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  1. Tanks for sale

    any picture?
  2. Cheep corals!

    whats left?
  3. Selling It all!

    how much you want for the tangs if you were to seperate
  4. Finally Pics of my corals

    The lighting consist of 1 10k 175watt Metal Hallide, 1 95watt Power compact 50/50. The aquarium has been through its phases from freshwater to the SWFO to the current setup. From Saltwater, this has been up since july of 08. For the camera, its a 12mp canon XSi with 100mm lenses. Im trying to experiment with manual settings
  5. Finally Pics of my corals

    I finally got a hold a digital SLR so I'd figure i would give it a shot. Remember I'm a newbie at shooting as well as reefkeeping so im still learning from experience.
  6. POM POM Xenia!!

    im in clackamas. Got any left. Pictures if avaliable
  7. More Awsome Frags for Sale!!!

    I'd be interested but dang corvallis is way too far. Why are all great forsale prices happen to be in corvallis/eugene area :(

    whats it rated? Im in clackamas. Interested
  9. Fish for sale

    Still avaliable?
  10. Clearance Sale

    you gonna be in portland any time soon? How about meet me half way. Im willing to drive to salem for what you got left.
  11. any change to coming to portland? does this come with the ballast or just the bulbs?
  12. Clark's clownfish for trade??

    better yet trade the girlfriend
  13. New to forum

    Yeah my kids wanted to flush him down the toilet. I ended up turning our 2 gallon beta fish into a SWFOLR tank. He seems to be happy there on his own. Its funny, everytime you pass by his tank his claws are up ready for battle.
  14. Fish Death

    My guess is its the coral banded shrimp. Check out the fins from all the dying fish. If they are frayed and cut, i would definately suspect it. Try catching him at night. He does all his bad habits de-finning at night. Thats how i lost a few of my livestock.
  15. New to forum

    Probably the reason why I join the forum. I always thought Kayes were the only fish store in town. Hope to meet some of you people in person and hope to absorb your reef keeping expertise. He was suppose to be my last livestock but he didnt turn out too well for me. Very agressive shrinp. He didnt actually eat the fish. For all the fish he killed, he manage to de-fin most of them. Once that happened, they ended up dying from starvation.