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  1. kilmca

    Dustin’s Redsea E-260

    nice looking tank and i really like the midas blenny. the red sea tanks and sumps are good looking setups. maybe you have one but i would recommend a screen top for that tank with the midas blenny. i've always been told they are jumpers. i've had them in the past but have always had a screen top or some other kind of top to keep them from jumping out.
  2. kilmca

    Centropyge potteri

    i've had a Potter's angel in two different tanks over the last 14 years and they were both great fish. one of them i had for ~3 years and then sold it cause i was moving across country. 2nd one i had for ~5 years but it died with a bunch of other fish cause i didn't QT then. loosing that fish and some of the others i had is the reason i'll always QT now. i mainly had LPS and some montis with them and they never picked on them. never really tried keeping acros with them but have always heard they can be nippers.
  3. i noticed the price of the new trailer was $300. factoring in the cost of the plywood that has been sealed with polyurethane and it's assembled and i've talked my father in law down to $450 as an asking price.
  4. had some interest on this and replied to a few PMs...how about $400 but i'm firm at that price. would like this out of the garage.
  5. Like the title says I'm considering trying to setup a Coldwater tank. We were at the beach this weekend and the kids had a great time looking for stuff. Tank will need to be 1" thick and I'd prefer 16" tall, 48" long and 24" wide or so. Going to contact wanareef to see what it would cost to build a new one too. If he's still doing that... Thanks! Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
  6. kilmca

    Hikari frozen food

    yesterday in a text i said i would text you in the morning when i left my house. 6 in the morning is am.
  7. here are some pictures of the front two silicone joints. sorry, they aren't the best. the front two corners are the ones on the tank that have some damage from cleaning the glass. i don't believe there should be any concern for joint integrity.
  8. kilmca

    Hikari frozen food

    lucky for one of you sharklover was a no show on meeting this morning. i don't know why they didn't show but they did miss out on a great deal. Higher Thinking is next in line.
  9. kilmca

    Hikari frozen food

  10. kilmca

    Hikari frozen food

    15 packages of frozen mysis shrimp13 packages of frozen brine$25 for all of it.Broke down my tank and I won't be setting up a tank again till fall or winter.
  11. Harbor Freight 4x8 folding trailer. this is my father in laws and he wants $500 for it. new the trailer was $300 but that's unassembled and without 3/4" plywood, which it has. they aren't sold currently because of some issue with the tires but i think that can be fixed by replacing them. it was only used twice to haul around a inflatable pontoon fishing boat. GVWR = 1450 lbs, trailer weighs about 350 lbs so about 1100 lbs capacity.
  12. I have some brand new engine air filters for a Lexus IS300. Model year 2001 to 2005 but i'm sure these air filters will fit other vehicles, just not sure what. I sold the car and forgot i had these in the garage. STP SA8613 and Fram Extra Guard CA8613 Engine Air Filters. Both are new in box. asking $10 each or $15 for both. I believe these are about $20 each from stores. Also have a trunk cover for a IS300 sportcross that anyone can have for free if they have a sportcross. it's not a common car.
  13. Approximately 2 year old 200 gallon deep dimension tank with (2) internal overflows and custom wood stand. Asking $500. Dimensions of tank are 48" long x 36" wide x 27" tall. Starfire glass for front panel. First picture is from the Marineland website Back of tank painted black but could be removed if wanted. Would like to get this out of my garage.
  14. kilmca

    free LEDs

    @KSTAGE is first in line on these. he/she PM'd me a minute after i posted them up. some drivers are good but not sure about others plus i'm not sure how old everything is since i bought them use. i was trying to remember when i bought them from you. do you know how old these are?
  15. kilmca

    free LEDs

    they are controllable. i was ramping the strip that worked up and down with my apex.