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  1. Arsonmfg

    WTB XL-XXL Live or Dry rock

    I thought you'd like the name lol... Sfilogoi made amazing fixtures and built in Italy! Sadly they don't make their halide fixture anymore and finding a used one is nearly impossible since very few ever made it to the states in the first place. It was the only other fixture on my list. I just got to the point of chasing the look of Radium's why not just got back to them and be done. They grow everything and everything looks as it should with great color. It's really a no brainer and the power consumption really isn't that much more than what I'm already using. We'll see what next summer brings as far as tank temps are concerned.
  2. Arsonmfg

    WTB XL-XXL Live or Dry rock

    The powermodule has always worked fantastic, grows corals anywhere and pulls great color rendition but I've always felt there was just a little something missing. I tried supplementing with leds and it still wasn't quite there. I've always chased the look I used to have with halides and T5. So back to Radiums with T5 supplementation. I bought a Giesemann Spectra, the only good looking fixture that houses single ended halides.
  3. Arsonmfg

    WTB XL-XXL Live or Dry rock

    Same tank, just never liked the second scape when I restarted the tank so I got rid of it. New lights coming too!
  4. Arsonmfg

    WTB XL-XXL Live or Dry rock

    Ideally I'd like to find a piece 30"+ for what I have in mind. These are the days I really wish Vance was still around. He had some of the best rock I've ever seen.
  5. Arsonmfg

    WTB XL-XXL Live or Dry rock

    That would be Steve, we talked a little while back when he was out of town, we keep missing each other. His phone goes straight to VM so I'm guessing he's out of the country, I know he travels a lot. Figured I'd throw up a post to see what else it out there...
  6. Arsonmfg

    200 gallon deep dimension

    1" Acrylic rimless with those dimensions would definitely be a ticking time bomb. You'd end up with a 4 sided bow front before it exploded.
  7. Arsonmfg

    200 gallon deep dimension

    The prices you've been quoted sound about spot on to me... The $3700 quote actually seems cheap. The dimensions are going to cost you some but it's that rimless part that makes the price jack up so much higher because of the necessary glass thickness and the lower euro bracing. You'll just have to bite the bullet if that's what you really want. Personally I don't know I'd want to own a rimless tank that size. Mine still gives me nightmares every now and then thinking about a few small strips of silicone holding that thing together from a total disaster.
  8. Arsonmfg

    2 ATI Powermodules

    I'm going to be selling my ATI Powermodules, these are the early version that are T5 only NOT the LED hybrid Powermodule but MUCH nicer and better built than the Sunpower! I have an 8x54w unit and a 6x54w I should have theme ready to go end of next week once my new fixture arrives. Both will come loaded with bulbs that are less than 2mo old. May be able to offer some extra bulbs as well since most of you know I keep about 20 extra bulbs around at all times lol. $450 for the 8x54w $300 for the 6x54w Prices are firm. PM me for more information.
  9. Arsonmfg

    Live rock

    Take it all $100! Lots of great pieces, almost everything is shelf rock that's been drilled and assembled with acrylic rods. Well over 100 pounds. All or nothing, just pulled from the tank needs to go asap!
  10. Arsonmfg

    Live rock

    Rock is sold!
  11. Arsonmfg

    Live rock

    It's not coming down, just changing things up and simplifying some
  12. Arsonmfg

    SPS Fire Sale

    Sorry to those of you who pmed me, things are going to get put on hold for a few days. Ill get back to all of you as soon as I know what's going on. Mods please close this for now.
  13. Arsonmfg

    SPS Fire Sale

    Clearing out all of the SPS is my tank, most pieces colonies are medium to large. Most everything I brought back with me form Fiji last February. Any piece you want $50ea
  14. Arsonmfg

    Large Reef Garage Sale - July 8th!

    Ken, who built the acrylic tanks?
  15. Arsonmfg

    Fish fish fish

    Still have the Sohal? If so what's the size like on it?
  16. Arsonmfg

    Free TEK 48 inch 6 bulb T5 light

    I'll take it, I actually have quite a few ten light parts in my stash still.
  17. Arsonmfg

    Brightwell Aquatics retailers?

    Upscales keeps a variety of Brightwell products on hand.
  18. Arsonmfg

    Parting out my 60

    I don't think I still have your number... shoot me a pm and I'll see you Sunday.
  19. Arsonmfg

    Remaining fish and corals for sale

    Mark, I might be interested in coming over and picking through your sps frags depending on what all you have left...
  20. Arsonmfg

    Parting out my 60

    I'll take the pair of Anthias, just let me know when!
  21. Arsonmfg


    I think I have a couple spares around here although none of them are the cheapy eBay ones... Shoot me a PM if you're still looking.
  22. Arsonmfg

    Oceans By Design @ Andover Park E = GONE?

    OBD was sold to Crystal Reef Aquatics, they have a store up north but I haven't been there. Mike from OBD is still building custom tanks under the CRA name now.
  23. Arsonmfg

    Looking for a ATO

    I have a virtually new Tunze Nano I'd let go for $70 Save you a few dollars off of new.
  24. Arsonmfg

    Need co2

    If you're in desperate need I have half a 5# bottle you can grab.
  25. Long term or prolonged spikes in potassium can cause burnt tips very similar to high alk burns.