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  1. Picoreefer

    Been away for years but now I'm back! Keeping it simple with a tiny tank since I don't have a lot of time. It's been running for about 2 months and everything is doing quite well. My goal is to pack it with colors ????
  2. FS: JF askraks

    Got a few frags of these JF Askraks; they’ve been growing under high light and the colors are AMAZING! $100 for the one polyp (plus baby!); $300 for each of the 4 polyp frags.
  3. October POTM Winner!!!

    Thank you!!!
  4. October Picture of the Month - Galaxea

    Noooo!!! More entries!!! It’s not my intention to discourage anyone from entering the contest.
  5. Picoreefer

  6. Picoreefer

  7. September POTM Winner

    😊 Thanks, guys!
  8. Picoreefer

    Thanks, Cody (paratore) for the trade!!! I’m so excited! Can’t wait to set this baby up as an anemone only tank!
  9. Picoreefer

    Lol I was asking about your Yuma rock; there were two of them from Minh’s tank; you got one and I got one; you picked it up for me though. The rock nems are great but they don’t stay put; mine wander all over the tank; very annoying. Good thing they don’t gave a potent sting.
  10. Picoreefer

    I've already taken a whole bunch off too because they were stingy the sh*t out of the scoly; finally gave up and moved the scoly lol. How is your rock doing?
  11. Picoreefer

    You got it! It is just as amazing as the flame tip; bright orange/yellow instead of red/orange.
  12. Picoreefer

    Colorado sunburst! 😍 It's huge! Tempted to slice it to create smaller ones to better fit the tank 😝
  13. Jewell Anemone

    Oooh!!! Purdy!!! I want them too!
  14. Mated pair of Darwin Clowns

    These are gorgeous! I'd take them if I didn't just ordered the pink skunks. Hope they find a good home!
  15. Picoreefer

  16. Picoreefer

  17. Rare paradise zoas; these came from legendarycorals; they were selling these for $40/polyp; they are micro zoas! Small but very beautiful; second photo is of the mother colony; first photo is the wysiwyg frag; $100. Large pink yuma; $30. Small orange ric; $15. 3 polyp frag of JF askrak; $150. Single frag of JF askrak; $75.
  18. September Picture of the Month - Corallimorphs

    I need a bounce!!! 😝
  19. Picoreefer

    Some new shots of the inhabitants! 😝
  20. Fs: jf askraks and blue rhinos frag

    sold! thanks for looking
  21. 1 large and two babies of askrak and 3 blue rhinos! $150
  22. Fluval Chi - SW Conversion....

    I came back into the hobby with the same tank!!! It got filled up with corals really fast though and after several upgrades...I ended up with the jbj45 lol
  23. Picoreefer

    Here it is! Right side of the tank needs some work lol