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  1. Onyx Percs

    Thanks, guys!!!!
  2. Onyx Percs

    I love them but they made feeding the anemone impossible; I love the flame anemone more lol Sale pending!
  3. Onyx Percs

  4. Onyx Percs

    I purchased these as onyx, what they truly are I guess I don't know for sure as I'm not a clown expert.
  5. Picoreefer

    Quick FTS! Need to declutter the tank lol
  6. Onyx Percs

    I don't believe they are Ocerlaris clowns; I purchased them as Onyx juvies and they certainly look the part; maybe the colors aren't showing up well in photos; the bands are black.
  7. Onyx Percs

    $75; free rainbow bta with purchase!
  8. Thinning out my frag rack

    Sm ric; $15 Sm rainbow bta; $35 Pink yuma; $20 Sm green ric w/ red base; $10.
  9. Green Majanos for trade

    Saw them at the Oregon coast aquarium, so purdy! I want some!!!
  10. Nanoreefer's

    Crap! i was gonna post the photo when I got to work but then totally forgot; 40mins past cutoff now so I guess I'm disqualified. Wasn't gonna win it anyway since I only got one new polyp and a few new nubs lol
  11. Picoreefer

    I need to take some new photos of the tank; been crazy busy lately; the tank is doing great; need to tidy it up a little though lol Met up with Cody at C&C for a trade and picked up a nice piece of gold torch!
  12. Paratore's Frag Tank Build

    Lps and zoas are way more fun and hardier!!!
  13. Thinning out my frag rack

    Rics pending.
  14. Picoreefer

    I fragged it today! all 5 frags opened up nicely a few hours later I would totally trade one for your JF Askrak! The flame is gonna be my next victim, gonna have to clear the tank of some frags first to make room.
  15. Picoreefer

    Speckled Krakatoas!!! I love how bright they are!
  16. MAY POTM - Winner - Nanoreefer

    Thanks, everybody!!!!!
  17. Picoreefer

    Finally got some SPSs, I hope they will do well. Got them from the Premium Aquatics! Wonderful store with a great selection and healthy livestock.
  18. Picoreefer

    Thanks! Yes, the flame is from Jorge!
  19. Picoreefer

  20. May POTM - Voting

    Love the hammer!
  21. Picoreefer

    You really want one? I have someone who may be buying 3 (I'm keeping one for myself) but if that falls thru I can give you a good deal. Now I have to figure out how to get my flame anemone off the rock so I can do surgery on it too I haven't gotten any SPSs yet; been busy with work and family medical stuff.
  22. Picoreefer

    All healed up and successfully confined now lol.
  23. Picoreefer

    These btas are really good escape artists! Came home and found all four of them outside of their baskets; luckily they were still on the glass so I could easily move them back.
  24. June POTM - Z's and P's

    My Rockstars and Sakuras
  25. June POTM - Z's and P's

    Ooh! I love the purple with green center and orange ring!