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  1. Sweet, thanks! If I end up finding something that will fit on there I'll let you know.
  2. Looking for a nano tank and stand. The old 29g bio cube or similar would be great. Or maybe the smaller Red Sea all in ones if the price is right. I am going to be downsizing from a 48x30 tank, so I would prefer no livestock included as I won't have the space for it. I have plenty to trade if someone was so inclined, or cash works too. Let me know what you have! Thanks, Jase
  3. Frag tank and sump - Vancouver Wa

    Frag tank still available!
  4. Frag tank and sump - Vancouver Wa

    Yep, just got picked up this evening.
  5. Frag tank and sump - Vancouver Wa

    That would make life a lot easier with auto-ing the big 3! I'll pay close attention to see how that works out as id love to eventually have that!
  6. Frag tank and sump - Vancouver Wa

    Eh, thinking about getting out or getting down to a nano/smaller system for a while. Broke down the frag tank a while ago, now just have the 48x30 display, but have fought issues for a while and lost a lot of coral. I probably can't get all the way out, that never seems to work haha
  7. Moving! How to take my critters with me

    Looks like a nice place Steve! When the time comes, if I'm in town I'm down to help out
  8. Frag tank and sump - Vancouver Wa

    Sump is pending pickup on Monday. frag tank still available, open to reasonable offers on it
  9. Great shape, glass frag tank for sale. Corner overflow. 48x24x13. Made by Aquarium Masters out of California. $215 Sump sold! Also have a real nice custom sump id be willing to sell separately too if interested. Measures 32x18x16. $sold I have other equipment too, just haven't had time to post up. Located in Vancouver Wa.
  10. WTB Large Coral

    I am debating downsizing tanks, so I may have a real big duncan colony and devils armor zoa colony up before too long.
  11. WTB frag tank

    I've got a glass 4x2 that I was going to list up for sale soon. I'll shoot you a message when I get a break from work.
  12. WTB Calcium Reactor

    ive got a single chamber reef octopus calcium reactor with ph port I no longer need. shoot me a pm if interested. Thanks
  13. Gyre Pump Considerations

    I can hear it if I stick my ear right up to the tank, but the fan on my t5's and return pump are quite a bit louder. Most other power heads I have ran are more noticeable.
  14. Seneye Reef Monitor Experience Anyone?

    I ran one a while back and it was a fun little toy to have. The ph and ammonia monitoring wasn't used much for me, but the PAR meter was the main benefit for my purposes.
  15. Gyre Pump Considerations

    So far so good still. Love the controller and ease of the setup. It alone is a little bit undersized to fully work all the way around my 48"x30" footprint at the moment, but I'm only ramping it to 70%. Right now that along with a rw15 (that I have kick on a couple hours per day) is all I'm running and don't have much as far as dead spots go. Well worth the price IMO.