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  1. 48" 54w T5 Bulbs

    I'll put you down for the first 5... Probably won't make the meeting but I'll see what I can do =)
  2. My 1st attempt at raising clownfish fry....

    Looking GREAT! Random deaths are pretty normal.
  3. Acrylic Glue

    Definitely! Not trying to sound like a prick, some people just come on here with the intention of building a 500 gallon tank without any experience. Acrylic fab isn't hard but it does take some practice to get it right. Baffles are easy, building a tank is a whole different ball game! I'd grab a few pieces of scrap out of the scrap pile at Tap and practice welding a few joints before you give it a go, it'll make your life a lot easier and you'll know what to expect. Remember, you're welding the acrylic (melting the two pieces together using the solvent) It's not like glue where the glue is actually the joint between the two pieces. 100% silicone is fine if you're just adding baffles and isn't permanent. Once you've welded a joint its there for good and a one shot deal.
  4. Acrylic Glue

    Tap plastics in Tualatin will have weldon, you'll need a few other things as well. What is it you're trying to build? No offense but you might be over your head depending on what you're trying to do.
  5. FISH 4 SALE (tank breakdowns)

    Is the swallow tail male or female?
  6. FISH 4 SALE (tank breakdowns)

    I want the blonde naso and possibly the powder blue depending on their size.
  7. Looking for MP10 power supply

    Or eBay, just look up the specs and search for the same thing. You can usually find them for about $15 ish... No reason to pay more for an Ecotech sticker on something like that.
  8. HELP: Apex Display

    I just had my whole Apex go out on my tank, display and base unit were toast... If you've messed with it I highly doubt they'll help you and what I gathered all they will do is replace parts, it's a weird deal down there for sure. If you want to sell your old display let me know, I might be interested in tinkering with it for parts of my own. Might want to try to give them a call though and see what they say... That is if you can actually get a person on the phone!
  9. SOS EMERGENCY!!! Need help

    The seam on your new tank??? Glad you've got it under control, let me know if you need anything else there's a good possibility I might have it.
  10. Blue spot Vlamingi tang

    Love mine, he's a gentle giant.
  11. Anyone convert a paintball co2 canister over?

    Gotcha, I could see it working on a very small nano tank.
  12. Anyone convert a paintball co2 canister over?

    I wouldn't do anything less than 5#, you'll tear through a paintball bottle in no time.
  13. Blue tipped Formosa roughly 8" x 8" $120 BYOB (bring your own bucket)
  14. Blue Tipped Slimer Colony

    Sounds good, have a great trip!
  15. Blue Tipped Slimer Colony

    Also have a few* lol
  16. Blue Tipped Slimer Colony

    It is! I have. Afew smaller pieces and your more than welcome to one!
  17. Blue Tipped Slimer Colony

    I'll consider reasonable offers as well... If nobody want's it I'll just let it keep growing.
  18. My 1st attempt at raising clownfish fry....

    Those are some stock pictures, I need to try to find my pictures from my babies. Hopefully my new percs will start laying at some point, if so I'll toss in a tile and see if we can't get you some eggs.
  19. My 1st attempt at raising clownfish fry....

    In case anybody is wondering what the hell I'm talking about baby clowns will huddle in large groups, especially when threatened to make themselves appear as one larger fish.
  20. My 1st attempt at raising clownfish fry....

    Definitely developing faster than my true percs did that's for sure. Can't wait to see the little balls of clowns. I think that was one of my favorite parts.
  21. My 1st attempt at raising clownfish fry....

    Looking good, things are moving along quickly!
  22. First Annual Oregon Reef Expo Pictures!

    Sounds like you guys had a great time, I'm glad to have helped with the corals, TFT is a great program.
  23. Rotifers

    Found them! I've downsized A LOT in the last year and gotten rid of a ton of equipment, I'd rather give the stuff to someone who can actually use it than just throw it away. I'll be home in the evening tomorrow if you want to swing by, I'll pm you my number and we can figure it out.
  24. Rotifers

    I'll look around tonight, I know they're stored in a tote somewhere... I'm hoping to spend Sunday on the river. Not sure if you're going to check out the frag swap but I'll be watching the shop for Travis while he's in Europe, I could always bring them there if I find them tonight. Pretty sure I know which one they're in. Granted I have like 4 totes full of tank stuff lol.
  25. Rotifers

    I thought you had bred some clowns way back when? I have a civ and a brine shrimp hatcher if you haven't gotten them yet I'll gladly give them to you.