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  1. Wtb: Ritteri Anemone

    Ritteri splits are extremely rare in captivity and sadly most don't make it if they do split. My previous one was a captive split that came from Hatfield. I should of never gotten rid of it. Hopefully I'll get my hands on a new one of my Fiji trip.
  2. Haddoni Carpet Anemones

    Dave is just down the road from you Kevin.
  3. No app necessary, since fusion is web based you can just use a browser... The Dolphin browser works good since it has a fullscreen option. My display crapped out a while ago so I put a Galaxy tablet into my stand where the Apex display used to be.
  4. Thoughts on Maxspect Gyre

    I'd be interested in your broken mp40 for parts... Ps your inbox is full!
  5. What fish do you have left? Also I see a clam there... what's the size of it and what do you want for it?
  6. Thinking about selling it all

    Good to hear... Think about how many times you've come and gone from this hobby, I honestly can't remember at this point lol. If you really need a break, tear it all down, clean it up and leave it in it's spot in your house... Give it a few weeks and see how you really feel. My guess is it won't take you long to get it wet again. Part of this hobby is the challenge... or sometimes the struggle. Happy Turkey day bud!
  7. 40 breeder breakdown sale

    Dead center is a 6-8" rock covered in close to 100 sunny d's, 30ish fire and ice, and over 100 kiwis. (60$) I'd like to grab this piece... PM me your number and we can setup a time.
  8. I have some green with blue tips and all green...
  9. 3.5 inch maxima clam fs $50

    I'll take it! PM me your number again and let's make arrangements to pick it up!
  10. Bucket of Kent Salt

    I'm going to be trying a few different things on my tank and I won't be able to use this due to mixing some of my own trace elements and the high Alk and Mag the Kent has. Brand new bucket that I made 5 gallons of top of water out of it. $40
  11. Bucket of Kent Salt

    Also open to trades, hot zoas, acans etc... need some things to fill in some low light areas
  12. Quite possibly the most beautiful fish in my tank needs a new home... I've had him for quite a while now but refuses to get along with my Achilles. 3.5" FAT as a pig and will eat anything you feed him. He's residing in my sump as of this evening waiting for a new home. $75 no trades please. http://www.liveaquaria.com/product/prod_display.cfm?c=15+18+404&pcatid=404
  13. Navarchus AKA Majestic Angelfish

    SOLD please close.
  14. Juvi Gold Flake Angel Fish FS

    Lame, I had hope for you! Sadly everybody I know who's had one with sps, the angel eventually wins one way or another.
  15. Entry way cylinder tank

    Envisionacrylics.com Cylinders are quite expensive to build but James is your guy. I wouldn't even consider the cheaper options.
  16. A few coral Id's please and thanks!

    The Acro is a Formosa... I have NO clue on the zoas.
  17. Tank shutdown sale 210 gallon

    Cool, if you don't mind I'd like to pick the chunk of stag and we can figure out a price then... Also I'll take the tri color, Son and I are going to split it. I'm not sure if I still have your number so shoot me a pm and we can figure out a time to get together.
  18. Tank shutdown sale 210 gallon

    I'd like a xxxl size piece of the blue stag, I can't remember but did you only have the blue or was there another color you had as well? I'd be interested in a large piece of the trip color as well if you break it up, I don't have room for the whole piece though.
  19. WTS apex breakout box with floats

    I'll take it, I've always wanted to make and emergency shut off on my skimmer
  20. How long to let GE silicone cure

    Depending on how thick you laid it down really depends on total cure time. Ideally 7 days and you're safe.
  21. FS: Mad Mikes Tri-color acro colony $80

    You interested in a trade for some other pieces?
  22. 300 gallon cube 48x48x30

    As like most people I can't believe this thing hasn't sold yet... For anyone considering it, this is a hell of a deal. I couldn't buy the acrylic at my wholesale price to build this tank for what Franks asking for everything!
  23. Newbies build

    Awesome! Great dimensions as well... James work really is second to none.
  24. Good Algae Scrubber/Scrapper for Acrylic Tank

    I wouldn't recommend using scrapers unless they're made out of polyethylene which are not all that common and dull fairly quickly and will need to be cut on a router to be sharp again. I still prefer the Dobie pad since you can use it to get into corners unlike a scraper.