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  1. http://cloud.tapatalk.com/s/57ec2e17d86aa/IMG-20160928-WA0019.jpeg?

    Is this the right one?


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    Yep those are them, disregard the not for aquarium use... I have no clue why they have that on there. I rinse mine before and after every use. I've been using them for 10+ years on my tank with no ill effects.


    Best way to use them is by hand in the tank, You'll be amazed how quickly and easily you can cut through anything with them by hand. The outer layer is what does all of the scrubbing, inside they're just a piece of sponge.

  2. You definitely can't beat the Dobie pads, they're a necessity if you're going to own a acrylic tank and no scratches as long as you keep them out of the sand.


    Some people will tell you to use magic erasers, however they do put very fine scratches in the tank and over time will create a haze on the panels.

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  3. So here's the bulbs I'm going to get rid of... Andrew has first pick then I'll update the list.


    ATI Blue+ 4


    ATI Purple+ 2


    ATI Aquablue Special 1


    ATI Actinic 3


    UVL Actinic White 1


    Fauna Marin Ultra Royal Blue 3


    ATI Coal+ 3

  4. So I've amassed a whole lot of bulbs playing with different colors and I think it's time to thin things out a little... All bulbs are used 6 months or less. I know a few have only seen a week or two of burn in. All of these have at least a year of life left in them or more.


    I'll compile a list tomorrow of exactly how many of each bulb I've got, there's a few Fauna Marin Ultra Royal Blues (I imported these directly from Germany) ATI Blue+, ATI Coral+, ATI Actinic, ATI Aquablue Special & ATI Purple+.


    Single bulbs for $10


    Buy 4 for $9 each


    5+ bulbs for $8 each



  5. Just putting on Baffels i'm pretty sure I'm not over my head just making sure that I got the right stuff. We all got to start somewhere right



    Definitely! Not trying to sound like a prick, some people just come on here with the intention of building a 500 gallon tank without any experience. Acrylic fab isn't hard but it does take some practice to get it right. Baffles are easy, building a tank is a whole different ball game!


    I'd grab a few pieces of scrap out of the scrap pile at Tap and practice welding a few joints before you give it a go, it'll make your life a lot easier and you'll know what to expect.


    Remember, you're welding the acrylic (melting the two pieces together using the solvent) It's not like glue where the glue is actually the joint between the two pieces. 100% silicone is fine if you're just adding baffles and isn't permanent. Once you've welded a joint its there for good and a one shot deal.

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  6. Tap plastics in Tualatin will have weldon, you'll need a few other things as well. What is it you're trying to build?


    No offense but you might be over your head depending on what you're trying to do.

  7. I just had my whole Apex go out on my tank, display and base unit were toast... If you've messed with it I highly doubt they'll help you and what I gathered all they will do is replace parts, it's a weird deal down there for sure.


    If you want to sell your old display let me know, I might be interested in tinkering with it for parts of my own.


    Might want to try to give them a call though and see what they say... That is if you can actually get a person on the phone!