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  1. WTS: ReefStar 3w led fixtures

    I'll take the two with hanging kits if not sold. Thanks
  2. Can anyone help with TFT Tank Move?

    I would help for free but Diesel will need to be furnished.
  3. Because this country is so in need of precious oil they will let this go with a slap on the hand and continue to drill where another spill could happen.
  4. Found this on a rock?

    Looks like a bubble tip to me.
  5. I'd do it but I cant fill my truck up with Garretts gift certificate. Diesel is $4.30 a gallon.
  6. Where tebow going?

    Tebow should go to the Cowboys. Romo sucks.
  7. WTS: 110 gallon Marineland ML24SL

    Is the chiller totally gone? I'm going to look up on how much it would cost to get that set up running with the $250 investment plus chiller, plus going all the way to Astoria. I'll let you know. Thanks Mark
  8. WTS: 110 gallon Marineland ML24SL

    Are you still in Astoria? The Aquarium looks good to me.
  9. WTS 120 Gallon Complete Aquarium Setup

    When do you have time that I can go see your tank.
  10. WTS: 110 gallon Marineland ML24SL

    I'm interested if it looks good.
  11. 28G Nano Biocube with 150W MH Sunpod

    Do you have any pictures of your tank.
  12. LED's compared to MH, T-5

    With halides in the summer you need to run your AC and a chiller because your tank makes your house feel like a sauna. More money wasted. I think if you like your lighting you have stick with it. If your tank looks good and your livestock is happy why argue. We all can't drive a Lexus can we?
  13. ID help, please

    If it died it would be white.
  14. 24 Gallon Reef Keeper 2 complete system $650.00

    If you are selling this you might want to put a price on it. I you are not selling post some pictures.