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  1. Thanks, it was great visiting with you too. sorry about the yappy puppy.
  2. great, i sent you a pm.
  3. (2) used AI Prime HD lights with mounts. Both in good condition and work properly. Asking $150 each or $275 for both of them.
  4. i know there isn't much chance of these selling but worth a shot.
  5. (2) 250 watt Radiums (brand new) (2) Galaxy Selectable Ballasts by Sunlight Supply (2) Pendants Asking $100 each or $150 for the pair. Open to trades for corals too...
  6. i've seen this on hammers and frogspawn but not on a brain. interested to see what will happen, if anything. i'll add that it doesn't seem right on a brain and i would be worried if it burst the skeleton would be exposed.
  7. I have (2) AP700 over a 6' x 2' x 2' tank and i think you would need (3) over an 8' tank. I'm also running (2) 6' VHOs. thanks to Markvo... I really like the AP700s. i found new ones on the RC for significantly less than the price of new. the AP700s don't seem to be as popular as a lot of the other lights so they don't sell very fast and if the seller is motivated you can save some money. also, if you are wondering how old lights are in the classifieds and you have the serial number i've had good luck getting manufacturing dates from the manufacturer so you know how long they have been in circulation. you might not know how many hours they have been run but it's better than nothing.
  8. back in 2003 my dad and i had tanks full of aptasia. we were both new to keeping reeftanks and didn't know how bad aptasia were. we each got a copperband and we were both lucky enough to get them to survive. both fish loved aptasia and frozen food. didn't touch any corals. it's unfortunate that most copperbands don't survive and they keep bringing them in. i know j-dog had a cobberband in QT and i believe he had to get it live black or blood worms cause it wouldn't eat frozen. it might now but i'm not sure.
  9. i know those pieces of equipment are not required but everything i read online and a few people i surveyed from here says go with the fancy regulator and peristaltic pump if you have the money. i was planning on getting the Versa unit if i did go with the reactor. I am conflicted on setting this up or sticking with the kalk reactor and dosing but i want to stick with what i know since it's working. i have read and heard that once a reactor is setup it's easy to manage but it does take some time at first to get it dialed in...that concerns me the most. also i have (2) 5 gallon buckets of kalk that i got for free so i'm set on kalk for a long time.
  10. F-4 Mighty Magnet, for aquariums between 3/8" and 1" thick. this was used on a previous acrylic tank. i have a flipper max with a metal blade for my current glass tank. This worked great on acrylic. Have pads from the guy that makes these. The inner floating magnet is 4" x 6" x 1 3/4" thick. Included are (2) scrub pads, (2) used dozer pads, (2) unused doser pads and (4) felt pads. Asking $125. Sells for $220 new.
  11. here is updated list of plumbing parts. valves have been cleaned. white valves work but not great. schedule 80 gate valves work great. (2) 2" diameter gate valves(2) 1 1/2" diameter gate valves(2) 2" diameter slip x slip unions(3) 2" diameter 45 degree elbow(3) 2" diameter street 90 degree elbows(2) 2" diameter 90 degree elbows(2) 2" diameter slip x slip couplings(4) 2" diameter threaded caps(2) 2" diameter slip caps(2) 2" diameter thread x slip coupling(2) 1 1/2" x 2" threaded x slip coupling(4) 2" x 1 1/2" reducer(1) 2" x 3/4" reducer(1) 1 1/2" x 1" reducer sch 80(gray)(1) large bulkhead, looks to be a 2" diameter. It would need a 3 1/4" hole in tank and 4 1/4" diameter outside dimension.Large valve in picture is unknown size.
  12. I was going to set this up until I started to add up the cost of all the additional equipment i needed. I was planning on getting the Carbon Doser regulator and peristaltic feed pump so that's quite a bit. I'm going to stick with the kalk reactor and supplement with dosing. Going with Trident eventually. MRC dual chamber calcium reactor. Got this from Ron a while back. Main chamber is 6" diameter and 18" tall. Second chamber is 4" diameter and 18" tall. Magdrive 7 pump. Footprint is 14" x 14" and total height is 22" Probe holder It's full of Reborn calcium reactor media and comes with a 3/4 full bucket of additional media. 3/4 gallon of Caribsea ARM reactor media coarse. Asking $250
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