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    Acro keeper

    I seem to be able to keep SPS alive (knocks on wood):
  2. If we do 12 team I am in. I had fun in the league last year, is this mostly that same group? I am good with a 20-25 buy in. Pay out top 2 with money back for 3rd is usually what I do. Maybe even weekly coral bets for head to head matchups?
  3. jadams7

    Anyone use pellet grills?

    I too have a Traeger and love it. Since its the fourth....what are you guys cookin today? I am doing 3 tri-tips, just put them on about an hour ago.
  4. jadams7

    Acro keeper

    Count me in as well. I love the couple of Westside pieces I have in the tank now.
  5. jadams7

    Should I upgrade to radion g3 pro?

    I ran an ocean revive and a radion (gen 2 I believe) over my 30x30 cube when setting it up. There are some pluses and minuses to both lights IMO. To me ultimately after tweaking, tuning, and playing around with the Radion compared to the OR (which I preferred) I came away less than impressed. The additional features that the Radion offered were not that important to me, and I was getting better color and 'pop' from the OR s026, believe it or not. So overall when factoring the price difference, I opted to go with two OR s026's over my tank. I know this may be a rare case, as I do not get too excited about ramping lighting up and down, or creating a storm mode. I generally like to set the lights and leave them for long periods of time. A timer kicks them on and off. Two knobs to adjust. No need to plug into anything to do that. All the corals are growing great and thriving. So the additional ability to dial in colors didnt factor as much in to me, because I liked the color I was getting already from the OR. If you arent a fan of the color given off by the OR, then the Radion may be the way to go. There is certainly more than one way to skin the proverbial lighting cat with tanks these days...but an increased price does not always equate to a proportional increase in performance. So now if one of my lights were to crap out, not only does Bo provide great local service, but buying another light is pretty inexpensive. Also seeing how rapidly the LED technology is changing, I wont have $1400 into lights when the latest and greatest thing comes out in a year or two.
  6. jadams7

    Free Stuff

    Will do! I think your inbox is full, shoot me a PM when you get a chance
  7. jadams7

    WTB overflow box

    I have a small one, shoot me a PM if interested and I can get ya some more details.
  8. 16 on the zoas and 4 on the palys (1 baby, tough to see in the pics). You guys are going crazy with this zoa growth! Impressive!
  9. jadams7

    Free Stuff

    Awesome stuff. If you ever get up to Vancouver hit me up!
  10. jadams7

    Anyone Have a Drop Off Tank?

    I have always wanted one...maybe some day
  11. jadams7

    Temp rock scape for new tank

    Looks good! I'm going to be very jealous of this new setup of yours. Almost exactly the dimensions I'm wanting.
  12. jadams7

    Mandinga's SPS tank

    Beauties! Tank looks great man!
  13. jadams7

    Gourmet grazer

    Great idea! Where did you find that at?
  14. Well fragging went well yesterday. Got a few fragged up and are already open and looking happy today. Even fragged a red spackle too!
  15. Great! Up to 4 heads now. Did yours make it through the crash?
  16. My Clarkatoas are ripe to be fragged, if anyone has interest shoot me a pm!
  17. jadams7

    Water Change Conundrum

    With the calcium reactor running I rarely do water changes now, and have seen no ill effects of doing so. I do about 30 gallons every 2-3 months (on a roughly 150g system total). As long as my temp, salinity, alk, cal, and mag are in line I do not check/worry about much else. I do not feed very heavy, do not have a large bio load, but also do not run carbon or any other type of nutrient export outside of skimming. Equipment failures this year have had their toll on me, but water quality from lack of water changes were not the culprit.
  18. jadams7

    Looking for your help

    voted! Good luck, you are in the lead by a few now.
  19. jadams7


    By messing with...doing anything out of the ordinary. Fiddling with water parameters, having your hands in the tank excessively, trying a freshwater dip, trying to move the fish from their regular environment, introducing new fish to the tank. Things like that. All of those could potentially induce stress. Basically feed them regularly and let them be. If they are eating, odds are they will be fine. And it's hard to say the cause. Could be plenty of things or nothing in particular. Way too many variables usually to say it was one thing specifically. Aquascaping I'm sure didn't help, as it probably took them out of their 'comfort zone', especially in smaller tanks (where they don't have many other places to hide). But if your rocks were falling all over the place you didn't have much choice there, it had to be done. Anyway, I haven't lost a fish to ich in over 5-6 years. I'm a firm believer that people overreacting to things is usually worse than letting nature take its course. So just feed them regularly. If they are eating, odds are they will be fine.
  20. jadams7

    My new office nano!

    Let me know how you like that starboard bottom after a while. I have been tossing around the idea of using that for years, just never have for some reason. Its a real nice look!
  21. jadams7


    I am with Brad on this one. It may not be the popular opinion right now, as it seems that QT and hospital setups are all the rage, but the best success I have had over the years is if the fish are eating, let them be and keep them well fed. The 75% success rate for tangs is about right for me too. Clowns are darn near impossible to kill (at least they have been for me). The moment you go crazy introducing them to a freshly set up new tank/environment (which will stress the hell out of them) you decrease your chances of living IME, and that doesn't address the pain it is to go get another whole tank up and running. Now going forward if you want to be proactive instead of reactive, looking into a hospital tank may be of some benefit. Or you can buy the fish and if your LFS is cool with it, and has a medicated setup, just leave the fish in their medicated system for a length of time. But short term, my advice is to not mess with the fish. Just feed em.
  22. jadams7

    Announcing PNWMAS New Vice President

    Congrats!! Good guy to have involved!
  23. jadams7

    Fun debate!

    Just to piggy back on what the others are saying...Yes, it is possible. Color will be the main issue you will fight IMO. I got very interested in this subject back before the LED craze hit, and even had a tank running with a Solatube over it for a period of time. Saw good growth, everything lived, but the color wasn't the best. There used to be someone years back around here (portland area maybe) who grew ricordea in a greenhouse and had beautiful pieces. Also I travel to Ohio for work usually at least yearly, and always make it a point to go by ReefSystems coral farm. They have a greenhouse behind their store, a huuuuge setup that has been growing corals for 8ish years I believe. It is an impressive setup to see (12,000 gallons, maybe more now). They said the sunlight in the winter is plenty, and in the summer they actually have to add some shading of some sort because the lighting gets a bit too much if I recall correctly. Many of the corals do have that brown look to them (natural sunlight after all is not the 14-20k we are accustomed to), but last time I was there they had added a LED that slowly traverses across the length of the tank. They said this has helped them with coloration and the transfer to (mostly) LED lit tanks once transferring the corals from the greenhouse. Also it assists with making colors 'pop' more when looking at the tanks as the LED works its way over a certain section. I had a more recent thread that was lost in the crash, but here is an ancient one I found to give you a rough idea: http://www.pnwmas.org/topic/25868-my-ohio-saltwater-exploring/?hl=ohio Also check out their website if you want to know more: http://www.reefsystems.com/ So yes, even in non-tropical climates (Ohio, Oregon) you can successfully grow coral using natural sunlight. The issues you will fight IMO will be heating and cooling of the tanks/greenhouse, coloration, and the transition from natural sunlight to a tank lit by LEDs/halides, etc. In the good old days, before all of this new fangled LED talk, there seemed to be a lot more interest in the idea of using natural sunlight to grow corals (I have seen some SAWEEET reef tanks using Solatubes and supplemental lighting for coloration over on RC), but as lighting costs have gone down, LED technology has increased, and we all aren't fighting electricity bills and bulb replacement costs like we used to, so it seems the original driving factors to look at using natural sunlight for coral growth have gone by the wayside a bit. Makes sense I guess, if gas was $1.50 a gallon, and cars got 50mpg on gas I don't think there would be the push for hybrids. Same mentality here to me. Fun to think about either way.
  24. jadams7

    wtb par 56 & gooseneck

    If you decide you want a par56 I have a reefstar I am not using.