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  1. Here are some pictures of the wet/dry trickle...enjoy
  2. Yea it is still not showing up, try sending me an email, my address is adams4@hotmail.com Thanks
  3. jadams7

    Need Cheap Tank Starters

    I heard you mowed the lawn! Or at least your cleanup crew did, put up some pictures so we can see what it looks like now! Did you ever glue that sump? I have some of the glue if you need it.
  4. jadams7

    Noob Alert!

    Caulerpa is all dead and gone. Got some Chaeto and put it in my new setup (72 gal bow) and seems to be working fine. I am getting a bit of reddish looking algae in the sump, not in the tank. It is not long hair algae i dont think, any idea what it might be? Is it a problem? Will it eventually go away?
  5. jadams7

    Look at this awesome tank

    Hey I could not get the first link to work. I ran my first tank (46 bow) with no skimmer and it was fine, had plenty of lr and livestock in it. I think my refugium is what kept it alive (which I no longer have, for fear of it going sexual and killing everything haha). A well established 'fuge can do wonders! I personally am too lazy to clean the thing multiple times daily so I gave in and got a skimmer. Nice to see some people that can make it successful without it!
  6. jadams7


    Mark now has a 180 gal with dual overflows on its way! Look out!
  7. Gmiller, I have not gotten your reply yet. Pm's sent back to those who sent them. Also I will try to get a picture or 2 of the wet/dry here soon. Thanks!
  8. Here are the other pictures...
  9. jadams7

    Liverock & Livesand

    PM sent on the LR!!
  10. Which do you prefer? Tank raised, or caught in the wild? I have heard good arguments for both, just wanting to see what most people have better success with. Thanks!
  11. jadams7

    Free TDS Meter

    Mine got canceled, anyone know if they will get more in?
  12. jadams7

    FS 46 Gallon Bowfront

    Someone make me an offer on this thing! New tank is up and I gotta get rid of this one!
  13. jadams7

    FS 46 Gallon Bowfront

    Hey guys, I have upgraded tanks to a 72 gal bowfront, and will need to get rid of my current 46 gallon bowfront setup. I will be moving it over in 3-4 weeks and am just seeing if anyone is interested. Comes with tank, stand, hood, 175 watt metal halide setup(diy), underwater protein skimmer( i believe it is red sea, but not sure), refugium (10 gal), a few nets, overflow box (could use some cleaning) and pretty much everything to get you started with a good saltwater setup! I also have a filter system that I never used(came with tank when I bought it), I believe it is an emperor. No live stock will be included, tank will come empty. Delivery in eugene/salem may be worked out. Possibly to portland (if you cover my gas) I will be switching my tank over to my new one in about 3-4 weeks, so the tank will not be available until then. I am looking to get $400 for everything, just trying to recoop some of the costs of the new tank. If you have any questions feel free to ask, Thanks First picture is with my lighting setup that will not be included with the tank, the other pictures are with the hood on it (and do not have a light hooked up, which is why it looks so dark)
  14. jadams7

    FS: Reef Crystals 160g bucket (used)

    Yea I want it. I can come pick it up mid-day on tuesday if that would work. Just let me know what time will work out, and if I can get your phone number we can work out everything. Thanks
  15. jadams7

    FS: Reef Crystals 160g bucket (used)

    Yea sure shoot me a picture and if it looks like a good amount I can come get it around wed of this week.
  16. jadams7

    FS: Reef Crystals 160g bucket (used)

    Is this still available?
  17. I am in the Eugene area, and recently found out that the calurpa in my refugium could go sexual and kill everything in my tank! (scary) Anyways if anyone has some extra Chaeto I would love to come grab some and clear out all the calurpa before it gets out of control! Thanks
  18. jadams7

    Clark's clownfish for trade??

    Ok Clark is gone! He is now sitting at Liquid Sunshine. Thanks
  19. Hey I have a very healthy, happy Clark's Clown (amphiprion clarkii), the girlfriend wants a couple of "Nemos" (about the extent of her fish knowledge) and he is too protective of his anemone to let any other clowns in the tank. He has been in this established setup for about 3 years, and takes good care of any anemone that he calls home (will even feed them krill if it is dropped in the tank). Anyways I would like to trade him for some other fish if possible, so I can make the girlfriend happy. Let me know if you are interested, I am located in Eugene. I am trying to attach some pictures, but seeing as it is my first time, this could get hairy.
  20. jadams7

    Clark's clownfish for trade??

    Haha, yea, I gotta treat her nice seeing as she has not complained yet about all the $$ that has been spent on my tank over the past few months. And if you decide to get rid of the Maroon I would love to try and work something out, thanks!
  21. jadams7

    Saltwater Garage sale!

    I can give ya $15 for both the lawnmower and the mandarin. I can come by today if ya want, seeing as I know where it is now! let me know, thanks
  22. jadams7

    WTB R/o Canisters

    I dont know too much about r/o systems, and just got one but it needs the first 2 canisters. It is made by Kent marine, and is the hi-s model. If anyone has a few extra canisters (probably a long shot) or if anyone knows of a good place to get some online that would be very helpful! Thanks
  23. jadams7

    Noob Alert!

    Ok operation calurpa-out round 1 just took place. Got as much as I could off of the live rock in the tank (did not realize how much of it there was!). I will go back in a day or 2 when I see some more. I left the refugium alone for now. Should I try and weed it down a bit? or just wait until I get some chaeto and re-do the whole thing? On a separate note, in cleaning off my rock I noticed some very small starfish shaped critters with very long legs that moved around relatively quick. I saw 2 dark brown ones with white bands all over their legs, and an all white one. Are these good? Where do they come from? Will they grow to a decent size?