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  1. Arsonmfg

    Equipment for sale

    I'll take the pellet reactor.
  2. Arsonmfg

    Two ATI lights for sale

    Nice score on the 24" fixture, that's a steal!
  3. Arsonmfg

    FS: tri color valida acro colony

    I'll start the bidding at $25
  4. Arsonmfg

    Vortech MP40s

    All sold please close!
  5. Arsonmfg

    Vortech MP40s

    Two more pumps sold, only 1 left.
  6. Arsonmfg

    Vortech MP40s

    Replaced the driver on pump #4 and it works like a charm.
  7. Arsonmfg

    Vortech MP40s

    #1 SOLD
  8. Arsonmfg

    Vortech MP40s

    #1 is pending
  9. Arsonmfg

    Vortech MP40s

    4 MP40s for sale #1 is a MP40wes that has the Quiet drive driver upgrade SOLD #2 is a gen2 mp40w $125 #3 is also a gen2 mp40w $125 #4 is a gen2 mp40w $125
  10. Arsonmfg

    Price Check: Radion X30's - Gen 3

    Guess it all comes down to what you want to grow, 80" is a lot of tank and an odd dimension to light no matter how you look at it.
  11. Arsonmfg

    Price Check: Radion X30's - Gen 3

    What are you thinking of switching to?
  12. Arsonmfg

    LED hydra52 and complete Nikon camera set!

    Love my D300, it's built like a tank! If you decide to split up the camera stuff I might be interested in the 18-200
  13. Arsonmfg

    Fish FS

    Put me down for the Clown Tang!
  14. Arsonmfg

    Some sps frags for sale

    I'll grab the Cali tort
  15. Arsonmfg

    ato suggestions

    I've had the same Tunze 3155 for just about 10 years now, still on the original pump. Worst thing I've had to do was replace an optical sensor for $20. It's simple to setup and does the job. Money well spent IMO.