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  1. I've got pieces that are just growing out on my frag rack, nothing crazy but I'm you could fetch a couple dollars for them. Someone would need to arrange picking them up from me or at Upscales on Saturday after 12:00 since I'll be holding down the shop for Travis while he's in Europe.
  2. Arsonmfg

    Upgrade Time!

    It's actually the second volume of a well known book! So it's pretty exciting to say the least. I'll let everyone know more info about the book as I get some more info and an ok from the author, don't want to let the cat out of the bag quite yet =)
  3. Arsonmfg

    Upgrade Time!

    Well today the tank showed up so I guess I'll put together some sort of a build thread... Some of you have seen my 30x30x18 cube, if not... well I have a SPS problem and now it's just gotten bigger. The new tank was built by OBD in Seattle. It measures 48x30x19.
  4. Arsonmfg

    Upgrade Time!

    If you're interested in buying a pack of corals feel free to shoot me a PM and we can talk a little more about what you're interested in and some prices.
  5. Arsonmfg

    Upgrade Time!

  6. Arsonmfg

    Upgrade Time!

    Thank you, I actually just trimmed a few pieces I was going to list for auction on one of the sps Facebook groups this week.
  7. Arsonmfg

    Upgrade Time!

    So here's an update... I recently removed a few colonies that I wasn't in love with anymore to make some room for a few new things. My biggest problem right now is not having any more room to add corals. Eventually we'll get our new house situation figured out so I can double the size of the current footprint with a new tank and have more room and a much larger prop system connected again. In some more exciting news I was recently asked to have my tank featured in the second volume of a very popular reef book, I'll update everyone with more information as things progress. It's definitely an honor! Other than that things are on autopilot chugging along.
  8. Arsonmfg

    Upgrade Time!

    You still have my number? You should of called if so, I was home fragging corals and working the tank.
  9. Arsonmfg

    Onyx Percs

    What you have there is a pair of Photon clowns, they're a hybrid clown bred from a white Ocellaris and an Onyx Percula. These were originally developed by Sanjay. I kept a pair of these guys for years and they're beautiful clowns and at great price. As Chewie said, the eyes and the mouth are a dead giveaway of their Ocellaris genes.
  10. Arsonmfg

    Urgent request for help with fish

    So there is absolutely no science behind this that I'm familiar with but Travis and I were just recently talking about this. He's always had some dictyota in his display at the shop and used a few Naso's to clean it out... Strangely all of these fish have died, one working theory is that there's something in the dictyota that's actually killing these fish or making them sick... It just seems to be an odd coincidence. Wish I had more to offer... Sounds like things are already at a point of no return.
  11. Arsonmfg

    Looking for 30" light fixture

    Nobody really makes a 30" fixture so your best be is going to be a 24" fixture or two smaller led fixtures.
  12. Arsonmfg

    Question for SPS keepers (identify problem)

    While I don't have any first hand experience with the ME amino's 10ml every other day seems like A LOT, there's a good possibility you're overdosing? One big problem is you really have no idea how much and exactly what elements you're adding to your tank. You could also have a phosphate issue... I honestly only trust two tests for p04, one is the Hach PO-19 that Randy Holmes Farley uses and the full size lab grade Hanna unit Travis keeps at the shop. The checkers are worthless as fas as I'm concerned since their readings have always proven to be all over the place and totally inaccurate in my experience. I've found the red sea kits to be inaccurate but they are however very consistent, so if you're able to get a correct reading from a Hanna then you can then make the corrections using something like the Red Sea kit.
  13. Arsonmfg

    wtb skimmer

    15" x 8.5" Footprint
  14. Arsonmfg

    wtb skimmer

    I've got one of these guys that's been around as my backup skimmer but I really have no use for it... I can't remember the model off of the top of my head but it's plenty big for what you want 8" body etc... This is the same skimmer Travis runs on the display tank at Upscales. $175.00
  15. Arsonmfg

    Auto Refresh

    It's horribly obnoxious!
  16. Arsonmfg

    A Few Items Make Offer

    Per forum rules you need to have a price for your items or they'll be deleted.
  17. Arsonmfg

    Shout out to Steve Manning (Smann)

    Steve is truly a class act! You also picked up the score of a lifetime on that tank!
  18. Arsonmfg

    3d printed needle wheel

  19. Arsonmfg

    3d printed needle wheel

    Who was it that was making the 3d printed needle wheels for the DC pumps?
  20. Arsonmfg

    first 400 takes it

    We could always make one big party with a bunch of stuff that goes bang and even a few things that go boom and have a good time with it...
  21. Arsonmfg

    Opinions on T5 Lighting for a Small Tank

    Not really unless you just love that sunrise sunset effect.
  22. Arsonmfg

    Opinions on T5 Lighting for a Small Tank

    I've owned the dimmable as well as the non-dimmable Sunpower and the only benefit is the visual of the sun up and sun down other than that you'll want to drive the bulbs at 100% the rest of the time. I'd say look for a used one but you better be quick cause they definitely don't last long online... A lot of people seem to want to go back to T5 these days.
  23. Arsonmfg

    Opinions on T5 Lighting for a Small Tank

    A quality (ATI Sunpower or similar) 6 bulb fixture will do you fine with those dimensions. 8 bulbs definitely isn't overkill either though. I highly recommend staying away from the lesser expensive T5 fixtures that use inexpensive ballasts, cheap reflectors etc... These things make a HUGE difference when you're talking T5 only fixtures.
  24. Arsonmfg

    235gal rimless build

    Looking good! Who built the tank?