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  1. Hey folks, bought a 150g aquarium with plans to setup a sweet tank, but then we moved and I don't have a suitable place for a tank of this size. The tank itself is painted black (in the back) and I repainted the faux wood trim black as well. It has also been drilled with a glass-holes 3000 Overflow kit installed, along with two 3/4" returns ($200 bucks worth). It has been tested with fresh water, but I never actually got any saltwater in the tank before we moved, so the overflow/return equipment is clean and new. The tank itself was used (before me) and has light scratches. The stand was repainted black (by me) and I installed a new door on the side for easier sump access. The acrylic sump has a couple chambers and I believe is 30-40g. Great tank and stand for someone looking for something big and ready to go. I'm looking to get $500 for it, but willing to trade (or discount) for a small frag setup, rimless tank, or similar nano setup. NOTE: I can't figure out how to load images...it tells me I've "exceeded your allotted disk space". I'll post this on CL too, and add a link here with images.
  2. Bump. We are moving soon and I'd like this tank gone. I was asking $500, but I'll take $200. That's the cost of the glass-holes setup. I can send picks if need. If no one takes it in the next 2 weeks it goes into storage.
  3. aqua-ed

    WTB a 75+ gallon tank

    Good to be back around
  4. aqua-ed

    WTB a 75+ gallon tank

    http://salem.craigslist.org/hsh/5901208512.html (this is mine, if interested) Already drilled with overflows and return. Sump and lights included.
  5. aqua-ed

    WTB large aquarium

    http://salem.craigslist.org/hsh/5901208512.html (this is mine)
  6. We are moving out of country and storage costs aren't worth it. I have a lot of equipment for sale. Below is an add I posted on CL. If you want to come take a look, shoot me a message or a text (contact info on CL). I'm going to try and go through it all and come up with a list, but I have a lot to do for the move and there is a lot of stuff... http://salem.craigslist.org/hsh/5901208512.html
  7. aqua-ed

    Set up and Equipment for sale

    Bump. Still have some items, including the tank, for sale. For a link to what I still have and prices, go to the CL link below. http://salem.craigslist.org/hsh/5933518856.html I also added pictures of the tank http://salem.craigslist.org/hsh/5901208512.html
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    Set up and Equipment for sale

    Yep, the wine bottle was for scale I think its about 24" tall
  9. aqua-ed

    Set up and Equipment for sale

    I have the one for my 150g
  10. aqua-ed

    Set up and Equipment for sale

    Well, good news and bad news. Good news is, I found the power cord, but the bad news is I plugged it in and the pump doesn't move. Sorry.
  11. aqua-ed

    Set up and Equipment for sale

    Sorry for the delay, I put photos of the ATO in the album (see link above)
  12. aqua-ed

    Set up and Equipment for sale

    Yes, I do. $10. I can send you a picture tonight if you want.
  13. aqua-ed

    Set up and Equipment for sale

    Here is a little more info on what I have... The 150g in the ad is the stand, overflow, and sump. I also have a 4x65W CF with moonlight light set I'll include with it. Along with that I have two Kessil A350W lights with goose necks. $400 for the pair (they cost $400 each normally) 200 lbs of dry sand and 75 lbs of dry rock (still in package) from Marco Rocks. $200 (I'm willing to piece it out) I have a ton of stuff. If you are looking for something, ask. I'll attach pictures of some of the cooler things I have pulled out of storage so far. Most equipment is brand new or barely used (the stuff with a box is new). Make me offers. I need it all gone. Here is the link to pictures: https://goo.gl/photos/pWcMLwtqVzK3wiZL8
  14. aqua-ed

    180g Tank OR Full Reef Wanted

  15. looks like it got shortened...here is the full one http://salem.craigslist.org/hsh/5084545866.html
  16. Here's a link to CL and some crappy pics. As mentioned in the ad, if anyone is really interested, I'll pull it into better lighting and get some quality shots. http://salem.craigslist.org/hsh/5084545866.html
  17. I ordered dry rock and sand from Marco Rocks. 75lb (dry weight) rock and 200lbs sand, $225!
  18. aqua-ed

    Sump for sale! Great for a larger setup

    If you get a chance, can you post some more pics of the sump? I need a large sump, and I'm eyeing this one and one other. Yours is bigger (which is better) but it's also a farther drive... Thanks!
  19. Hey folks, I got out the hobby about 5 years ago due to a lack of time and funds, but I was given a 150g tank and stand, so I'm pretty sure that is a sign I'm supposed to get back in When I got out, I sold my tanks and livestock, and just shoved all the hardware in several cabinets. My tanks before this were 20g, 35g, and 75g, so everything I have is way underrated, so I'd like to just clear it out. I'll list the stuff I have with prices, but keep in mind my goal is mostly just to clear some space and trade for some equipment I can use, so feel free to make offers (I'd prefer trades over cash). If you have something more valuable than what I have, I'm willing to through in some cash with the trade to get what I need. Here is what I want: -Vortech powerhead(s) -Protein skimmer (for 150g) -Kessel LEDs -Acrylic Sump <---my stand is 4'x2' -Dry rock -Promises of frags once this sucka is up Here is what I have: [ATTACH=CONFIG]13808[/ATTACH] This is the junk that was in the 150 when I got it. Hang-on filters, a 4' light, and a bunch of pumps. I can't vouch as to whether anything is working, so I don't want any cash for it. Maybe just a scoop of substrate or gravel for seeding? If no one claims, I'll trash it all. [ATTACH=CONFIG]13809[/ATTACH] 130W CF light fixture with LED moonlights. I loved this light setup for my smaller tank. It clamps on to the side of any 24" tank. Great for softie tanks- $50 [ATTACH=CONFIG]13810[/ATTACH] (sorry this is an attic pic) Same setup as above, only 260W and 4'. Great lights! - $100 [ATTACH=CONFIG]13811[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]13812[/ATTACH] 12g complete Eclipse aquarium. Filter, lights, pump. Great for a desk. $100
  20. Awesome. I should have bumped sooner; we were just in Corvallis yesterday. I need to make a run to the brew store anyway, so I'll box up some stuff and come over next weekend or maybe run over after work this week. Any days/times that don't work? Maybe pm me your cell #
  21. I actually make it over to Corvallis often (me and the wife like eating there). Are you still interested in the pump?
  22. aqua-ed

    WTB acrylic sump

    I'm looking for a sump for my 150g. Stand is 47x25. I want acrylic so it can be customized (if need be). I'm also on the lookout for a skimmer to go with it, so if you have both... There is a couple in the classifieds, but I'm hoping to find something in the Salem/Corvallis area before I make a drive.
  23. Bump. Anyone need some cheap equipment? Garbage day is Tuesday, that's where the misc pumps and hang-on filters will go if no one claims them.