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  1. mrgreenthumb

    Seahorse Gas Bubble Disease..Anyone experience this?

    I had a male H. erectus that I had to burp on a regular basis. It can be done with one person I promise! In fact it is best that way as you have more control. I always used bobby pin since they have the rounded ends so I would not have to worry about puncturing the horse. You just have to FIRMLY grasp the horse in the palm of your hand using four fingers, reserving your thumb to gently squeeze the air from his pouch. Use your other hand and the bobby pin to tickle the opening to his pouch so you can expel some of that air. It just takes practice and confidence. Mine absoloutely hated it, and would try to thrash and click at me, but he was so much happier when I was done and he could swim freely without hitching to everything. You can find lots more useful info at seahorse.org
  2. i'll take it if its still available
  3. mrgreenthumb

    75 gallon Reef Fishing...

    I've always had good luck at feeding time. The glass box traps work great too, sometimes it takes a bit for them to get used to it though. If all else fails, just drain the tank!
  4. mrgreenthumb

    So now that I have my RODI unit running...

    pump and tubing!! I'm lazy! I used to do the buckets not now, I have it marked on my tank exactly how low it needs to be for my 30 gallon water change. I think twenty feet of 1/2in tubing and a pump ran me under $25. worth every penny!
  5. mrgreenthumb

    WTH is this?????

    agreed!! nothing I ever used ever got rid of them completely except peppermints or putty. I tried aptasia x, jo's juice, kalk paste, a few others as well. They would disappear for about a month, then come back with triple the amount lol. Even the peppermints got lazy if I fed the tank and they were able to snatch up the food. The best results I've had have been with the pink 2 part aquarium putty placed right on top of the suckers!
  6. mrgreenthumb

    Fish eating, but losing weight

    Fish die they are wild animals some make it some don't. You are always rolling the dice on a wild caught fish. I buy them, but i know its 50/50 chance at best. I worked briefly in the industry and when we transshipped fish from the islands there was always a minimum %20 die off out of the box, usually a quite bit more than that after the first week. I wouldn't be the least bit surpirsed if the majority of lfs's have to work just to break even on fish. That being said everyone knows how I feel about quarantine. In short, it believe it to be much more stressful and detrimental to the overall health of the fish. If the fish's immune system can't fight it off on its own, well thats the nature of the beast. Good luck, I wish you better luck than I have had!
  7. mrgreenthumb

    The care and keeping of zoas

    throw those suckers right in
  8. mrgreenthumb

    The care and keeping of zoas

    haha I agree!
  9. mrgreenthumb

    Mynd you, møøse bites Kan be pretty nasti 2.0

    ahahahahahahahhahaha WoW now thats funny
  10. mrgreenthumb

    WOW-what a let down

    ouch too funny!
  11. mrgreenthumb

    Anyone have a good stream for the USA/England game?

    wow I know right! I would not want to be green lol. I will definitely take the tie though 1 point is better than 0. woooohooooo go usa!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. mrgreenthumb

    I'm a Believer!

    its just tough becasue who wants to keep a tank set up and cycled with live rock for a quarantine. Also most meds will kill the bacteria the cycle your ammonia and nitrite. Even with 100% water change you can not avoid ammonia and nitrite since it is present in freshly mixed saltwater. More volume is better, but much more expensive when it comes to treating it with meds and water changes. Fish either live or die they either adapt or perish. Thats fish. If you ask me the thing that plays the biggest roll in whether your fish makes it or perishes starts with collection, holding and shipping, not quarantine. Get your fish from a store that supports wholesalers that practice sustainable collection and MAC certified methods. You may pay more but it pays for itself in the end. Thats just my 2 1/2 cents.
  13. mrgreenthumb

    I'm a Believer!

    I'm right there with you! I'm a firm believer that the fish are either going to live or die regardless of what I do lol. They are wild animals after all. In fact I don't even drip acclimate them just drop them in. Haven't lost one yet! knock on wood
  14. mrgreenthumb

    I'm a Believer!

    good luck! I have never had luck with quarantines! Always seemed to stress the fish out more since it is so hard to keep parameters consistant in an uncycled tank
  15. mrgreenthumb

    Could use some advice on tank

    switch to the 20k if you have less time. That will definitely help with algae growth.