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  1. I don't have a calculator handy and my brain is fried but my best advice is to split up your doses and add very slowly! Potassium isn't detrimental at 380 but a quick rise will be a sure fire way to fry the tips off your sps!
  2. Arsonmfg

    Crystal Reef Aquariums/Oceans By Design tank/sump

    Nicely done lol... I'd say it really depends on the tank dimensions and how you plan on viewing the tank, I went with just the front panel only tank because even at 30" front to back I rarely even look at my tank from the sides. Who will you be having build your tank? What are the dimensions you're planning?
  3. Arsonmfg

    Crystal Reef Aquariums/Oceans By Design tank/sump

    Trust me the Starphire is worth it! Definitely want to keep the wife happy, especially when she figures out how much you'll actually be investing into the tank!
  4. Arsonmfg

    Crystal Reef Aquariums/Oceans By Design tank/sump

    If you're planning on a canopy I don't see any reason to buy custom if you can get something in a dimension that makes you happy. I would however recommend buying a tank that has Starphire or another type of low iron glass. That's money well spent!
  5. Arsonmfg

    Crystal Reef Aquariums/Oceans By Design tank/sump

    They built mine... While I love the look of my trimless tank it's a PITA to clean even with the water level lowered with the return off. You definitely have to be careful to not make a mess on the floor. I would advise against getting a trimless tank if you're planning on a canopy, it'll be messy when you clean and I don't think it would be as safe for the added weight. On a side note they've also had a couple tank failures in the last couple months... I'm not sure what's going on up there since Mike sold OBD and he's now building the tanks for Crystal Reef Aquatics. While mine has been great for two years now, I don't think I'd buy another tank from them.
  6. Arsonmfg

    ATI worth the money?

    I think you'd be very hard pressed to find anyone who has actually owned an ATI fixture say it wasn't worth the money.
  7. Arsonmfg

    Not reef but koi.. big big koi

    I'll pass this along to Travis, he has a large Koi pond at home.
  8. Sent you a PM about the tank...
  9. Arsonmfg

    FS Moving Sale All Corals and Fish must go

    Just noticed your post updated to pending... put me second in line I guess.
  10. Arsonmfg

    FS Moving Sale All Corals and Fish must go

    I'll take the leopard wrasse as well as a few corals depending on what all catches my eye.
  11. Arsonmfg

    Neptune Apex Classic

    Decided I wanted to try something new. Comes with an almost New PH probe with 2 months of use, main base unit was just replaced with a brand new one 4 months ago. Also included is an EB8, Temp probe and display unit. This Display unit has a mind of it's own and likes to turn off periodically so I quit using it a while ago and mounted a tablet into my stand which actually works a lot better with Fusion than the display ever did for programming and control. $375 I'll be pulling this off of my tank in two weeks but can be pulled sooner if someone wants it asap.
  12. Arsonmfg

    Sump: to clean or not to clean?

    I clean mine every other month, I absolutely can't stand having a dirty sump.
  13. Arsonmfg

    With a heavy heart

    [language filter], what the hell? James was a great guy...
  14. Arsonmfg

    Weird experience

    My guess would be sperm that was about to be released...
  15. Arsonmfg


    You'll be fine that's still moving plenty of water for that small of a tank.
  16. Arsonmfg


    Upscales should have a few, I knows there's a couple Rio's there that would work. A lot of people knock the Rio pumps but as long as you don't run them dry they last pretty much forever. I have a couple that are over 15 years old! I believe there's a few Sicce pumps there as well. But honestly the Rio is just as quiet.
  17. Arsonmfg

    MP40 Parts

    Shoot me a PM with what you've got... i could use a couple broken or working wet sides since I'm fairly stocked up on drivers and westside parts now.
  18. Arsonmfg

    MP40 Parts

    Anyone have any MP40 parts laying around they want ti get rid of? In need of a few spare parts for a couple pumps I have. Broken or blown up is alright as well.
  19. Arsonmfg

    Wtb: Ritteri Anemone

    Mine tried a couple times as well but never actually split. Good luck, your money is definitely better spent on one that's been in captivity for a while since they ship so poorly. I have a soft spot for H. Mags but just like carpets they really need a dedicated qt setup with antibiotics if you decide to bring in a new one to increase the odds of long term health and survival. Sadly I did... I hope it's doing well and they didn't kill it.
  20. Arsonmfg

    Wtb: Ritteri Anemone

    Ritteri splits are extremely rare in captivity and sadly most don't make it if they do split. My previous one was a captive split that came from Hatfield. I should of never gotten rid of it. Hopefully I'll get my hands on a new one of my Fiji trip.
  21. Arsonmfg

    Haddoni Carpet Anemones

    Dave is just down the road from you Kevin.
  22. No app necessary, since fusion is web based you can just use a browser... The Dolphin browser works good since it has a fullscreen option. My display crapped out a while ago so I put a Galaxy tablet into my stand where the Apex display used to be.
  23. Arsonmfg

    Thoughts on Maxspect Gyre

    I'd be interested in your broken mp40 for parts... Ps your inbox is full!
  24. What fish do you have left? Also I see a clam there... what's the size of it and what do you want for it?
  25. Arsonmfg

    Thinking about selling it all

    Good to hear... Think about how many times you've come and gone from this hobby, I honestly can't remember at this point lol. If you really need a break, tear it all down, clean it up and leave it in it's spot in your house... Give it a few weeks and see how you really feel. My guess is it won't take you long to get it wet again. Part of this hobby is the challenge... or sometimes the struggle. Happy Turkey day bud!