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  1. Sent you a pm Bob!
  2. Oh dear...I got a lot of pm's in just a very short period of time. Maybe i should clarify more of what i'm looking for. Top of my list would be a nice clam ; other that that i'm looking for a bright yuma (i already have the red, and most colors of ricordea) or lps such as hammer coral or something that will add lots of movements to the tank. I've been drooling for a gold torch/hammer, but that's a loooong shot (would be willing to add other corals for trading or pay the difference).
  3. nanoreefer

    Newb in the 'Couve !

    Welcome! I'm in Vantucky as well. Love the rockscape and the kissing/biting chromis. They're by far my favorite fish in the tank; i'd add a few more for a shoaling effect.
  4. nanoreefer

    Post Here for April POTM

    I don't think they were kissing; more like trying to rip each other's lips off....they get along great most of the time, fights break out occasionally though, but always end with only a few slightly torn fins.
  5. nanoreefer

    Looking for Tulip Anemones

    I know most people consider these pests but I want some to put in my pico at work. I got a neon green toadstool frag, neon green neptheas to trade; or can pay. LMK!
  6. nanoreefer

    Looking for Tulip Anemones

    No, those look like brown majanos. I mean these:
  7. nanoreefer

    New pics of my 29gal nano

    Ca'm o*n Benny
  8. nanoreefer

    New pics of my 29gal nano

    Nope all the rocks are only stacked together; they're big pieces so they just weigh themselves down. I only used glue to glue the corals to the rock.
  9. nanoreefer

    New pics of my 29gal nano

    Here are the latest pics! Took about 6 hours to redo the tank and i'm quite happy with the result. What do you think?
  10. nanoreefer

    Trapping a yellow tang

    Thank you everybody!!! I was able to catch the yellow tang yesterday after tearing the tank for a rescape. The tank looks way better than before but I'll miss the bright yellow fish swimming around. I'll post new pics tonight in the gallery!
  11. nanoreefer

    Trapping a yellow tang

    As many of you know i've been keeping a yellow tang in my 29gal nano; had him for almost 2 years. I am so busy with so many things right now and don't see myself upgrading to a bigger tank anytime soon. So, I'm gonna let it go and find something that won't outgrow the tank. I spent two hours trying to catch him today with no success. I never thought I would hate this fish as much as I do now; only because the [language filter] thing is so sneaky and so good at avoiding getting caught(flame). Usually I can pet it with my fingers during feeding and now as it's GONE as soon as my hands get anywhere near the tank. HELP! Does anyone have any suggestion for catching this devil? or a fish trap i can borrow (I have a few things in the tank i can frag as a thank you (naughty))?
  12. nanoreefer

    New pics of my 29gal nano

    Phew!!! The rock work's done. I LIKE IT! The tank doesn't look like a huge pile of rock anymore; it's two huge piles of rock now haha...Anyway, only half of the corals have been transferred back to the tank; the other half are still in the holding tank (with flow and heat of course). Everything's pretty much pissed right now. I will take some picture once everything's been moved back into the tank and glued down Will be done by tomorrow. Oh, I was also able to catch that yellow tang. Anyone wanna buy it? I'll take it to a store tomorrow (don't wanna stress him out by keeping him in a holding tank for too long) to trade for something else if i don't hear from anyone.
  13. nanoreefer

    New pics of my 29gal nano

    Time for a few changes: the tank will be taken apart in the morning for a total rescaping. I've been adding rocks here and there and now the tank looks kinda messy. I"m sick of looking at it the way it is; this will also give me a chance to catch that [language filter] yellow tang (model tank citizen, just outgrowing the tank) that's been eluding capture. Will also be ordering a hanging kit to hang the light so I'll have more room to work in the tank; i'm done with burning my arm on the metal halide glass cover.
  14. nanoreefer

    New pics of my 29gal nano

    A few more pics
  15. nanoreefer

    New pics of my 29gal nano

    I'm using the Odyssea 250w metal halide/2x65w pc actinic fixture. The ballast that came with it is really crappy from what I read so I replaced it with a Lumatek ballast and changed the bulb to 14k phoenix. The color with this setup is very nice. I'm getting the birdnest today from lowman (Bob); really excited!
  16. nanoreefer

    Post Here for March POTM

    WoW those corals are wicked Matt! Let me know if you ever need a sitter when you go out of town. Can't guarantee the corals will be there when you get back though Here are my entries
  17. nanoreefer

    New pics of my 29gal nano

    Hmmm...pink birdnest's a good one. I'll have to keep an eye out for one.
  18. nanoreefer

    Post for February POTM Here

    I didn't use those for Jan. Those shots were taken with a sony T-70; but normally i shoot with a rebel xt; much better image quality with the rebel.
  19. nanoreefer

    New pics of my 29gal nano

    Thank you. These pics were taken with a point and shoot ultra compact (Sony T70) camera, nothing fancy. I do have a canon xt that I prefer to use but my friend borrowed it and I'm too lazy to go get it back I got rid of the RBTA because it decided to move behind the rocks when I upgraded the lighting; I guess it didn't like the 250w metal halide. It also killed all my sps as it was growing. I like softies and do have lots of them but they don't like the intense lighting in that bald spot.
  20. nanoreefer

    young black percs

    I saw a pair at Rose City the other day; you can give them a call to see if they still have them.
  21. nanoreefer

    Duncan photos

    Here's mine! started with 2 heads; now at least 10 heads.