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  1. philg

    Free Tank give-away

    I have a 120 (or is it a 125 . or 130 gallon?) tank to give away it also has a cabinet with 75 gal or so sump tank and a sequence pump . You can take all or some of it. I need to .replace it with a wall as I am putting my house up for sale and believe it will sell for more without the empty tank. I gave the livestock away years ago to a Biology teacher Dan R. @ Taulatin HS. You are also welcome to take the stand. the Cabinet is about 7 feet high by 6 long by 3 wide, It is built of oak wood. You will need to somehow disassemble and have a truck to move it to your location. please contact if interested Phil_Gardner@msn.com and reference free tank in subject
  2. philg

    125g tank to donate to a School

    Yes the teachers may need some help with the move and that would be helpful. Also they have a few months to plan and then get the tanks and whatever else they need because I can keep the tank till October (or even longer as I have kept it for ten years already <<grin>>) Having it off my hands before October would be good. Thanks for your reply
  3. philg

    125g tank to donate to a School

    That is great and I have responded to your email. There is no real hurry to unload my tank life forms however I would like to do it before the end of October when I will have to start paying for someone to take care of my setup again.
  4. I would like to donate all my live stock, rocks, etc. to the TFT program. This is from a 125 gallon tank with a 75 gallon sump. I have two of the same fish I started with in 2004 and a Leather coral that I started with. In fact I gave a big frag of that to Mr S and maybe a couple more to other teachers in about 2006 -2008? I want to get out of this hobby now. I live part of the year in a nice sunny area and I have been paying someone to take care of the tank for at least a month and now up to five months a year for the last ten years. We have had no serious crashes in all those years however, I have had to provide emergency heating and power at various times in the winter when I was home. The tank is built into a cabinet and wall of the lower level of my house so you can view it from two rooms. I do not even go down to that room very often anymore other than to do water changes etc. My wife takes care of the tank most of the time. We would like to find the inhabitants a new home. I am not in a big hurry to get rid of them so it would be best to have everything else you need in place before hand and then come to my house and move everything at once or in a few moves. I do not wish to part it out or sell various things. I would like to see someone coordinate this. So maybe whoever does this can maybe sell some unwanted frags and donate the money to TFT. A reasonable tax donation would also be nice if that could be supplied. Now how do I post photos to this site? Phil