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  1. if you make it down to Salem, I have a milwaukee that I dont need. shoot me a message if interested
  2. I am running the AP700 over a 4' tank and am debating adding a little something to hit the corners, so for an 8' tank I would suggest 3, or 2 with some supplemental lighting mixed in somewhere (T5's, smaller kessils, etc). Love the AP700 though, cant speak highly enough about it.
  3. Shoot me a pm if interested, got a couple two gyre setups I'm not using with controllers (xf250's)
  4. Meeee!! I don’t have room to set up the tank, but wanted the other goodies! Couldn’t pass it up. p.s. if someone needs a nice big tank, I might know a guy!
  5. I’ve got this one, on/off button is a bit finicky, but still works fine. Open to trade ya for corals or something? Shoot me a pm or text if interested
  6. If you decide to go away from the Tunze, I’ve got a JBJ I don’t need. down in Salem. $35
  7. Yep, I over tightened mine too and had to replace. Easy to swap out, but waiting on the parts to ship made for a fun weekend of waiting.
  8. If you end up down this way and want to trade em for some coral, hit me up!
  9. Bumping this for the weekend, anyone that is out and about and wants to swing by let me know. 360-355-0676. plus, I have that yellow tang I’d love to find a new home for.
  10. Yep, have 4 frags available still, pricing is 10-20.
  11. Skimmer looks like a coralife HOB super skimmer. I never used one myself, but they were pretty common in the hobby for a period of time. Best of luck on the setup, glad to see new reefers in town!
  12. Yep, still have the Hawaiian dreams. and these are the speckled ones (top half of the pic, not the Rastas) not sure of a trade name but I’ve got tons of them, happy to clear some out cheap.
  13. Bumping this up a bit. Still have frags I’d love to clear out so I can make room for the next wave of fragging I need to do
  14. Glad it’s doing well!! Thanks for coming by!
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