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  1. Maxspect xf-130

    I have cash or corals to trade!
  2. Picoreefer

    Tassle filefish; it's such a cool little fish; quite entertaining to watch; he bites onto a piece of algae to stay in one place ???? Too lazy to keep swimming I guess; eats like a little piggy; he's gonna outgrow my tank eventually though; didn't know he grows to a foot when I bought him.
  3. Maxspect xf-130

    Thanks, guys! I have no patience so I went and bought one ????
  4. Picoreefer

    Some better shots! Video to come
  5. Picoreefer

    Been messing with this tank for days; I think I can sit back and enjoy it now. Tank specs: JBJ 45 gal Ai Sol Blue led fixture; ceiling mount. MaxiJet 1200 return pumps (2) Tunze 9004 skimmer Maxspect gyre 130 Here are some crappy photos! Cloudiness due to me messing with the tank constantly lol . Better pics to come later! I need to find placement on the rocks for all the stuff on the sand, or get rid of them; going for a clean sand bed look this time.
  6. Picoreefer

    Wrong!!! 5, then a 10, then a 20, and now a 45 ???? lol I SHOULD just get a 120! Hmmmm!!!!
  7. Picoreefer

    Lol not yet! The tank is up and running but it looks horrendous right now. Gonna take photos on Tuesday after I hang the light; this will give everything a chance to settle in as well. It's a good thing you didn't set it up because you probably wouldn't have given it up lol I'm LOVING the extra space!!!
  8. Picoreefer

    It's official; the Nuvo 20 is no more; stay tuned for photos of the JBJ45 ????
  9. Corals and Fish FS

    the IM 20 comes with TWO in tank media baskets
  10. Looking for Nuvo 20 or 30L

    Im keeping the stand since it's so awesome and I don't have anything else to put the tank on lol Gonna a new top made for it!
  11. Stratocaster Paly

  12. Looking for Nuvo 20 or 30L

    ???????????? more space for more corals!!! I can already hear my wallet screaming ????
  13. Looking for Nuvo 20 or 30L

    I'm actually quite tempted! The nuvo 20 is getting a little crowded. Switching tank is such a pain though : (
  14. September POTM - Open .... no Theme!!

    Yup! Beautiful pest majano ????
  15. Some Tank Shots.... not too pic heavy...

    Holy cow! ????????????
  16. August POTM - Favorite Colony

    Niiiice!!!! What are the pink/green zoas?
  17. Picoreefer

    Tank update: everything is doing great except the flame anemone; it decided to split and drop all its colors; not sure what triggered this :( Gonna try to nurse both halves back to their old glory with target feeding and more frequent water changes. Any other tips, guys?!? Gorgeous little pest! Although after having these for a while now I've decided that their pest status is pretty much undeserved. They don't randomly move around and grow fairy slow even with target feedings. Mr.Bret and Softys were right! The Blue Rhinos look awesome in my tank ???????????? The other half of this piece already sprouted 4-5 new heads since the Reef Expo.
  18. August Meeting - Summer BBQ - Food Sign Up!

    I don't cook....I can bring beer!
  19. July POTM Winner

    Those corals look great together! Great shot, Andy!
  20. Calling all Ai Prime folks

    I like the blue look as well so both of my blue channels are at 100%, uv and violet are at 30 (my corals get pissed off if I turn them up any higher), I don't use the red or green (should I?), white is usually between 5-10.
  21. August POTM - Favorite Colony

    This grew from a single polyp frag I made months ago.
  22. Lexinverts' Red Sea Max reef tanks

    Wow!!! Your tank is amazing! ????
  23. July POTM - Encrusting Corals

    Encrusting pink goniopora
  24. July POTM - Encrusting Corals

    Wow! Those are gorgeous!