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    I'm trying to fix it lol I guess I can't do what I used to.
  5. Picoreefer

    Thanks everyone for chiming in and answering questions while I was away!!! The tank is doing great! I've been really busy and haven't been checking in on pnwmas; I've been more active on instagram (sprinklebuns). Here are some new shots ?
  6. Picoreefer

  7. My tank is getting a little too crowded, time to thin it out a bit. Red mini carpet; about the size of a quarter; these tend to wander a bit until they find a sweet spot; $50 each; I have two avail. 1 PENDING Psychedelic mushroom; 1 large and a baby; from vivid aquarium; $40. PENDING Bluish mushroom with hot pink spots; also from vivid aquarium; $40. PENDING
  8. Need to make some room for more incomings lol; $200 for the pack. 2p of lime chilis 1p of space monster 2p pink kraks 1p rainbow rhino St Thomas mushroom; this thing does not glow under actinic; best viewed under white light.
  9. Zoa collector pack + st Thomas mushroom

    Totally! It's working out very well for me.
  10. Zoa collector pack + st Thomas mushroom

    60mm; it's the only that Samsung makes.
  11. Zoa collector pack + st Thomas mushroom

    It's at the top! Selling as a pack, not individuals.
  12. Paratore's Frag Tank Build

    That clam is gorgeous!
  13. Picoreefer

    St Thomas mushroom ????
  14. Picoreefer

  15. Want To Buy Dendro Coral

    Yeah, I saw the dendro when I was there yesterday; super cool coral! Don't forget to feed regularly since they're nonphotosynthetic.
  16. Picoreefer

  17. October POTM - FTS

  18. Picoreefer

    Quick video tour ????
  19. November Meeting at Cuttlefish and Corals!!!

    I have to work that weekend
  20. Picoreefer

    Bunnies in zoa garden! ???? Painted by a very talented local artist, Shane Koehler.
  21. Picoreefer

    Stopped by Cuttle Fish and Corals to look for some Lime Chilies to replace the colony I accidentally killed and walked out with a big hole in my wallet ???? Thanks, Jeff! Lol One my my favorite corals of all time! They grow quick too with regular feedings. ...and because I love Hawaii, this gorgeous little (he's little! He won't live in the 45gal forever!) tang is my connection to the islands. ????
  22. Fluffy chillas!!!

    oooh! tempting!!!
  23. Paratore's Nuvo 20

    Looking good!!! I liked how easy it was to maintain with just small weekly water changes.