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  1. thanks to albertareef i found out i actually have a C3002 not a C1502 reactor. Only difference between the two reactors is height of reactor and how much media it hold.
  2. I was able get rid of those MH reflectors but I have another pair of reflectors with brand new radium bulbs that I was possibly going to use but I doubt I will. Also have Galaxy ballasts. You can check everything out if you are interested in them when you come get the regulator. You can have the regulator for free. Sent from my Pixel 3 using Tapatalk
  3. I'd be willing to part it out. just looking to get rid of it. I don't know what a cylinder goes for, i'm guessing it's a 5 lbs cylinder. It also has a regulator on the cylinder that will come with it. I found 5 lbs cylinders online for $60 to $70. how about $25 for it? Yes, it has the PH probe holder. Your welcome to have the regulator to see if you can fix it. If you feel like giving me anything for it i'm starting to add corals and would be happy for any frag you might have. I got a MRC dual chamber reactor from Ron down in Albany a while back.
  4. no clue, it's missing the power supply and i got it in the condition it's currently in. i didn't contact the manufacturer and they said i could send it in for repair but i'm just going with new. I have another calcium reactor with 2 chambers that i'm going to use instead of this one.
  5. Korallin C3002 calcium reactor, carbon doser electronic regulator that doesn't work and a small cylinder for CO2, Asking $200. Korallin C3002—Reactor height: approx. 28"; Diameter: 4.50"; Ground: 6.30"; Filling amount: 6 kgs (13.2lbs); Eheim 1048 Pump. The internal re-circulation flow rate of the C-1502 is around 80 g/h. Since that this is a pressurized Kalkreactor, the dissolution of the media by the carbonized water is enhanced. The effluent rate is only about 0.25 g/h at 40 drops/min. Thus explaining the efficient CO2 & media use. CO2 is being introduced into the Eheim powerhead direct—this is the most efficient Aspirating-Venturi method. Features: Top-loading & access w/ enhanced O-ring seal `Auto-fill` Integrated Bubble Counter on one water circuit (ie: water never evaporates) Detachable Tru-Union couplings w/ O-rings for easy handling, safe shipping, upgrading and leak proof Integrated `industrial-grade` Brass Check Valve from German Air Pressure Systems to prevent back flow of pressurized saltwater Improved engineering for stronger water circulation and suction Secure German airline tubing connectors Medical-use Miniature Quick Disconnect Couplings w/ shut-off 3 Inlet & outlet facing same direction Special elbow for flexible airline tubing mounting Heavy-duty Excelon construction w/ no unsightly and fragile hangover tubing Top pump-mounting design Self-suction water intake by the silent Eheim pump eliminates the use of a dedicated powerhead, gravity-fed or tee-off methods. It also serves for water recirculation. Water circuit interruption in case of CO2 overdose—our exclusive CO2 Safety Feature Visual excessive CO2 check w/ ventilation valve for quick release Dual effluent outlets to suit different systems Aspirating-Venturi technology utilizes only 10 CO2 bubbles/min. and up—most efficient use of both CO2 gas and CaCO3 media The most compact and versatile positioning Kalkreactor in its class—6.25" small foot print + 15.75" total height—external or in-sump Micro-adjustable miniature ball valve to maintain a consistent effluent drip rate Slightly larger (German size) airline tubing for more consistent water flow Strainer to protect Eheim pump from loose media particles
  6. SRO XP-5000 Int Cone protein skimmer with pump + extra pump but it needs a new impeller, asking $250. Skimmer works great but I have two larger skimmers and only need one. The 2nd one is a SRO 5000SSS (space saver) with a spare pump if you were interested in that rather than this one. Both work great so i'd be willing to sell either one. Below is the information from the Coralvue website for the XP-5000 Int Cone. - 500 Gallon – Light Filtration Demand | 450 Gallon – Medium Filtration Demand | 350 Gallon – Heavy Filtration Demand Technical SpecsBody Size: 12″ Footprint: 16.5″ x 14″Neck Size: 6″ Total Height: 25″Output Size: 50mm - Comes with Metric to British Adapter to 1.5”pvc Output Height: 5.1″Note: Recommended Sump Water Depth: 6.5"-7"Pump InformationBubble Blaster 5000 Pinwheel PumpWattage: 45wAir Draw: 2,100 lph / 74 SCFH* Water Draw: 1,800 lph / 480 GPH**Air and water results will vary depending on aquarium setup
  7. I also have an AquaUV 40 watt unit and like it. it's on my 80g QT setup that i run before i treat the fish with cupramine and prazi. per my research it seemed like it was best to go with an over sized UV so it is effective, especially if you have a high flow rate through it. another option is to have a small dedicated pump or a tee off your return line so you can control how much water is going through the uv.
  8. if i had the time i would incorporate this into a backyard pond and make it viewable from the front and top. build it into a retaining wall and place stone to the front edges and over the top to hide the edges of the tank. is the clear panel glass or acrylic? if it's glass is it tempered? sorry to high jack the thread but this might be helpful information to give someone an idea for a use for it.
  9. i tried a 20" reefbar pro for supplemental lighting over a 54 gallon corner tank but it didn't work out for space reasons. they seemed to be nice lights and have good build quality for the price. I thought their customer service was great. if you have questions don't hesitate to ask them before you buy.
  10. i like the fish list. i had an Eibli Angel once but it was good for a little while and then it started nipping LPS corals. it had to be removed but it was easy to catch by putting a acan in the fish trap. what is your experience with the fish so far? if you are having good luck with one i might have to try another one. I had a Coral Beauty for years and I never saw it nip a coral.
  11. i like it but unless you plan on keeping the back panel clean i'm not sure it's going to be useful for very long. i think keeping the back panel clean is going to be the biggest challenge.
  12. i haven't seen this before but i'm not surprised since i've seen a blenny perch themselves on quit a few different corals.
  13. yeah i'm still in OC. the mogul bulb sockets and mounts were taken off these reflectors and i'm using them on a different set of reflectors. you'll need something similar to what is shown below.
  14. updated list and prices. 72" PFO light housing with glass shield. Housed flourescent VHO bulbs but has been gutted. Free (2) Metal halide reflectors - Lumen Max Elite Mogul by Sunlight Supply. Free Screen cover for 40 breeder aquarium. Asking $10. 24" (2) 65 watt power compact bulb light with fan and new bulbs. Asking $10. Mighty Magnet acrylic buffing kit with micomesh pads. New never used. Asking $40. Novus acrylic buffing kit. Wool application and buffing pads, backplate assembly with drill adapter. Asking $20.
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