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  1. C0lin

    Jumping clown fish

    I had one jump for some reason. It was a bummer because I had a breeding pair.
  2. C0lin


    I was in there a few weeks ago and their prices are really good. I'm happy with the couple of frags I got there.
  3. I keep fighting both cyano and hair algae. I definitely think I need more flow, but I just don't want to harm my LPS's.
  4. C0lin

    Free starter corals!

    That's very cool of you. Those are killer starters that are easy to grow and look awesome.
  5. Turns out, I have a bit of a power tool buying problem. And I have found some great combo deals with Dewalt stuff and I don't need 4 chargers and 14 batteries, so I'm looking to unload some. Both chargers and batteries are brand new. Let's say $50 per set.
  6. C0lin

    FS 70 cube with stand $180

    We might have to talk in a few weeks if this is still available
  7. C0lin

    With a heavy heart

    Holy crap. He helped me with my car and even gave me a free inspection. This is so sad. Condolences to his family and friends.
  8. C0lin

    Go Ducks!

    I'm a Ducks and 49ers fan. This weekend couldn't have been worse for me.
  9. C0lin

    Go Ducks!

    This lovely woman LOVES the Beavers!
  10. C0lin

    Go Ducks!

    Say what you will about the uniforms, but they sure as hell helped with recruiting good players. Thanks, Nike!
  11. C0lin

    Anemone Detaching and Swimming

    The Narwhal bacons at midnight