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  1. Depends on what you're looking to grow... I wouldn't try keeping light demanding sps corals down in the lower front or back corners but other than that it should do well...
  2. You should be able to grow sps on the sanded of a 24" tall tank with one of these lights no problem... Ask me how I know =)
  3. How's $200 sound? It's in really good shape and also has the optional mounting legs if you don't want to hang it. reflectors are in great shape too. I'd say these are equally on par with the ATI Sunpower... It's also got a variety of bulbs that only have at least another 7-8 months left on them, a couple ATI blue+ and a couple Giesemann bulbs.
  4. If you want to step back to 6 bulbs I've got a 36" Tek Elite I could sell you. Excellent fixtures.
  5. The photoshop job looks pretty much spot on to Mike Biggars!
  6. That's a rating for glass and acrylic tanks... 1" thick acrylic tanks aren't uncommon.
  7. Do you have the power completely off to the driver?
  8. Payment sent for Ph probe Orp probe Break out box Wxm module.
  9. I sent him a list last night shortly after he posted lol, mp40, ph probe, orp probe, breakout box, wsm (pretty sure he meant WXM) & the dosing pump. Just waiting for a reply to my PM.
  10. Ding ding ding! Did things start to change after the new light install? Very well could be bleaching or just plain frying your corals. Depending on the lights and the optics used of led's. One of the best things I can stress is make ONE change at a time or you'll spend your entire reefing experience chasing your tail with very limited success. I'll post up my current feeding program when. I'm not driving lol
  11. You're skimmer is definitely working... While there can be a variety of things causing your problems I think you're staving your corals. I'd pick up a bottle of oyster feast, you can feel it once or twice per week, also are you using any other supplements? I think the corals are starved since eventually they're just relying on fish waste for their main food source. I feed my corals specifically once per week, mixture of things. I can help you out together a feeding program for your corals of you want. Takes me a total of about 3 min per week to feed my corals.
  12. Definitely not a god but I like to think I know a thing or two... I'm not a fan of running your skimmer only part time, because of the other effects it can have. Lower ph, less oxygen in the water column etc. What are you feeding your fish and your corals? Seems to me like your starving your corals. Personally I have to keep my po4 around .05-.08 but I highly suggest not to stress so much on the number and focus more on what your tank tells you. On the same note you need to know where your Mag is at.
  13. Interested in any coral trades for the 40? I dot have any use for the 10.
  14. No bacterias added of any sort, I haven't tested my tank in ages besides my Alk which usually sits about 7.5dkh, I try to increase it but the tank just soaks it up and seems to be most consistent and happy at the lower dkh so I quit trying to get it up a long time ago. No UV on the tank, a couple of the tangs had ICH outbreaks when I first got them but they eventually got over it and haven't seen a sign of ICH in ages. I don't really recommend it to anyone else but I don't qt my fish and if they get ICH I feed them heavy and let them get over it on their own. It's definitely a popular form of husbandry but it works for me... I change the socks once per week. That's a very small portion of what's on the walls. I actually designed and manufactured most of those in my factory years ago. The majority are actually wakeskates.
  15. Thank you, if you scroll through the previous pages you'll see my maintenance schedule is pretty simple. No water changes, I feed hikari marine plankton to the fish daily, and once per week I feed the corals 7ml of Aquavitro Fuel, 10ml each of Red Sea Reef energy A&B and 10ml of Oyster Feast just mixed together in a cup and dumped in front of one of the pumps. Other than that, I clean the skimmer and keep the calcium reactor topped off. All nutrients and waste removal is done through the filter socks and the skimmer, no chemicals are used although I do use a little bit of Brightwell carbon a couple days month just to keep the water looking clear.
  16. The only mechanical filtration is socks and a skimmer, no chemical filtration beyond a little carbon in a bag every couple weeks.
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