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  1. nanoreefer

    red yuma for zoos

    PM replied
  2. nanoreefer

    red yuma for zoos

    I'd like to see if i can find a nice trade for now; may consider it later
  3. nanoreefer

    Very nice Zoa frags

    sent you a pm!
  4. nanoreefer

    New pics of my 29gal nano

    Ya! I have no clue what they're called. They used to cover a whole rock but my old pencil urchin mowed them down to only 2-3 polyps; finally recovering nicely
  5. nanoreefer

    New pics of my 29gal nano

    Here are another few new pics of the tank. I added a few things (elegance coral, rbta, rock anemone, and some zoos) yesterday. Been battling diatom for a few weeks and finally have it mostly under control!
  6. nanoreefer

    Post for May POTM

  7. nanoreefer

    Post for May POTM

  8. nanoreefer

    WTB Yellow Tang

    (whistle) i'm guilty of keeping a tang in a nano (29gal) too I think if you get one small enough and keep up with the water parameters, you can have one for a while; good luck with trying to remove it though (laugh)
  9. ...clove polyps or cool zoos. Let me know what you have!
  10. nanoreefer

    New pics of my 29gal nano

    I was in Newport and visited the aquarium this weekend. The lighting in that place is horrible for picture taking; managed to grab a few decent shots Oh...and I was very irritated to see two anemones (one long tentacle and one huge rbta) kept in a very deep clownfish display tank under which i assume is normal output bulbs because it was pretty dim. Other than that, it was a great experience. I can't ever go to Newport without stopping by the aquarium.
  11. nanoreefer

    WTT: Neon toadstool for....

    Sent you a pm Michael! I have one piece left for trading!
  12. nanoreefer

    New pics of my 29gal nano

    Full tank shots; please excuse the frag rack ran out of room in my mini frag tank!
  13. nanoreefer

    New pics of my 29gal nano

    lol...they were little...but not teeny tiny; they were about 2mm in length I think.
  14. nanoreefer

    Inexpensive lighting for 29g

    The bulb and ballast that comes with the Odyssea fixture sucks! I knew that when i bought it; i switched to 14k phoenix (and now 20k for more color pop) and lumatek ballast after i got it; it's actually too bright for a 29gal i think, all my softies freaked out big time, they're just recovering now.
  15. nanoreefer

    New pics of my 29gal nano

    The were hungry! It's about time to feed them again too, they just finished their star. I think they are quite happy, they actually released a ton of babies about two weeks ago. I looked up info on raising the babies but it seems too complicated and I don't have the time. I'll work on a full tank shot soon, need to clear out a few frags i have going in the tank, and maybe get another anemone or something to fill up one of the bald spot. Thanks for the comments everyone!
  16. nanoreefer

    New pics of my 29gal nano

    Some new pics of the inhabitants
  17. Looking to trade these two things for some light loving corals. I'm not looking for sps; maybe a small clam (naughty), yuma, or cool lps.
  18. Sent you a pm Bob!
  19. Oh dear...I got a lot of pm's in just a very short period of time. Maybe i should clarify more of what i'm looking for. Top of my list would be a nice clam ; other that that i'm looking for a bright yuma (i already have the red, and most colors of ricordea) or lps such as hammer coral or something that will add lots of movements to the tank. I've been drooling for a gold torch/hammer, but that's a loooong shot (would be willing to add other corals for trading or pay the difference).
  20. nanoreefer

    Newb in the 'Couve !

    Welcome! I'm in Vantucky as well. Love the rockscape and the kissing/biting chromis. They're by far my favorite fish in the tank; i'd add a few more for a shoaling effect.
  21. nanoreefer

    Post Here for April POTM

    I don't think they were kissing; more like trying to rip each other's lips off....they get along great most of the time, fights break out occasionally though, but always end with only a few slightly torn fins.
  22. nanoreefer

    Looking for Tulip Anemones

    I know most people consider these pests but I want some to put in my pico at work. I got a neon green toadstool frag, neon green neptheas to trade; or can pay. LMK!
  23. nanoreefer

    Looking for Tulip Anemones

    No, those look like brown majanos. I mean these: