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  1. 4 hours ago, pdxmonkeyboy said:

    Son has some sweeeet corals. He has great prices but be warned, the numbers still add up quickly.


    If you are just starting with SPS then i would HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY suggest getting some cheap run of the mill frags first and see how they receed and die first.


    Being excited about SPS when first starting goes something like this:


    1. these are awesome!!

    2. they look great.. this isnt that hard.

    3. huh, that looks weird. does that look weird, i think that is weird

    4. no,no,no!! what is happening

    5. google, google ,google, panic.

    6. $75 desk ornament.



    ask me how i know....


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    Lol! that was pretty much my experience with sps before! Ive done a ton of research and have been perfecting my water chemistry. I think the tank is stable enough to give it another try. My monti and birdsnests have been growing well with great colors so I'm hoping not to fail miserably.

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  2. 4 hours ago, Krux said:

    How are you getting these colors in your photos, are you using a filter or is this color balancing in post process?  I am going to break out my old dslr this week (gasp, 6MP) and start playing around.  Still deciding between grabbing an old 80D or waiting for the prosumer step that will come after the M50.  My iPhone X just can't resolve the issues of the LED's for me.


    If this is done in software, are you using Lightroom or Photoshop?  I need to get a new license for PS if I can't do this in LR (still rocking CS1 from when my wife worked for a major apparel company here in town).


    Anyway, totally beautiful!

    My iPhoneX is useless with any sort of blue light. All the colors are achieved with very minimal post processing; mostly in-camera with custom white balance; I slightly underexpose all the photos to preserve all the details; most of the processing is done with Instagram sliders; color temperature slider will filter out a lot of blue; adjust the brightness and add a little sharpening. That’s it! :) 

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  3. 4 hours ago, spectra said:

    Havent been there yet and still pissed about OIAB...................


    It was a great place to go for needed things and well even at times a few nice things were in there to buy........yeah Jason rubbed a few people the wrong way but was still a good guy to deal with.


    Someone open up a real shop in the couve please.................ok stepping off my soap box..........

    Step up and do it, Scott! I was shocked to see OIAB gone when I dropped by; Jason has always been pleasant to work with, although ive heard not everybody had the same experience.

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  4. 1 hour ago, spectra said:

    nice pic of the plate coral it looks almost that good in my tank :laugh: 


    You got it? I was very tempted but decided to hold out for a long tentacle plate.

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  5. 23 hours ago, youcallmenny said:

    Did you buy that Wilsoni? I've been drooling over that for a while. 

    I didn’t; it’s gorgeous!!! I got the mushroom and the scoly and a wwc bounce.

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  6. Dropped by Cuttlefish and Corals to browse and ended up with a few awesome pieces; this shop is always so dangerous! Lol Thanks for lettting me snap photos of the candies. 







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  7. I found these guys in their natural habitat in Hawaii; theyre so fun to watch; there were at least a few hundred thousands in the pools I found them in; I think I'm gonna set up a similar vase! I have a little vid clip on my istagram (sprinklebuns).

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