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  1. (2) Tunze 6095 nanostream powerheads in good working condition, asking $100 each or $175 for the pair. only selling cause i went with a smaller tank and got smaller pumps. These are the older style pumps with the jumper/fuses which are included. Specifications For aquariums from 26-264 gallons Controllable* flow rate: 528-2510 GPH Energy consumption: 5 to 21W Voltage / frequency: 100-240V / 50-60Hz Cable length: 3 meters Diameter: 2.7” Output diameter 1.96/.39” Holds up to: 1/2" thick glass
  2. kilmca


    (2) pair of Kessil A Series Mounting Arms, asking $50 for each pair or $75 for both pairs. i bought a pair of ap700 used and these came with the lights. i hang the lights from the floor above and don't need these mounts. The Kessil Mounting Arm is a rigid arm that allows your Kessil light to be suspended over your tank by clamping onto the aquariums rim. The mounting arm has an adjustment for height, as well as distance making it a perfect mounting solution for any Kessil light. With its integrated cord channel, there is no more need for plastic zip ties to manage the cables because they will route cleanly inside of the Mounting arm itself.Front to back adjustment works for 18" to 24" wide tanksDimensions: 1" x W 12.32" - 15.43" x H 20.78"Mounting compatible with:Kessil A160Kessil A360Kessil H380Kessil AP700I've used the mounting hardware for the use with the Kessil A160, A360 and H380 so those parts will need to be replaced but everything is included for mounting a AP700.
  3. i started using the pro series 3 part di resin from BRS so i'm not going to use this. $25 for all (3). I could use it for the 3rd stage but it will be a while cause my di resin lasts a long time. just worried about it sitting around too long even though it's sealed. i'm not even sure how long i've had it.
  4. still have this and am not using it. how about $150?
  5. Slighty used Reefdoser Evo4. It's a 4-channel doser with a wired remote which is very simple to program. Used for about 6 months. i've had this for a few years but haven't used it much. Switched over to a calcium reactor. asking $50.
  6. 60" long x 30" wide x 24" tall sounds like great dimensions to me.. i believe that's about 180 gallons. if i had to do it again i'd change out the standard 180 i have for something wider with external overflows. i miss a 32" wide tank. don't go over 24" tall IMO. Also, your tall so a tall stand to put the tank at a good viewing height would be nice too.
  7. looks like you had great weather. agree the apex makes me worry less about the tank when we leave. i don't have the cameras but i like the alerts if something goes awry. we went to Joseph/Wallowa lake for a quick weekend trip. lots of driving for a day and a half of being there but the weather was great and we rode the rails. recommend this if you haven't done it.
  8. kilmca

    Fish injury

    that's a canary blenny? looks like you caught the fish to take the picture? Can you QT and try to treat with medication to see if that helps it heal? Sorry i don't really have any advice other than to try that.
  9. Thanks, it was great visiting with you too. sorry about the yappy puppy.
  10. great, i sent you a pm.
  11. (2) used AI Prime HD lights with mounts. Both in good condition and work properly. Asking $150 each or $275 for both of them.
  12. i know there isn't much chance of these selling but worth a shot.
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