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  1. February 2018 Meet Frag Swap

    Anyone have any cool blasto frags they may want to swap? I've got a couple big colonies (pictured) that split some heads off of quite a while back (one with 2 heads, one with 5-6ish) that id love to trade for another cool type. Also attached a better online pic (not mine) to better show coloration, because my photo skills are rather limited. Kicker is i can't make it to the meeting, BUT I am right off the highway on the way up to Roys place (exit 7b off i5 or 36 off 205).
  2. Live Rock in Vancouver $2/lb

    All sold! thanks everyone!
  3. Live Rock in Vancouver $2/lb

    all pending
  4. Got some good sized pieces of rock, been in my systems for years, full of life (sponge, coraline, etc). $2/lb. Also have one real large arch with a colony of nuclear green zoas, purple death palys, and green leptastrea on it. Corals are grown onto the rock. Asking $3/lb for this one. Message me if interested and I can get pics. No, I have not weighed the rocks yet, I will do that as we take them out. I should be free most of the weekend to meet up. I will post a separate posting with a lot of the equipment I will have for sale hopefully later this weekend. If its easier, feel free to shoot me a text at 360-355-0676 Thanks!
  5. A few fish for sale!

    Tomini sold (thanks Roy), and the Christmas Wrasse is pending for this afternoon pickup.
  6. A few fish for sale!

    Hahaha me too! The last of mine went to Paratore a while back though
  7. A few fish for sale!

    I have a few happy and healthy fish that need new homes over the next couple of days. Breaking down my larger tank and wont have room for them. Been with me for years, good eaters, will be sad to see them go. Hippo tang (roughly 3") $35 PENDING PICKUP SOLD Tomini tang (roughly 3") $20 SOLD Christmas Wrasse (roughly 3-3.5") $25 SOLD Royal Dottyback (roughly 2") $10 PENDING PICKUP text is probably fastest way to reach me. 360-355-0676
  8. WTB: 4 bulb ATI fixture 48”

    If you talk yourself into an 8 bulb ATI let me know, I've got one I don't need that I bought new, very little use.
  9. Black (misbar-ish) Clownfish

    If you still have her this Friday I'd trade ya something for her. I am out of town until then though. Shoot me a pm with what you would be looking for trade wise, thanks
  10. WTB/wtt: for a curve 7 or vertex skimmer

    What size are you looking for? I will have a vertex omega 180i with neck cleaner in the coming month or two when I break down my larger tank.
  11. Sweet, thanks! If I end up finding something that will fit on there I'll let you know.
  12. Looking for a nano tank and stand. The old 29g bio cube or similar would be great. Or maybe the smaller Red Sea all in ones if the price is right. I am going to be downsizing from a 48x30 tank, so I would prefer no livestock included as I won't have the space for it. I have plenty to trade if someone was so inclined, or cash works too. Let me know what you have! Thanks, Jase
  13. Frag tank and sump - Vancouver Wa

    Frag tank still available!
  14. Frag tank and sump - Vancouver Wa

    Yep, just got picked up this evening.
  15. Frag tank and sump - Vancouver Wa

    That would make life a lot easier with auto-ing the big 3! I'll pay close attention to see how that works out as id love to eventually have that!