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  1. 4 MP40s for sale

    #1 is a MP40wes that has the Quiet drive driver upgrade SOLD

    #2 is a gen2 mp40w $125

    #3 is also a gen2 mp40w $125

    #4 is a gen2 mp40w $125

  2. There's a ton of confusion and a lot of misinformation on the Hawaii "ban"

    What they have done is pulled permits for small mesh nets, which means the collection of things like Wrasses and such will be difficult to catch. Net's with openings 2" or bigger are still allowed. There are people still collecting in Hawaii and shipping fish, the divers have tried to improvise and have found some new techniques. So as of now Hawaii collection isn't shut down. Now what the future holds is yet to be seen...

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  3. I thought you'd like the name lol... Sfilogoi made amazing fixtures and built in Italy! Sadly they don't make their halide fixture anymore and finding a used one is nearly impossible since very few ever made it to the states in the first place. It was the only other fixture on my list.

    I just got to the point of chasing the look of Radium's why not just got back to them and be done. They grow everything and everything looks as it should with great color. It's really a no brainer and the power consumption really isn't that much more than what I'm already using. We'll see what next summer brings as far as tank temps are concerned.

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