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    December 2018 Frag Swap Thread

    I am in Salem nowadays, and have frags of Sunny D’s, Blue Agave’s (or seductions, or white zombies, or whatever else they are called these days), and some ones I forgot the name of (but are pretty cool IMO). Can get a few frags of each. Open to trades for some corals. Lps, blastos, gold torch, plate corals, other non-SPS coral. my pictures are bad, I can try to snap some better ones if anyone has interest.
  2. jadams7

    Live rock

    I’ve got a bunch of live down in Salem that I won’t be needing all of. Let me know if you want to make a run down this way.
  3. jadams7

    Bonsai magnetic frag rack

    Tempting! Lets chat in a couple weeks, I may be interested.
  4. jadams7

    Bonsai magnetic frag rack

    What are the rough dimensions on this?
  5. Looks like big momma needs to go. She has decided that my elegance is her new home, and the elegance isn’t liking that. She is roughly 3” and hasn’t shown any aggression to my hand in the tank. Happy to trade for something, frag etc. don’t need much, just need a new home for her, preferably this weekend. *located in Salem **i assumed the gender, sorry. Also, I’ve got a couple healthy chunks of Sunny D zoas id sell if anyone needs any while here.
  6. jadams7

    WTT big momma Clarkii Clown

    Hey there, fish is still available. Feel free to shoot me a text and we can work on some details. 360-355-0676
  7. jadams7

    WTT big momma Clarkii Clown

    I wish I knew the name still! They are pretty cool but I lost the name a couple years back. If it comes to me I will let ya know.
  8. jadams7

    Arctic 24/7 with mounting brackets

    What timeframe are you thinking? I may have one here in the near-ish future
  9. I will be gearing up to move here in the next couple weeks, and wanted to clear out some extra things I would prefer not moving. First up, innovative marine 30g nuvo tank, stand, glass lid, media basket, Kessil 150w sky blue with gooseneck. Also will include a ton of misc chemicals, mag float, test kit, tubing, etc. A couple buckets and bags worth of stuff. $325 OBO I also have a couple nano skimmers that I don't need. Both work great. Hydor slim skim - $50 Aquamaxx WS-1 -$75 I have 3 frags of Sunny D zoas as well. Happy and healthy. My pictures are terrible, but if you want one anyway hit me up and I can send one over. 8 heads -$30 8 heads - $30 10 heads - $35 I am coming down to Salem on Thursday (7/19) before noon if anyone wants anything and can meet up along the highway. Otherwise, I am located in Vancouver Wa up near the Salmon Creek hospital.
  10. jadams7

    Nuvo 30g / Kessil / Sunny Ds / Skimmers

    Tank/stand/kessil sold!
  11. jadams7

    Wtt Corals

    Those frags are sold already, but I still have the mother colonies so I may have more in the future. All I have still is a few Sunny D zoa frags.
  12. jadams7

    Wtt Corals

    Got a few frags and one large colony I’d like to trade. Looking for cool acans, blastos, elegance, plate corals, etc. No sps, taking a break there for a while. what I have: 1 massive colony of Devils Armor zoas on a cool rock (roughly 7” x 7” if I were to guess). Too many heads to count. 1 frag of Sunny D zoas (6 heads plus 2 baby heads) 2 frags of nuclear green zoas (4 heads, 3 heads) 2 Duncan frags (ball type, not branching) 2 frags red blastos, with black stripes and they are getting some cool yellow-ish to them too for some reason (5 mouth, 2-3 mouth) I won’t be able to go to the meeting, but do drive i5 fairly regularly for work so I may be able to meet up possibly. Otherwise, located in Vancouver Wa. As you can see, photo skills are non existent. I can try to get individuals of what I’ve got, but google may be your best friend for some clearer pics to get a general idea of color/detail. Open to selling too if you don’t have anything to trade, make me an offer if so.
  13. jadams7

    WTB jebao dc 12000 power supply

    I think I’ve got a whole unit, controller and power supply that has been sitting for years. Pump itself died a long time ago. Let me know if you are able to make it up this way.
  14. jadams7

    Wtt Corals

    Everything is gone, thanks for the interest everyone!
  15. jadams7

    Wtt Corals

    Devils armor colony pending
  16. Yep! Still have them. Shoot me a text and we can work on a time. 360-355-0676
  17. 29g biocube with Red Sea stand, heater, and pump. Lid cut to fit ocean revive light (light not included). Will fit other leds as well, or you can take the lid off completely. $125 obo Bag full of used filter socks and laundry bag. Some clean, most dirty. Mostly bigger size, though I’m sure there are a few smalls mixed in too. $5 egg crate. Free! Air/water hose clamps. $2 ea. jebao rw15 - I have 2 of these. $35 ea jebao pp15 - one available. $40. Or all 3 for $100
  18. Sweet! Let me know when you want to swing by
  19. bump, happy to give some stuff away, work package deals, etc!
  20. jadams7

    Looking for car’s

    I’ve got sunny D frags if you are ever up in Vancouver
  21. List updated with whats left. Would love to unload this stuff, let me know if interested!!
  22. Great! Glad that works out, thanks a ton Dodge! Paypal works fine, adams4@hotmail.com feel free to text if ya have any concerns or questions....360-355-0676