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  1. Post for February POTM Here

    I didn't use those for Jan. Those shots were taken with a sony T-70; but normally i shoot with a rebel xt; much better image quality with the rebel.
  2. New pics of my 29gal nano

    Thank you. These pics were taken with a point and shoot ultra compact (Sony T70) camera, nothing fancy. I do have a canon xt that I prefer to use but my friend borrowed it and I'm too lazy to go get it back I got rid of the RBTA because it decided to move behind the rocks when I upgraded the lighting; I guess it didn't like the 250w metal halide. It also killed all my sps as it was growing. I like softies and do have lots of them but they don't like the intense lighting in that bald spot.
  3. young black percs

    I saw a pair at Rose City the other day; you can give them a call to see if they still have them.
  4. Duncan photos

    Here's mine! started with 2 heads; now at least 10 heads.
  5. Duncan photos

    I've seen spectra's and I am jealous! It's a really nice piece and was tiny when I first saw it a while ago.
  6. Looking to trade this extra frag for another color morph; especially the red/green mouth.
  7. WTT: Blastos for other blastos

    Trade pending!
  8. I got a small colony of nuclear green (3 large polyps, 3+ babies). I'm looking for the red people eater (lost mine when the frag tank crashed(sad)) or other colorful zoas/softies. Let me know what you have.
  9. FS: Nuclear greens

    I got an offer to buy what i'm looking so I thought i'd sell this instead of trading. Small colony, 3 lg polyps and 3+ babies. $25obo.
  10. Thanks again Garrett85

    I traded with Garrett a while back and he was very generous; the corals are gorgeous and healthy. I can't believe the system is coming down. :(
  11. Large rbta

    I posted this in the trading forum but I guess no one wants to trade. My sale on reefcentral fell thru and I don't really want to mess with shipping. Healthy and opens up to over 8in. $50.
  12. Large RBTA

    I have a large rbta that needs a new home; going back to sps. I accidentally ripped the foot while trying to remove it (didn't realize it was attached to two different rocks when moved one of the rocksDOH!) but it has healed up nicely after about 3 weeks. I'm looking for a frag of the ora red planet but i know it's a long shot. Let me know if you have some nice sps that you wanna trade(naughty). Also debating whether to evict the gbta too; may have that for trade as well later.
  13. Large RBTA

    It's been traded
  14. Large rbta

    Traded. Thank you for all the interest you guys!
  15. Livestock

    pm'd on shrimps
  16. I want to redesign my tank this weekend; these corals need new home! Hammerhead: 4 heads about to split into 8 - $20 Torch coral: pastel green with white tips, 4 heads - $20 Torch: tan with green tips - $8 Yellow toadstool: about 2.5" dia, fluorescent base and polyp stalks under blue light - $15 Devil's hand - $5 Octopus coral (top of the pic): 3 large heads - $20
  17. Torchs, hammerhead, toadstool...

    All sold. Thank you!
  18. Torchs, hammerhead, toadstool...

    New prices! need to move these out.
  19. Coral Beauty

    (clap) Finally! I caught it, I caught it (clap) This little devil's been terrorizing my tank. He's a coral/clam nipper (nono); destroyed my entire large patch of neon green star polyps. He's being evicted! Would make a great addition to a fish only tank. $15 or trade for something reef friendly.
  20. Coral Beauty

    No one? this fish needs a new home!
  21. I'm looking for a 150w or 250w metal halide fixture with supplement cf or t5. Let me know if you have one you want to sell (naughty)