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  1. free LEDs

    @KSTAGE is first in line on these. he/she PM'd me a minute after i posted them up. some drivers are good but not sure about others plus i'm not sure how old everything is since i bought them use. i was trying to remember when i bought them from you. do you know how old these are?
  2. free LEDs

    they are controllable. i was ramping the strip that worked up and down with my apex.
  3. free LEDs

    I have (2) 10' long LED strips that have heat sinks, fans and leds. Not sure how old these are but a member, MadMike, made them. one of the strips works but the other does not. not sure what's wrong with the one strip. i'm just looking to see if anyone is interested in taking these rather than me taking them to the dump. There are (9) meanwell led drivers that will go with the strips. below is a picture of the drivers...i don't currently have a picture of the strips.
  4. Treacherous tank mates

    Remove the coral beauty and find appropriate sized fish for the 28g tank. A coral beauty and (3) or any number of anthias should not be housed in a 28g tank unless it was under QT (temporary) conditions. I would recommend looking at the fish in the nano section of liveaquaria.com. you don't have to buy from there but it would give you an idea of what fish you could buy from your LFS. https://www.liveaquaria.com/category/2124/nano-fish?c=15+2124
  5. Fish FS

    Approximately 5". It is a very timid fish in my tank. It is active but gets chased by other fish alot. Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
  6. Fish FS

    What size tank do you have? They get over a foot long according to what I've read online. Most websites recommend 125g tank or larger. I can't guarantee it won't mess with the hermits or snails eventually. Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
  7. Fish FS

    Yes, I'm guessing it will eat inverts. Haven't witnessed it eating them but I don't have many. Currently in tank with some blue legged hermits, snails and a little lobster and it's not messing with them. I'm guessing shrimp might be a different story. Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
  8. Mantha Shrimp close up

    it was my understanding that some Mantis shrimp have spears and some have clubs. some stab their prey and some club it. They are definitely cool either way. I got one with some live rock and had it for a few years. It never got very large but i guess there are about 400 different species of mantis shrimps and a lot of them do not get very big.
  9. Fish FS

    one last fish left. yellowtail coris wrasse. https://photos.app.goo.gl/OWBbjLafbEyznb4B3
  10. Smart idea for mounting power strips

    yeah this is good way to do it. another way to do this is to take a piece of duct tape the length of the power strip and stick it to the back of the power strip. Mark where the holes are on the tape and then stick the tape to the mounting location.
  11. Fish FS

    i do but since i'm keeping a 40 breeder going for the clowns and midas blenny i'm keeping the lobster too. sorry my kids really protested the selling of the lobster cause they enjoy looking at it...especially when it molts.
  12. Fish FS

    here are the remaining fish. Blue Tang (~5") - asking $75. Tomini Tang (~3") - asking $30 Male Blue Jaw Trigger (~4") - asking $25. Not very colorful. Sunset/Bananna Wrasse - asking $30. Yellowtail Coris Wrasse (inbetween juvenile and adult) - asking $35.
  13. great pumps and a controller for a very reasonable price. i believe one of these pumps sells for around $180 new. these pumps will run forever IME.
  14. Fish FS

    tank is coming down today so the fish should be available after 5 or 6. if you can't pick them up today that's fine but hopefully people can pick them up in the next week.
  15. Fish FS