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  1. Algae


    The weird thing about genealogy, Roy, is that the further back you go the more options you have. My great-grandfather was a polygamist with 7 wives (and President of the LDS church). But not counting the other ""sister-wives" it still starts to give many more options the further back you go. My grandmother traced one side of the family back to William the Conqueror? But it makes you wonder how many dead ends she ran into? Let's face it, if you end up with Franklin Snow esq. Village Horse Dropping Smeller and semi-official Peeping Tom, you might tend to look down other branches in a panic? Most of my ancestors came from Scotland and a small village in England. The village records go back until about 1500 or so. I suppose they were more interested in sheep than birth records? I once had a friend that was pretty poor brag and tell me how wealthy his family is. I felt like saying , "So... you are really proud that you are very downwardly mobile? Do I have this right"?
  2. Algae

    A Little Help!!

    Thanks Everyone!!!! It is getting closer! Only 6 hours left to vote. I am really excited. We, at Alvord-Taylor are a small community organization with, what we believe, has a great mission to help an historically overlooked group become fully involved both functionally and socially. There is only one vote every 24 hours, so a few of us will need to wait a bit longer to post our vote. It will end tonight at midnight so only 5 hours left! Please vote again (or the first time)!.
  3. Algae

    A Little Help!!

    Thanks! Thanks!! Love our club!
  4. I addition to having a business I have worked for the last 20+ years for a not-for-profit business, Alvord-Taylor, that assists adults with developmental disabilities and autism with assistance in learning living/social skills. As a not for-profit we are continually facing budget crunches, as many of us are. Kendall of Eugene has offered $5,000 to each of the first two adult non-profit community organizations that has the most Facebook votes (the other four go to child organizations). We are running pretty close and could use a vote from you! The voting ends on the 31st. Our plans, if we win, is to get tablets with specialized programs for augmented communication for the people we serve which has proven to be extremely beneficial to our non-verbal people. To vote you need a Facebook account. Please go to: http://www.facebook.com/kendallautogroup?v=app_146623488729946&rest=1 Click "View Entries". Click the "Alvord-Taylor" logo. Vote for Alvord-Taylor! Thanks in advance!!!
  5. Parts came in yesterday and I'm pretty happy! Been using Ubuntu and could almost switch. MB: Asus Sabertooth 990FX CPU: 8120 8 core Bulldozer 3.1 OC to 4150, Noctua NH14D cooler RAM: 2 X 4 Crucial Ballistix Smart Tracer 1866 @ 9-9-9-27 1.5V 1866 GPU: MSI R7850 Twin Frozn OC FULL past 7870 specs. SSD: 256 Samsung 830 (500 read 450 write) HDD: Seagate Barracuda 7200RPM 1TB PS: Cooler Master 700W (may change to Corsair HX1050) CASE: Cooler Master Storm Scout w/ 4 case fans OS: WIN 7, Ubuntu
  6. Algae

    Trager Grill

    I must be getting hungry! Doing some major salivation over the pics! (drooler)(drooler)(drooler)(drooler)(drooler)(drooler)(drooler)(drooler)
  7. I really want SATA 6Gps so I need to change my motherboard. When I change I void my OEM Windows 7 since I will not replace it with a Dell motherboard. I have 4 computers with XP OEM, Vista 64 OEM, 7 Pro (OEM), and 8 Beta. If I want an OS on my Asus 6 Mbs mother board I am stuck with getting into the OEM hell. I either need to go to another 7 OEM for about $80 or retail 7 for $170. If I go OEM I am stuck with Asus motherboards forever. Although I like Asus they have been too focused on other things to make a more reliable MB. So in 2-3 years they may be the Edsel of MB's. (In all fairness the fail rate of MB's is outrageous across all brands. Go to NewEgg and have a laugh) There is an upgrade from XP and on to Win 8 coming out for $40 until the official release in Jan., but unless they change the interface I'm out.
  8. Wanted to do a PC build and loaded Win8 Beta as a fresh install into an extra HD cause it's free! First impressions: Comes up with a touchscreen type interface to integrate all users DOH!. No start to apps? Loaded with MS bloatware. Hard to find all apps quickly. No easy way to control panel. Took me 10 minutes to figure out how to shut down (did a hot shutdown and it turned into a reg shutdown (laugh). I think they will make it better and I didn't really explore that much but they did dumb it down a lot! If you use XP, Vista or 7 I am pretty much sure you will say "[language filter]". I am sure there will be workarounds? The Good: Loaded IE fast. But I don't like IE that much. Found most of my drivers. IT'S FREE (for now). Promises fast SSD and Bulldozer support. Oh yeah... it's FREE for now.
  9. Ashton Eaton sets world record! Anyone see this? Oregon comes through. Other decathlon athletes have him in their sights!
  10. Algae

    Need A SSD?

    BuyDig has a 256 gig Samsung 830 SSD for $209 with free shipping. You can do a facebook/twitter link and get another 5-15 off. Ya gotta do an account to see price. The way these are going down Woo-Hoo. I had to jump! Now The Wife can now do Spider Solitare faster.... http://www.buydig.com/shop/product.aspx?sku=SAMSSD256
  11. tanti auguri a te!tanti auguri a te!!! tanti auguri a Alessandro, tanti auguri a te!!!! buon compleanno! spero che tu possa trascorrerlo davvero bene! vivi la tua vita,e ci sei.!sembri ancora un ventenne. non hai perso neanche un pò del tuo fascino!auguri di nuovo!
  12. Roger, I heard that you joined the "Occupy Movement" until the management at 7/11 threw you out of the bathroom...
  13. I just looked and counted up over 60 purchases from Amazon since January. By the time I start adding up purchases from aquarium supply stores the total adds very quickly. It's not that I don't like to buy from LFS stores it's that most of my local stores have marginal dry goods and when I ask for something they usually say they don't have it and let the conversation drop. I am a stickler about quality equipment and refuse to buy marginal products. I don't have time to deal with shoddy equipment. I hate Garrett @ The Premium Aquarium! As soon as I say I am looking for something if he doesn't have it he will ALWAYS say it can order it! And it is not lip service! He will always follow through. Besides his equipment that he stocks is pretty good (ie.,no Lucky Fortune Dragon Skimmers). I had a MH that I got from Garrett that fired once and quit. No questions, no hassle. Garrett took the time to re-order and ship to me in Eugene without first receiving the old light! Try that on the internet. I will still order through the net but [language filter] Garrett is making it difficult!
  14. Algae

    Spray Paint

    +1 on Krylon Fusion. Every once in a while Freddy has it on sale for$3.00. I like to tape off the top after placing a light and reflector inside the tank and dimming the garage lights. Any thin area will quickly show through and make getting complete coverage a breeze. Krylon also works great on the plastic trim, if needed.
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