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  1. jadams7

    Nice read on SPS dipping!

    What ratio do you guys use for the Bayer dip? The article says 400ml/2.5 gallons, I dont think I have gone that high, but certainly could if its of some benefit.
  2. jadams7

    What does your screen name mean?

    Mine was the start of my college email address...in a time when I had about a million names and passwords to remember, it was easier to just name them all the same thing. Those college brain cells were preoccupied with other things at the time, and I had no clue I would still be on this site and in the hobby long enough to make it matter. ooops. So now everyone calls me J when my name is actually Jase. It doesn't bother me, it just reminds me that one time being lazy saving typing 3 other letters has had a lasting effect.
  3. jadams7

    And the winnner is..................

    I totally missed this thread a while back Anyway, picked up these beauties from Brad yesterday. HUUUUGE thanks man! Awesome corals, and a great setup you have. Top notch stuff. Great guy if anyone ever gets the chance to buy some of his stuff, I highly recommend it.
  4. jadams7

    Montipora colony group frag swap

    If we can get this going I have a Rainbow Monti (encrusting) that I can get some frags of. Or some green with purple rim cap.
  5. jadams7

    Redsea and Salifert results

    Thanks for sharing this! Just the kick in the butt I needed to order a backup test kit. I have been exclusively using the redsea kits and have had oddly low alk readings that don't seem to budge much despite manual dosing changes (along with the calcium reactor). I just ordered a salifert kit to cross reference when testing questions arise.
  6. jadams7

    Super glue gel

    Dollar Tree's usually have it. I would say about 3/4 of the ones I have gone into do carry it. Not sure about other Dollar stores. The ones you pictured though are not the gel, probably not worth taking the gamble to see if they work to be honest.
  7. Great job Matty and Kireek! Close race, fun growout.
  8. Thanks Samsquanch!! They are looking pretty good so far. Definitely finicky and a slow grower. I haven't changed much at all in my system. In fact, those palys got glued down to the bottom of my tank and haven't been moved outside of taking the pictures for the growout. I have not target fed, and do not dose anything outside of the occasional tweak to the cal/alk/mag along with running the calcium reactor. Water changes are rare at best. I have done two roughly 30 gal changes since this growout began, so about 60g total on a 150g total volume over 4ish months. I have had a couple bumps along the way, skimmer pump went out, heater malfunctioned, and had my alk dip pretty low, but no intentional changes. Lighting is the same Ocean Revives I have ran for a while, I tend to have a zoa sweet spot at the bottom corner of the tank, so that's where most of the zoas go. I haven't played around with a PAR meter for some time though to see what the reading is down that low. I should probably do that one of these days.
  9. looks like I got my butt kicked in the zoa department, I must have ordered a different steroid by mistake. Palys however may be doing alright, fingers crossed! Final count, zoas 19, palys 7.
  10. jadams7

    Acro keeper

    I seem to be able to keep SPS alive (knocks on wood):
  11. If we do 12 team I am in. I had fun in the league last year, is this mostly that same group? I am good with a 20-25 buy in. Pay out top 2 with money back for 3rd is usually what I do. Maybe even weekly coral bets for head to head matchups?
  12. jadams7

    Anyone use pellet grills?

    I too have a Traeger and love it. Since its the fourth....what are you guys cookin today? I am doing 3 tri-tips, just put them on about an hour ago.
  13. jadams7

    Acro keeper

    Count me in as well. I love the couple of Westside pieces I have in the tank now.
  14. jadams7

    Should I upgrade to radion g3 pro?

    I ran an ocean revive and a radion (gen 2 I believe) over my 30x30 cube when setting it up. There are some pluses and minuses to both lights IMO. To me ultimately after tweaking, tuning, and playing around with the Radion compared to the OR (which I preferred) I came away less than impressed. The additional features that the Radion offered were not that important to me, and I was getting better color and 'pop' from the OR s026, believe it or not. So overall when factoring the price difference, I opted to go with two OR s026's over my tank. I know this may be a rare case, as I do not get too excited about ramping lighting up and down, or creating a storm mode. I generally like to set the lights and leave them for long periods of time. A timer kicks them on and off. Two knobs to adjust. No need to plug into anything to do that. All the corals are growing great and thriving. So the additional ability to dial in colors didnt factor as much in to me, because I liked the color I was getting already from the OR. If you arent a fan of the color given off by the OR, then the Radion may be the way to go. There is certainly more than one way to skin the proverbial lighting cat with tanks these days...but an increased price does not always equate to a proportional increase in performance. So now if one of my lights were to crap out, not only does Bo provide great local service, but buying another light is pretty inexpensive. Also seeing how rapidly the LED technology is changing, I wont have $1400 into lights when the latest and greatest thing comes out in a year or two.
  15. jadams7

    Free Stuff

    Will do! I think your inbox is full, shoot me a PM when you get a chance
  16. jadams7

    WTB overflow box

    I have a small one, shoot me a PM if interested and I can get ya some more details.
  17. 16 on the zoas and 4 on the palys (1 baby, tough to see in the pics). You guys are going crazy with this zoa growth! Impressive!
  18. jadams7

    Free Stuff

    Awesome stuff. If you ever get up to Vancouver hit me up!
  19. jadams7

    Anyone Have a Drop Off Tank?

    I have always wanted one...maybe some day
  20. jadams7

    Temp rock scape for new tank

    Looks good! I'm going to be very jealous of this new setup of yours. Almost exactly the dimensions I'm wanting.
  21. jadams7

    Mandinga's SPS tank

    Beauties! Tank looks great man!
  22. jadams7

    Gourmet grazer

    Great idea! Where did you find that at?
  23. Well fragging went well yesterday. Got a few fragged up and are already open and looking happy today. Even fragged a red spackle too!
  24. Great! Up to 4 heads now. Did yours make it through the crash?
  25. My Clarkatoas are ripe to be fragged, if anyone has interest shoot me a pm!