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  1. nanoreefer

    Post POTM For April 2008

  2. ***TRADED***I accidentally fragged off a piece of rock with 3 polyps of these which i believe are variable star zoas (or something similar). Looking to trade for another zoa; let me know what you have. I do already have a good collection.
  3. Does anyone have one that they can frag (naughty)? Want to ask locally first to save on shipping before ordering online .
  4. nanoreefer

    Teel blue ricordia

    I fragged my ricordia a while back and they're healed up now; need to make room in my frag tank. All these frags are mounted on small piece of rock. Teel blue: $12 (1 available) Neon green: $10 (1 available) SOLD***Pinkish: $15 SOLD***Blue zoos: $12 (exact frag) SOLD***Kenya tree: $10 (exact frag)
  5. nanoreefer

    Thank you Spectra

    I agree. Traded and bought from him several times; great guy; great stuff; and great prices Can't wait to get that 29gal Scott!
  6. nanoreefer

    Corals for trade

    These are what I have available for trade. I'm looking for zoos or anything that doesn't require metal halide for a nano tank at work. A small fish or two is fine too:D Large polyp with 2 mouths. Anthelia colony, old pic, it's bigger now!
  7. nanoreefer

    My pico tank at work

    Here's the link: http://www.nano-reef.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=135241 It's pretty easy to keep. I top it off every morning when i come in and do 10% water change every week.
  8. nanoreefer

    POTM For February

  9. ***TRADED***Looking to trade my small green Pocillopora colony for frogspawn or other Euphyllia, or hairy green mushroom (basically something green ). The actual colony is more than twice of the one in the picture; it keeps falling off the rock. I'm setting up a little nano tank for my brother and need some color.
  10. nanoreefer

    Whammin' Watermelon zoos

    10+ polyps for $20 (exact piece). I also have a bunch of corals for trade in the trading forum. SOLD
  11. nanoreefer

    Corals for trade

    I'm looking for small gobies (not the clowns); a yellow watchman would be awesome; or anything that will not get much bigger than 3inches. Post some pics of what you have.
  12. nanoreefer

    Corals for trade

    Can you post some pictures of what you have? I'm a big zoos fan.
  13. Xenia - $10/frag (3 available) Anthelia conoly - $25 (lots of polyps, very healthy, 5 red mushrooms attached to the rock as well) PENDING ~ Small zoanthid pack - $30 (wham'n watermelon 3 polyps, green 17 polyps, sunburst 10 polyps) Orange ricordia - $25 for polyp with 2 mouths, $35 for polyp with 4 mouths (these are still attaching to substrate, will probably be available by 11/10/07)
  14. nanoreefer

    Cleaning out my tank, soft corals for sale

    anthelia still availble, a smaller piece than this sells for $45 at Upscales. Will consider trading for some zoos!
  15. nanoreefer

    POTM Pictures for December

  16. nanoreefer

    Cleaning out my tank, soft corals for sale

    $25 for the anthelia! I want it out of my tank for new corals. Plus free frag xenia if you buy anything.
  17. Looking to buy or trade for a small frag of sun coral. I have orange ricordea, common xenia as well as pom pom xenia (naughty). Will also consider trading for montipora (i already have purple digi).
  18. nanoreefer

    Orange ricordeas

    PENDING $60. Super healthy. Will also consider trading for nice zoas frag pack or other nice corals, including other color morphs of ricordeas (i have orange, green, and blue). There's a small kenya tree growing on the same rock that can easily be fragged off as well. Have lots of xenia i can throw in for free.
  19. nanoreefer

    Orange ricordeas

    No, for the whole rock. There are 5 polyps (10mouths), 4 large ones and a small one in toward the back that you can't see.
  20. nanoreefer

    Looking for zoos

    I'm putting together another nano tank and looking for nice zoos/palys to fill it with. If you have frags you'd like to part with let me know. Pictures will be great. I have quite a few myself already, looking for new colors. Mohawk paly (http://www.cherrycorals.com/view_product.php?product=17) is at the top of my wanted list, if you have this or know where to get it please please let me know. Thanks!
  21. nanoreefer

    LTA for $20

    Bought a nice bubble tip, this one's gotta go; $20 (paid $45) or trade for coral frag. Same anemone as pictured in POTM. SOLD
  22. nanoreefer

    POTM pictures for November

    LTA and maroon clown
  23. nanoreefer

    WTT LTA for BTA

    I have a LTA that keeps moving out of the sandbed i made for it (didn't make a very wise decision thinking it would stay where i want it DOH!, the clowns love it though). It would stay put for a few days and then withdraw to the back of the tank where there's no sand through a hole in the rock work. I'm sick of moving the rocks to move it back in place. Healthy and been eating shrimp twice a week. Does anyone have a BTA that would like to trade for this?(naughty)
  24. nanoreefer

    WTT LTA for BTA

    It's been in the tank for about a month. I wanted to trade for a bta because i've had a bta in the tank for a year before and it never moved, until one of my power head went down, it moved and got shredded by the other power head. I've restored normal flow to the tank; should've gotten another bta instead.