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  1. fjdog

    WTB dry/cheap branch rock?

    It's been about 2 weeks and 2 emails and no response from marco. Any other suggestions?
  2. I am contemplating putting some more rock in the tank, mostly for appearances. I want to put more branch in. Would prefer dry, but would consider low-cost live rock (I will probably be bleaching and drying it). Before you ask, I do not want to add any pathogens to my system and I would like to epoxy a structure together for stability. Any suggestions? I already emailed marcorocks with no response. Thanks in advance.
  3. fjdog

    New Noob

    Thanks. It seems to be coming together. The royal gramma went in yesterday and really adds a nice splash of color. As for the rocks, I can't take alot of credit...it was mostly mother nature. The one big piece on the right is really a show stopper.
  4. fjdog

    Green star polyp normal behavior?

    Well, now I have GSPNO (green star polyps never open). I am not sure what is the cause. The only chemical parameter that might be suspect is the salinity. I always seem to get bubbles on the needle and get a different reading every time. The last reading, after bubbles were knocked off was 1.025, but maybe I will take a water sample in to have it read on a better one. I guess it might be the coral beauty, cause he is always nipping at the live rock and the GSP might be just incidental to his activities. Anyhow...no worries, I like the coral beauty way better than the GSP. I might move the GSP to my quarantine tank and see if it recovers. Any soft corals out there that might be more coral beauty resistant?
  5. Great, count one more on RSVP and the carpool offer still stands. PM me if interested.
  6. fjdog

    New Noob

    I finally got some pics taken. Lucky the Coral Beauty was not posing, so this was the best shot I could get. BTW my lawnmower blenny died today after almost 2 weeks in QT. Heavy breathing, gaping mouth and loss of apetite. The royal gramma is still hanging in and looking good. He'll be in QT for a little longer than expected though!
  7. fjdog

    PVC gate valve

    George Morlan has some gate valves at their Salem store, but their salespeople do not know it and will vehemently deny they have such item until you walk them down their own isles and point to them. I got a .75" and a 1" there. I would assume they also have 1.25".
  8. Has anyone RSVP'ed? I would be interested in meeting some more local folks, but do not want to drive to Albany and sit in Elmer's alone. Anyone from Salem want to carpool down with me?
  9. fjdog

    Green star polyp normal behavior?

    GSPAO....Show off!!
  10. fjdog

    Green star polyp normal behavior?

    Will you loan me your tang (the enforcer)? I'm getting pissed at the GSP as they are still pulling their tentacles in during my prime viewing time but still expanding their purple mat over the rock! Aargh! Perhaps corals are not in my future!!!!! GSP is supposed to be one of the easiest to keep.
  11. fjdog

    DIY live rock bricks under sand?

    So I was surfing the internet the other day for creative diy ideas for improving water flow and I ran across a tank build that involved coating the entire floor of the aquarium with garf agrocrete. The idea is that it would harbor anaerobic bacteria without collecting the detritus of a normal deep sand bed over time. In this build. the agrocrete was then covered with a thin layer of sand to disguise it. This made sense to me, but I wonder if anyone had tried it from the club. My idea would be to mould custom fit diy rock "bricks" and kure them separately from my system. Then I would install them in my running tank after they are fully stablized. What do you think?
  12. fjdog

    Green star polyp normal behavior?

    I have a clown, coral beauty and cleaner shrimp. I have never seen the coral beauty take a nip from them yet though it may be a possibility (when I'm not looking)(scratch)
  13. Hi all, I am new to corals in general and bought a small green star polyp frag and put it in the tank about 3 weeks ago. It has attached to the rock and seems to be growing, but the polyps retract in the afternoon and evening. At night and when the lights first come on in the morning, the tentacles are fully expanded. Is this normal behavior or is there something weird about my system that is causing this. In the store, they always seem to be expanded. Any suggestions? For reference, the frags are under t5 lighting about 12 inches down in the water profile. Also all chemical tests came out with favorable results (I usually do testing in the evening).