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  1. kilmca

    WTB: Metal Halide...Crazy i know!

    thanks but i prefer a 14k or higher color bulb.
  2. kilmca

    WTB: Metal Halide...Crazy i know!

    i think i found some 250s.
  3. kilmca

    WTB: Metal Halide...Crazy i know!

    i thanks for the offers everyone but i should have clarified that i wanted 250 watt MH max.
  4. considering using MH over new setup but don't want to buy new equipment. wondering if anyone has some good used stuff sitting around. Thanks!
  5. kilmca

    New tank build.

    yeah the ends will be open so the sitting area can have full view of the corner tanks. the existing stand is 32" deep, the 180 is 24" deep and the 54s are 27". I have the 54s pushed back so they line up with the back of the stand so there will be a flat surface in front of the tanks. I could pull them forward so they line up with the front of the stand like the 180 and there would be less of a flat spot but i would have a 5" gap at the back of the tank and wall that i would need to trim out plus keeping the tanks back is better for viewing from the sitting area. yes, the 54s are 23" tall and the 180 is 25.5" tall. So I could raise the 54s up so the tops match or i could have the bottoms at the same elevation. not set on the bottoms being the same but that was my initial thought. the framing in between the 180 and the 54s works as a separation/transition for the top of the tanks. access to the 54s would be easier the lower they are. if anyone has thoughts on why the bottom or top should be the same please share.
  6. kilmca

    New tank build.

    Here is a picture of the previous tank shortly after it was first setup in 2008. Those are sitting areas minus the cushions on each side of the tank.
  7. kilmca

    New tank build.

    Previous tank I had was setup for about 10 years but it came down this past February. Took a while to make a decision on what to replace it with but I finally came up with a crazy idea. Previous tank was 10' long but i didn't want to spend the money on a 10' glass tank since it would be about three to four times more than I wanted to spend. Turns out the stand framing for the previous 10' tank was almost perfect for a standard 180 plus a 54 gallon corner tank on each side. Needed to modify the existing stand a little but got most of that done on Sunday. Picture below is where i'm at so far. Still need to figure out trim and doors for above the tank but I'm sure that will come together. Oh and the reason for the 54 on each side of the 180 is I've always liked a corner tank since my dad had a 92 corner and because we have two kids and they always want to add livestock to the tank and I usually don't want what they want. Each of them will get one of the 54s but i'll have to approve what they want to get to make sure it's appropriate for that size tank and it's compatible with the other livestock in that tank. All three tanks will be running off the same sump/refugium. Using a (8) bulb ATI from the previous tank over the 180 and probably LEDs over the 54s. Using the same sump and other equipment from the previous tank too. Previous tank was 400 gallons and these three will be less than 300 gallons.
  8. kilmca

    Time to downsize. 180 to a 120.

    interested in the 180 if you are looking to sell it. looks like it a marineland 180 with the corner overflows and not the aqueon 180 with the mega overflows, right? tried to send a pm but it couldn't be delivered for some reason.
  9. kilmca

    Deep sand bed experience?

    I've read plenty of times not to get sand stars cause they eat the important life. I've also read not to get jawfish or wrasses because they also eat the important worms and other life in the sand bed plus they disturb it. didn't like to hear that but than I also read constant mixing of the sand by snails is good so that seemed contradicting. The tank i'm considering is 29" tall and i think i'm going to frame the stand and trim around it so you can't see the entire 4" to 5" sand bed. The tank is in wall so i can recess it below the trim around the tank. You might be able to only see 1" to 2" of the sand bed. do you think there is an issue with not seeing the lower levels of the sand bed? Thanks!
  10. kilmca

    Deep sand bed experience?

    I've never had a Blue Spotted Jawfish because I've never had a sand bed that was deep enough so that's another pro for going with one. Glad to hear about a good experience. what critters do you think are important/essential to maintaining a healthy sandbed?
  11. Wondering if anyone on the forums has a deep sand bed, 4" to 6" in depth, and how long have you had it? I've been doing research online about them and they get mixed reviews. I've read plenty of experiences where they have gone bad and the hydrogen sulfide that is released kills the tank inhabitants. considering going with a 29" tall tank and a 5" deep sand bed would make it 24" tall like i want.
  12. kilmca

    WTB: ~200 gallon glass tank

    i was thinking about doing a 6" deep sand bed to make the tank shorter but i've heard nightmares about deep sand beds going bad after a few years.
  13. kilmca

    WTB: ~200 gallon glass tank

    yeah, the 29" height is what i don't like about the 210 gallon tanks. i saw that one too but i'd go with the 210 at upscales since it's starfire glass.
  14. kilmca

    WTB: ~200 gallon glass tank

    yeah this one is on my radar but a little taller, wide and more gallons than i want. still an option though. it's not the $1250 that is keeping me from buying this. i'm looking for a tank that is 24" wide because i want to move the sump from below the current stand and put it behind the tank for easier access/maintenance. the sump i have is 24" wide and will extend into the fish room too much behind a 36" wide tank. yeah it was sad to see that tank go. new tank will go in the same spot but obviously it will be shorter. plan on making the seating areas on each side of the tank larger and maybe incorporating some book cases into those areas since they will both grow by 2'. Upscales has a used 210 gallon Oceanic tank with 3/4" starfire glass that would be great but it's 29" tall so that's what is stopping me from buying that tank. I can get a standard Aqueon 180 with the built in overflows for $860 from the local fish store in Oregon City but was hoping to find something with starfire glass. i like the Red Sea tanks but don't need the stand or sump since i have those. Also they are pretty pricey. I have pricing from Custom Aquariums on a few different size tanks but i don't want to spend $3k to $4k for my next tank. i'm want to spend around $1k for my next tank. Ron's 300, Upscales's 210 and the Aqueon 180 all come in that price range but wanted to see if there was anything else out there.
  15. Tank has been gone since February but now i'm looking to replace it. Looking for something in the 200 gallon range but has to be glass. Starfire preferred but i'll consider regular glass if the tank has the right dimensions. Preferred minimum length = 72", minimum width = 24" and maximum height = 24". TIA