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  1. I believe the water level would be the same on both levels, as in it would not be any higher in the bio-ball chamber than the water is on the other side, if that makes any sense. It could be converted to hold a sock very easily, and I think then it would be possible to fit a skimmer inside of it. Let me know if you want to come have a look at it. Thanks I NEED THIS STUFF GONE, MAKE ME OFFERS!!!
  2. You gotta look into more types of macro. Some are very unlikely to go sexual. JME I know, after getting scared to death when I found out what could happen, I then learned that it is very rare that it does, and even so most of the time there is little side effect. Either way it all died in the moving of my tank anyways, so I decided to get Chaeto as recommended. Looking good as of now though.
  3. Just the monitor itself, I was told new probes should be bought with the use of a new tank anyways. But it just comes with what you see in the picture, and of course the batteries to run it. Thanks
  4. Here are some pictures of the wet/dry trickle...enjoy
  5. Yea it is still not showing up, try sending me an email, my address is adams4@hotmail.com Thanks
  6. I heard you mowed the lawn! Or at least your cleanup crew did, put up some pictures so we can see what it looks like now! Did you ever glue that sump? I have some of the glue if you need it.
  7. Caulerpa is all dead and gone. Got some Chaeto and put it in my new setup (72 gal bow) and seems to be working fine. I am getting a bit of reddish looking algae in the sump, not in the tank. It is not long hair algae i dont think, any idea what it might be? Is it a problem? Will it eventually go away?
  8. Hey I could not get the first link to work. I ran my first tank (46 bow) with no skimmer and it was fine, had plenty of lr and livestock in it. I think my refugium is what kept it alive (which I no longer have, for fear of it going sexual and killing everything haha). A well established 'fuge can do wonders! I personally am too lazy to clean the thing multiple times daily so I gave in and got a skimmer. Nice to see some people that can make it successful without it!
  9. Mark now has a 180 gal with dual overflows on its way! Look out!
  10. Gmiller, I have not gotten your reply yet. Pm's sent back to those who sent them. Also I will try to get a picture or 2 of the wet/dry here soon. Thanks!
  11. I am clearing out what I don't need/use, mostly because I do not have the room. Make me a reasonable offer on all the items, cash works best, but might be interested in a trade for some LR or possibly something else, who knows. First off, I have a bunch of LaMotte test kits. They are way over what I need for my tank, and I just do not use them. First (picture 2) LaMotte Salt Water pH Test Kit , Model AG-23 Less than 1/4 use, still plenty of life left. All instructions, bottles, tubes, etc included. Second (picture 3) LaMotte Phosphate Test Kit Model PAL Over half full, all instructions, bottles, tubes, etc included. Third (picture 4) LaMotte Calcium Hardness Test Kit for Fresh and Salt Water 3/4 Full, (the missing bottle I believe was just another Sodium Hydroxide Reagent, of which one is already included) Fourth (picture 5) LaMotte Alkalinity Test Kit Model WAT-DR Bottle of alkalinity titration reagent B is almost all the way full. BCG-MR tablets are almost full also. Fifth (picture 6) LaMotte Salt Water Aquaculture Test Kit Model AQ.5 Everything is over 3/4 full, and all instructions and everything included. Tests Ammonia Nitrogen, Nitrite Nitrogen, Nitrate Nitrogen, Alkalinity, Carbon Dioxide. Other items: Pinpoint PH Monitor, made by American Marine Inc. Pretty self-explanatory, has working batteries in it. Make me an offer. (picture 7) Wet/Dry trickle filter/sump. Measures 2' wide (not including bulkhead, add another 2") 1' deep, and 16 1/2" tall (not including pipe fitting, add 4-5"). I also have a bunch of bio-balls I will throw in with this. 250 W Metal Halide Lighting system. Has 1 250W Halide (bulb is 1 week old) and 2 actinic bulbs (1 bulb is smaller than the other, I do not know too much about actinics other than that they are both about the same color blue, and are beautiful! There is a Ballast for the Halide, and a separate ballast for the actinics. I will also include 2 used Halide bulbs with about 3-4 months left on them. The unit measures 30" long, 13" deep, and 6 1/2" tall. Has a fan built into the unit. I will also include a sheet of plexi cut to fit on the bottom of the unit, to protect the bulbs. Emperor 400 Bio Wheel filter. Needs a good clean, and new wheels, but other than that it is good to go! Small Refugium light, nothing fancy, but gets the job done! Small tank light, made by JBJ, has 2 10,000k Sealife 65w bulbs. Built in dual fan system, with a switch for each light, and for the fans. It is 24" wide, 8" deep, and 3 1/2" tall. 46 Gal bowfront tank, stand, hood (all black). Have some other accessories to go with it also, make me an offer. Small protein skimmer, nothing fancy, but works. I have not attached pictures of everything. If you would like to see a picture of something let me know and I can get one. I am located in Salem, but could possibly make a trip to portland if enough stuff is going up that way. Thanks The other pictures will be attached below...
  12. Which do you prefer? Tank raised, or caught in the wild? I have heard good arguments for both, just wanting to see what most people have better success with. Thanks!
  13. Mine got canceled, anyone know if they will get more in?
  14. Someone make me an offer on this thing! New tank is up and I gotta get rid of this one!
  15. Yea I want it. I can come pick it up mid-day on tuesday if that would work. Just let me know what time will work out, and if I can get your phone number we can work out everything. Thanks
  16. Yea sure shoot me a picture and if it looks like a good amount I can come get it around wed of this week.
  17. Ok Clark is gone! He is now sitting at Liquid Sunshine. Thanks
  18. Haha, yea, I gotta treat her nice seeing as she has not complained yet about all the $$ that has been spent on my tank over the past few months. And if you decide to get rid of the Maroon I would love to try and work something out, thanks!
  19. I can give ya $15 for both the lawnmower and the mandarin. I can come by today if ya want, seeing as I know where it is now! let me know, thanks
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