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  1. Mh Bulbs

    Was this the tank that was for a previous customer that couldn't take that James has almost finished or was this one that you ordered? I talked to him about a specific cube today, but it sounded like it was pretty much spoken for. I'm just curious cause if his friend didn't want it I wanted to take it home. If that's now your tank it's siiick!
  2. Selling the 120 =(

    Sale pending...
  3. Selling the 120 =(

    SOLD! Now I have the joy of tearing it all down tomorrow... Not looking forward to it to say the least!
  4. Mh Bulbs

    Totally off subject but where did you get your cube from? I've been in the market for a 60 gallon cube.
  5. Selling the 120 =(

    Sale pending.
  6. Carbon

    I run the HydroCarbon from Two Little Fishies in my sump, it helps clear up the water a little. http://www.marinedepot.com/ps_ViewItem~idproduct~TL1171~tab~1.html Be careful on your choice of what brand of carbon to run though, some brands have phosphates in them as well from what I've heard and read.
  7. Tank and livestock

    Such an awesome tank, someone better scoop this up! Wish I had the cash, I'd downsize from my 120 for this tank. Scott, thanks again for the livestock its doing great!
  8. Two Koralia #4

    sounds good to me! I'm in the milwaukie area too.
  9. Two Koralia #4

    I'd be interested in buying one of them... I don't need both though. Let me know.
  10. Saltwater fish for sale

    I'll take the blue tang if jay doesn't!
  11. Cole Tang

    So I'm "thinking" about selling or trading my cole tang, he keeps my rock and tank spotless but he's developing an attitude problem with my smaller tangs and I'm about over it, he obviously needs to be in a tank with some larger tangs to keep him in check. He's a hog to say the least, about 4 inches now and insanely active... I'd rather trade him to someone for another tang or something else of decent size thats not going to pick at any of my corals / clam etc. I'm really hesitant to get rid of him because he's such a good cleaner but I'm not sure how much longer the little guys are going to put up with him being so aggressive.
  12. Cole Tang

    Ya, he gets lots of nori a few times a week... Funny thing is that I housed him and my little blue in the nano for almost two months and they got along great while the 120 was cycling. Now the little blue is in quarntine from getting so picked on by the cole so much now... So I think he's going to have to go, or get a large powder blue or something to kick his butt for a little while and set him in his place.
  13. My 120...

    So the tank has been up and running for a week or so now and things are running smooth as butter, with the exception of my skimmer being retarded and not making bubbles, I think I'll just replace it and my Kole Tang trying to beat everybody up "mostly the pigmy angel". We ended up having to move the nano that was housing some my fish so instead of taking them from tank to tank and causing more stress than needed I decided to go ahead and put them into the 120 a little earlier than expected. I don't see the tank going through much of a cycle since the live rock, most all of the substrate part of the water are from other well established tanks in the house. I've been testing water everyday just to make sure noting decides to randomly spike on me. Anyways enough yip yap... here's a few pictures I snapped off. The picture quality kind of sucks, I consider myself a pretty accomplished photographer but shooting fish in tanks is harder than I thought, I should probably spend a little more than 5 min taking pictures.
  14. My 120...

    Pulled the skimmer out today set it back up in the sink and it seemed to be working fine. So I set it back up in the sump and it's skimming away. The returns from the skimmer seems to have a lot of micro bubbles returning to the sump but I'm not really seeing any in the tank its self. So I guess thats nice. Soon enough I'll need to upgrade the skimmer cause I've read what seems to be nothing but bad things about the Berlin's but a so so skimmer is better than no skimmer at all right now. Thank you again to David for the awesome deal on the tank and thank you to Doran from the fish tank people for the RO, without the two of you I'd still be wishing I had a tank of my own up and running. Now I do =)
  15. My 120...

    It's 12 inches deep on the dot.
  16. My 120...

    Weird, I know the images and the tags are correct... You can right click on where the pic should be and open it in a new window... at least I can on both of my Mac's. Maybe a mod can help out here, cause the hosting is fine from Imageshack. I'm clueless as to why they aren't working in the thread. Ron its really weird, its a berlin and the pump with the fitting blows plenty of bubbles into my sump when it's disconnected from the skimmer, but once I hook it up to the skimmer it just pumps water through the skimmer and the suction on the air hose stops... Again, I'm clueless. I tested it out in the kitchen sink and its pulling air and blowing bubbles when I had it in there, but nothing in the tank...
  17. Rent me your RO!

    So I feel like a total lame *** even asking this but maybe someone will come through. Being Christmas time I've found myself broke as a joke between buying x-mas presents and getting this tank ready. So... Would anyone be willing to rent me your RO for a few days to get my tank up and running? It's pretty pathetic I can't afford the 150 + gallons of water "buying it from the LFS" I need to get my tank cycling. So, if anyone has a good sized RO they would be willing to rent me or even let me borrow for a few days you would be a life saver! Thanks for taking the time to even read this. Chris
  18. Rent me your RO!

    Jay, Thank you for the offer. Everyone around here is so nice, I'm really so happy I stumbled across PNWMAS! Doran from The Fish Tank People actually offered to let me borrow his 100 gpd Ro so it's looking like I'll set the tank up on Wednesday or Thursday and start filling! The hardwood floors are almost finished in the house! I'm so excited to get this tank up and running! I've had live rock sitting for weeks in tubs with pumps, a mixture of sugar sand and 20# live sand. I'm thinking I'll run one of the dirty filter bags from our in wall tank and take a little substrate from the nano and the in wall to help speed up the process of the tank. Hopefully things will move along well and I'll be able to start adding my fish soon enough. Thank you again to Doran,
  19. Sohal Tang...

    Has anyone had any experience with these fish? I have grown quite the infatuation with tangs. Right now I have a small blue (about 2 inches) and a Med Yellow eye (about 3.5 inches) My girlfriend asked me what I wanted for christmas and I said another Tang... I'm really having a toss up between getting a Sohal or an Achilles Tang. I've read a lot about both of these fish with a lot of conflicting information it seems. Anyone thats had experience with either of these fish would be greatly appreciated.
  20. Sohal Tang...

    Kilmca, Yes the tank is 4x2x2. Once I buy my house I'll be building an in wall 210 or possibly bigger, so all the kids from the 120 will be moved to that tank. Thats why I've tried to keep to the smaller tangs so they can grow and then get moved to a larger tank when they will need more room. I think once things are up and running solid I'll try to pick up a small Shoal and see how they all get along. Hopefully I'll have things running soon enough. Sadly I'm broke as can be right now cause of the holidays so I'm going to have to wait a little longer to get my tank up and running unless I can find someone to rent me their ro for a few days. Cause I cant afford $70 worth of water right now... [language filter] that sounds lame!
  21. Sohal Tang...

    Reefboy, I appreciate the response. It's nice to have some input from someone who's had some substantial experience with both of these fish. I'd really love to have the Sohal just because they are such a beautiful fish. I too have a passion for tangs, I thought about getting a Tomini just because of their excellent cleaning habits, my yellow eye is a cleaning machine! I have two giant pieces of live rock that are covered in green hair that he's going to get to go nuts on once the new tank is ready for him, he's going to be stoked! It makes me sad when people get Tangs and put them in these little tanks, I was talking to one of the local lfs the other day and he got two beautiful Naso's that are both really big, like 7+ inches! IMO 98% of the community doesn't have to tank space for a fish that large. The saddest part is that the larger of the two has refused to eat anything at all for the past two weeks. Ultimately the fish will probably die and thats pretty sad something so beautiful has to be taken from the wild and then die. I love having corals but all in all fish are my passion because of their interaction. Thanks again for all the input, maybe once I have the tank stocked the way I want it I'll think more about adding a Sohal for the finishing touch.
  22. Sohal Tang...

    Michael7979 I've pretty much given up on the Sohal due to them being so aggressive, I might try an achilles down the road. I want to make sure the 120 is up and running really solid before I try either fish, I've heard a lot of mixed results on acclimating the Achilles as well. For now its looking like I'll just pick up a Clown Tang since they are really available and seem to have a better temperament.
  23. Sohal Tang...

    Both are beautiful, and somewhat difficult to get, I really like the Sohal but I'm really worried about getting one with an attitude problem cause I've read they can be quite aggressive and I don't feel like loosing my blue or my Kole.
  24. Eugene's 300 Gallon Cemetary

    Glad to hear that your tank is starting to become stable. Once it's all cleaned up its going to be a beautiful tank... I've learned this hobby will cost you a ton of money and a lot of time. But the enjoyment of having a chunk of paradise in your home is pretty hard to put a price on.
  25. Eugene's 300 Gallon Cemetary

    Good to hear! You should snap off some pictures!