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  1. June POTM Winner

    Woohoo! Thanks guys! So many great entries. I love seeing zoa pics!
  2. Picoreefer

    Some recent acquisitions. Can you name them all? ???? I'm gonna eating instant ramen for a while lol
  3. Bowen's IM Fusion 10

    Looking gooood!
  4. Picoreefer

    Woohoo! Innovative Marine noticed the FTS on my Instagram and featured on their page! ????????????
  5. 3D printing and reefing

    Very cool! Which design program do you use? I need to make a little rectangular basket for my majano anemones; the deli container ive been using is a little too ghetto lol
  6. Picoreefer

    Snapped some photos after feeding today.
  7. Picoreefer

    I like it a lot so far; simple but effective. This is how much it took out in 7 days:
  8. Picoreefer

    FTS ????
  9. Onyx Percs

    Anyone interested in an awesome pair of onyx perc? Sm/Med size, very healthy. I paid $120 for them; yours for $75/obo
  10. Onyx Percs

    Yes, please. Thank you!
  11. Onyx Percs

    They have been sold.
  12. LOL I'll only give that up for JF bloodshots
  13. Yes, I'll try to be there right at 10am or close to it and drop them off.
  14. Here are my contributions: walking dendro (he's a piggy and will walk all over the tank if allowed lol) and my Sakura frag since I'm out of the competition.
  15. Picoreefer

    I haven't a clue; I think I asked but can't remember if Rudy gave me a name.
  16. PNWMAS Fundraiser - Volunteer Opportunity!

    And I'll be buying that forest fire digi frag that Scott is donating! Lol I'll go thru my tank and find something nice to donate as well.
  17. I used to have a planted tank; it's just as much work as a reef tank but not as rewarding. After battling green hair algae for a few months I took it down and switched back to reef tank.
  18. Picoreefer

    Stopped by GoldenBasket to pick up my eBay wins this morning and made the mistake of looking into his tanks; my wallet was a lot lighter on the way out lol the most expensive of them all:
  19. Picoreefer

    New toy for the tank; I hope it works as good as it looks!
  20. Picoreefer

    That was at the Hatfield Marine Center. They have 3 very nice tropical tanks.
  21. Picoreefer

    Seriously considering a majano tank!
  22. Picoreefer

    Thanks, Sasquatch, for these gorgeous little anemones! Few pics from my recent trip to the coast
  23. Picoreefer

    Yes sir!
  24. Picoreefer

    I wish I can take credit but the true Yuma whisperer title belongs to Rolekii! The rock came from him, I've only managed to keep everybody alive ???? I target feed them pellets or frozen mysis about once a week.
  25. Need to sell reef to fix car

    Phew!!! Yay for BoLPF!