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  1. We could always make one big party with a bunch of stuff that goes bang and even a few things that go boom and have a good time with it...
  2. Not really unless you just love that sunrise sunset effect.
  3. I've owned the dimmable as well as the non-dimmable Sunpower and the only benefit is the visual of the sun up and sun down other than that you'll want to drive the bulbs at 100% the rest of the time. I'd say look for a used one but you better be quick cause they definitely don't last long online... A lot of people seem to want to go back to T5 these days.
  4. A quality (ATI Sunpower or similar) 6 bulb fixture will do you fine with those dimensions. 8 bulbs definitely isn't overkill either though. I highly recommend staying away from the lesser expensive T5 fixtures that use inexpensive ballasts, cheap reflectors etc... These things make a HUGE difference when you're talking T5 only fixtures.
  5. Looking good! Who built the tank?
  6. For sure, the ATI bulbs are still really good. I definitely prefer them over the Giesemann bulbs... Eventually the shop will stock a few of the different FM bulbs. Travis is running some of them on the display tank as well. Frank got a couple and so did Mike (who now works at the shop) on the last order I did.
  7. No worries man, the bulbs really aren't any more than ATI, I'll let you know next time I order some bulbs if you want to jump in. I think last time I ordered bulbs is was like $80 for shipping but I also had them ship 20 something bulbs so it's not that bad considering they're coming DHL from across the world.
  8. I never got my hands on any of them, I tried forever to get the one bulb I was mainly interested in which was the Ultra Wide UV but they never have them in stock in the USA and until recently wouldn't ship from Europe to the USA. I did get an email that said that would be changing soon so hopefully I'll be able to get some to test out. I've been really happy with the bulbs from Fauna Marin, they just seem to have a little something different that the ATI Blue+ doesn't. I just have to order a bunch every time I do to offset the shipping costs from Europe.
  9. I'm guessing you were asking about my current bulb combo? I've just recently switched up the combo a little bit. front to back FM Ultra Royal Blue ATI Purple+ ATI Actinic FM Ultra Royal Blue ATI AquaBlue Special ATI Actinic ATI Purple+ FM Ultra Royal Blue Keep in mind I do also have the few led's on the small strip on the front side.
  10. Sad to see you leaving Steve... You were one of the first people I met in this group and have always been one of my favorite. Maybe now you'll get to spend a little more time in Hawaii.
  11. Thanks bud, corals are already starting to look better. It's my own fault I pushed things a little farther than I probably should of. I just recently switched skimmers, I had been running a SRO XP-2000 Cone with a modified RO DC pump... I felt like I was really starting to push it to it's limit and with the fish getting substantially bigger I figured it was time for an upgrade. So I'm back to running my ATB "small" as they call it 10.5" cone skimmer with the old school Eheim pump. It's noisy but for now it's working till I can decide on the new pump. I was offered the hook up on an RD3 but I'm really not sure if I want to drop that kinda coin on a pump that I'm not completely sold on being that much better than some of the other options out there.
  12. I have one 55 gallon barrel and a coupe 32 gallon brute cans if you need them you're more than welcome to them.
  13. Nothing much new going on since last months update other than the fact I pissed off a lot of corals and lost a few messing around feeding and supplements more than I probably should of. Things are already starting to color back up and should be back to normal in a couple weeks,
  14. It's not hard just take your time... check out a few you tube videos and make sure you don't just sit and sand in one spot.
  15. You'll probably find that buffing alone will hide the scratches but eventually they'll return or you'll have a spot that looks optically weird. Also if you do decide to sand, make sure you're not pressing with your finger and just trying to sand out the scratch, you'll again be left with a really weird looking area that looks distorted. IMO everyone who owns an acrylic tank should own a Micro Mesh polishing kit. http://www.amazon.com/Micro-Mesh-NC-78-1-Acrylic-Restoral-Kit/dp/B00EKLU5QY That's the big daddy kit that has everything, they also make smaller and less expensive kits.
  16. Arsonmfg

    ATO unit.

    Tunze... Connect the float with the magnet at the desired level and plug it in. Doesn't get much easier. All of those alarms can be turned off and on lol.
  17. Well deserved, it's a hot looking piece!
  18. Arsonmfg

    ATO unit.

    My Tunze has been excellent for like 8+ years. I had to replace the optical sensor once and it was like $20 I'm pretty sure I have a spare Tunze nano I could sell you if you want.
  19. Blonde Naso 2 convict tangs Chevron tang Potters wrasse Yellow flanked fairy wrasse Sunburst Anthias All of these are terrible survivors in the aquarium as well...
  20. It's funny you say that cause I've gotten totally hypnotized at times just sitting and watching the millions of little bubbles stack up and rise up the neck.
  21. It would definitely fetch quite a bit more if I was more inclined to ship it but I'd honestly rather not... If it doesn't sell in the next few days I'll go that route.
  22. I should also mention if you want the current offering of the same skimmer they're $599 http://www.tbaquatics.com/101-200-gallons/reef-octopus-elite-200int-dc-super-cone-protein-skimmer/
  23. Time to part with what is quite possibly the greatest skimmer I've ever owned... Why am I selling it you ask? Well, I'm doing the exact same thing I've done with this one only bigger! This has been the main piece of filtration of my 200 gallon sps system, as some of you know I've never run GFO or any other means of nutrient removal, needless to say this thing kicks out the poop, it's dead silent and once setup never needs adjustment! When I originally purchased this skimmer it was $599 then I added the $280 DC pump. Body is 8" in diameter and the footprint is 12x11x23, it'll easily fit in most any sump. $300 and that price is FIRM!
  24. 48x36x20 is a tricky footprint to light either way...
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