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  1. Tried and true, set it and forget it. if you want to grow beautiful corals this is the easiest way to know your lighting is dialed!
  2. Arsonmfg

    Wtb tonga branches

    I have a decent sized unique piece in my sump that never worked with the rest of my branch that’s in my display, I’ll pull it out and snap a picture tomorrow.
  3. Arsonmfg

    No time for it right now sell off

    Definitely a close second!
  4. Arsonmfg

    No time for it right now sell off

    Jesus Randall, I don't think there's a single person in the hobby who's gotten in and out more times than you!
  5. Arsonmfg

    FS: Bali Green Slimer & Neon Candy Cane

    Still around, had a little mishaps a couple months back so pretty much starting from scratch again.
  6. Arsonmfg

    FS: Bali Green Slimer & Neon Candy Cane

    I’ll take the large piece, you can’t ever have too much slimer.
  7. Arsonmfg

    Equipment for sale

    I'll take the pellet reactor.
  8. Arsonmfg

    Two ATI lights for sale

    Nice score on the 24" fixture, that's a steal!
  9. Arsonmfg

    FS: tri color valida acro colony

    I'll start the bidding at $25
  10. Arsonmfg

    Vortech MP40s

    All sold please close!
  11. Arsonmfg

    Vortech MP40s

    Two more pumps sold, only 1 left.
  12. Arsonmfg

    Vortech MP40s

    Replaced the driver on pump #4 and it works like a charm.
  13. Arsonmfg

    Vortech MP40s

    #1 SOLD
  14. Arsonmfg

    Vortech MP40s

    #1 is pending
  15. Arsonmfg

    Vortech MP40s

    4 MP40s for sale #1 is a MP40wes that has the Quiet drive driver upgrade SOLD #2 is a gen2 mp40w $125 #3 is also a gen2 mp40w $125 #4 is a gen2 mp40w $125