not sure how it would work under water but it was wet when I did it.
  7. Smann

    Frag tank or holding tank

    I have the 50g rubbermaid tubs, let me know if you need one also
  8. Smann

    New Member Pic of my Tank

    Welcome, tank looks good! If you go with the 300 start a tank thread so we can follow along Steve
  9. Smann

    gameover mushrooms

    I would like to take a look, do you have more or different kinds?
  10. [language filter]! those guys are definitely Killing it lol Good job guys and fun contest thanks again for putting this on Steve
  11. Smann

    July Meeting Pictures!

    Great pictures KIm! nice turn out good to see everyone Thanks Holly, I had lunch before but couldn't resist the macnut cookies, well, a few other things also
  12. Smann

    40 Mini Fusion Bonsai Style

    Looks good, The wiring in the stand is nice and clean looking! Rock is coming along too nice color
  13. Smann

    WTS Envision 60x60x24 3/4 Acrylic

    Still have the skimmer?