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  1. Rainbow bta

    Very bubbly, beautiful, and healthy rainbow bta; would love to keep it but I wanna make room to try some sps; the anemone has kept its bulbs since the day I got it; will come attached to a fist sized piece of lr. $75 obo. Will also consider trading it for a nice piece of forest fire monti.
  2. Rainbow bta

    I really like some of the millis but I'm pretty sure I don't have enough flow in the tank; ive had fairly good luck with montis so i'll give those a try first. Let's work out some trades later! I'm starting to collect zoas again and also mushrooms. The zoas below the nem were sold to me as fire mauls.
  3. A few zoa's for sale..

    Oooh!! The last two in the photo above, please save those for me; also a frag of the pink with green mouth.
  4. Picoreefer

  5. FT: Dendro

    I have one head of dendro to trade for capt America palys, or other cool zoos.
  6. FT: Dendro

    Trade pending
  7. Picoreefer

  8. Woohoo! My first grow out! My Sakuras grow fairly well in my system so hopefully these will do well too.
  9. I'm looking for a pair (or one will be fine too) of true percula or onyx clownfish; let me know if you want to unload yours or see them at a local store : )
  10. Cleaned and ready to go; IM Nuvo 10 gal tank with upgraded media basket; no scratches that I could see during cleaning. Only used for a few months. $60. Ricordea florida/Yuma pack plus a bonus frag of mohawk zoas. The bottom 5 pieces in the group photo. $100.
  11. Is it too late to participate? If not, count me in!!!
  12. Picoreefer

  13. May POTM - LPS

  14. May POTM - LPS

    I want a frag too!!!
  15. FS: IM Nuvo 10 and ricordea/Yuma pack

    Tank pending trade!
  16. FS: IM Nuvo 10 and ricordea/Yuma pack

    Darn! Maybe you should get a backup Will consider trading the tank for cool zoas, or a head of gold torch.
  17. Picoreefer

    Coral frenzy reef pellets (1mm); drop the pellet right on the mouth otherwise the yumas won't take the food; they're lazy; the ricordea florida will stretch toward the food.
  18. FS: IM Nuvo 10 and ricordea/Yuma pack

    Ric pack sold!
  19. FS: IM Nuvo 10 and ricordea/Yuma pack

    Ric pack kinda pending This to add: sm rock with 3 gorgeous rock flower anemones attached. $150
  20. Picoreefer

    Here's a video of the new tank ft. the flame bta.
  21. Picoreefer

    I feed my corals a lot and afraid that the high nutrient environment may not suit SPSs well. I'm gonna try one or two though just to see ????
  22. Picoreefer

    I'm thinking of adding a branching monti since they're easy; possibly a gold torch and a few more acans.
  23. Picoreefer

    Thanks! Can't believe how lucky I am to have it! It looks even better today. More photos coming lol
  24. Picoreefer

    Quite basic actually! Lots of live rock in the main tank, lots of marine pure ceramic balls in the back compartments, and chemipure elite in the filter caddies; 2 gal water change per week; top off as needed (I still need to set up the ato); no additives. That's about it. : )