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    Wtb: sps frag pack

    I’m ready to venture into the world of sps! Looking for a small high end sps frag pack that include brightly colored corals (for photography). Branching much preferred over encrusting
  2. nanoreefer

    Wtb: sps frag pack

    Lol! that was pretty much my experience with sps before! Ive done a ton of research and have been perfecting my water chemistry. I think the tank is stable enough to give it another try. My monti and birdsnests have been growing well with great colors so I'm hoping not to fail miserably.
  3. nanoreefer

    Wtb: sps frag pack

    Thanks guys! I got a few things lined up; so excited!
  4. nanoreefer


    Been away for years but now I'm back! Keeping it simple with a tiny tank since I don't have a lot of time. It's been running for about 2 months and everything is doing quite well. My goal is to pack it with colors ????
  5. nanoreefer


    My iPhoneX is useless with any sort of blue light. All the colors are achieved with very minimal post processing; mostly in-camera with custom white balance; I slightly underexpose all the photos to preserve all the details; most of the processing is done with Instagram sliders; color temperature slider will filter out a lot of blue; adjust the brightness and add a little sharpening. That’s it!
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    Thanks for the Forest Fire, Scott!
  7. nanoreefer

    Redsea max nano

    I’m very tempted to get it for another freshwater setup; I already maxed out on my spending this month though lol.
  8. nanoreefer

    Redsea max nano

    Is this the setup that’s sitting at the shop?
  9. nanoreefer

    June Picture of the Month

    Anything reef related or ANYTHING?!?
  10. nanoreefer

    Stores in vancouver area?

    Step up and do it, Scott! I was shocked to see OIAB gone when I dropped by; Jason has always been pleasant to work with, although ive heard not everybody had the same experience.
  11. nanoreefer


    You got it? I was very tempted but decided to hold out for a long tentacle plate.
  12. nanoreefer


    Bubblelicious! 😍
  13. nanoreefer


    I didn’t; it’s gorgeous!!! I got the mushroom and the scoly and a wwc bounce.
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    Some more
  15. nanoreefer


    Dropped by Cuttlefish and Corals to browse and ended up with a few awesome pieces; this shop is always so dangerous! Lol Thanks for lettting me snap photos of the candies.
  16. nanoreefer

    WTB: Ai hydra 52hd

    I'm looking to upgrade my lighting. Anyone have one of these for sale?
  17. nanoreefer

    Opae ula vase

    I found these guys in their natural habitat in Hawaii; theyre so fun to watch; there were at least a few hundred thousands in the pools I found them in; I think I'm gonna set up a similar vase! I have a little vid clip on my istagram (sprinklebuns).
  18. nanoreefer

    FS: JF askraks

    Got a few frags of these JF Askraks; they’ve been growing under high light and the colors are AMAZING! $100 for the one polyp (plus baby!); $300 for each of the 4 polyp frags.
  19. nanoreefer

    October POTM Winner!!!

    Thank you!!!
  20. nanoreefer

    October Picture of the Month - Galaxea

    Noooo!!! More entries!!! It’s not my intention to discourage anyone from entering the contest.
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    September POTM Winner

    😊 Thanks, guys!