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  1. FS: JF askraks

    Got a few frags of these JF Askraks; they’ve been growing under high light and the colors are AMAZING! $100 for the one polyp (plus baby!); $300 for each of the 4 polyp frags.
  2. October POTM Winner!!!

    Thank you!!!
  3. October Picture of the Month - Galaxea

    Noooo!!! More entries!!! It’s not my intention to discourage anyone from entering the contest.
  4. Picoreefer

  5. Picoreefer

  6. September POTM Winner

    😊 Thanks, guys!
  7. Picoreefer

    Thanks, Cody (paratore) for the trade!!! I’m so excited! Can’t wait to set this baby up as an anemone only tank!
  8. Picoreefer

    Lol I was asking about your Yuma rock; there were two of them from Minh’s tank; you got one and I got one; you picked it up for me though. The rock nems are great but they don’t stay put; mine wander all over the tank; very annoying. Good thing they don’t gave a potent sting.
  9. Picoreefer

    I've already taken a whole bunch off too because they were stingy the sh*t out of the scoly; finally gave up and moved the scoly lol. How is your rock doing?
  10. Picoreefer

    You got it! It is just as amazing as the flame tip; bright orange/yellow instead of red/orange.
  11. Picoreefer

    Colorado sunburst! 😍 It's huge! Tempted to slice it to create smaller ones to better fit the tank 😝
  12. Jewell Anemone

    Oooh!!! Purdy!!! I want them too!
  13. Mated pair of Darwin Clowns

    These are gorgeous! I'd take them if I didn't just ordered the pink skunks. Hope they find a good home!