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  1. A350 and (2) A360W Kessils

    how about $175 each or $300 for the pair of A360W and $150 for the A350. A350 was mfg in 2013 based on the S/N.
  2. (2) A360W E-series Tuna Blue Kessils, asking $200 each or $350 for the pair. have the unit link cable for connecting these two. Bought these from Bycyclebill a little over a year ago. According to Bill one was bought new in May 2014 and the other was May 2015. (1) A350 Tuna Blue Kessil with gooseneck mount and adapter, asking $175. Bought this from Matty i believe. I have a PM sent to Matty asking how old it is.
  3. What do you do?

    licensed civil engineer but only do structural engineering. i work for a multi discipline consulting engineering firm.
  4. 400 gallon Envision Acrylic Aquarium

    especially 10' long tanks. i'm going to put it up on craiglist too but it should be interesting to see the kind of inquiries i get on this from craigslist flakes. yeah, storage isn't an option for this tank. i might throw it up on Reefcentral and see what that brings but that will be a hassle to deal with. you can never have too many tanks.
  5. 400 gallon Envision Acrylic Aquarium

    thanks! yeah the length of this tank is the one thing i'll miss if it does sell. thanks, i'll need all the luck i can get to sell this. also thanks for the help moving it in. i'll let you know when i need help moving it out. i'm not surprised but i haven't had any response to this yet. if anyone has interest in this tank make an offer. don't worry about insulting me with a low ball offer. i'll just say no if it's too low...won't hurt my feelings. i know this is a pretty unique tank with how long it is but tangs really do love it. i'll also consider store credit if any stores are interested in this and read this thread.
  6. Looking to go to a glass tank cause i'm sick of acrylic. Probably a Marineland 300 since there is a good deal for one on the forums right now. just need to figure out how to make a 6' tank look good in a space made for a 10' tank. 400g tank dimensions are 120" long x 32" wide x 24" tall. Tank was purchased the summer of 2008 and setup the fall of 2008. obviously will need to be buffed out. Asking $1500.
  7. - (2) Tunze 6105 with power supplies and suregrip magnet mounts for inside tank. no magnets for outside tank. old style pumps but work properly. asking $50 each.- (1) Tunze 6105 without power supplies or magnet mounts. old style pump but works properly. asking $35.- (1) Tunze 6105 with bad impeller and no power supply or magnet mounts. Asking $35. - (3) Tunze 6055 with magnet mounts but do not have power supplies. Asking $25 each or all of them for $50. old pumps but work properly. Only (1) pump has a magnet that is not split open from corrosion. - (1) 6055 that has a split outer cord at the motor. Looks like internal cords are still good. i'll include this for free with any purchase.- Tunze 7095 Controller. Asking $75. - Tunze 7096 Controller. Asking $50.- Tunze 6105.5 Safety Connector. Still in original packaging. Asking $35.- Tunze 7092.34 Branch Y-Adapter and (2) cords. Asking $25.- (2) 2 Channel Apex to Tunze Stream Cables. Asking $25 for both.https://photos.app.goo.gl/ZIzATfgSRoJ6ws1p1
  8. Black Friday fish deals!

    don't hesitate to buy from Robyn if she has something you are interested in. I bought the test kits since i just ran out of mag test kit recently. plus she threw in some brs additives.
  9. Time for FTS: Full Tank Sunday!

    not much going on here other than some fish. got an algae scrubber and denitrator working and the nitrates are coming down so i hope to have corals again one day.
  10. FS Hikari frozen food

    Thanks Mark for the great deal. i'm set for food for a while.
  11. Like the title says, Yellow Tang and Clowns for sale. YT doesn't get along with other fish in the DT so it was removed and the Ocellaris clowns harass my other pair of clowns so they were also removed. These fish have gone through 2 months of QT so they are healthy. I've had the YT for just over a year and the clowns for i don't know how long but it's been a few years. $20 for Yellow Tang $20 for the pair of clowns If you really need pictures i can try to get some but they won't be anything you haven't seen before.
  12. Red Goniopora Coral Colony and RBTA

    i'll send you a PM. The goni is pending trade for some other corals, guess i'm not really making room in the frag tank.
  13. For sale is a red goniopora coral that i got from Markvo a few months ago. nitrates are too high in my display tank to put corals in it so i have everything in my frag tank. it's too crowded and i have a golf ball size of red goniopora in addition to this piece so i'm looking to get rid of the bigger piece. the rock is bigger than a softball and when open the coral its a little smaller than a volleyball. looking for $150. Multiple RBTA available, about 3" in dia. asking $15 each.
  14. QT Setup

    light has (2) 65 watt power compacts and a fan. not sure who it was made by. has two new bulbs to be included with it. when i was using it as a QT tank i only use one of the two bulbs.