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  1. Interested in the "SRO XP-5000 Int Cone protein skimmer with pump + extra pump but it needs a new impeller, asking $250" Since I don't really need the neck cleaner.
  2. Unable to send pm to your box. Txt me PayPal address. 360-936-7876 JR
  3. I'll take the sand. Can I paypal the money and pickup at a later date? Thanks in advance, JR
  4. Just sent you a text. Call me when you have a minute.
  5. Just sent you a text. Call me when you have a minute.
  6. Rated for 400+ gallon skimmer. Prefer Reef Octopus, Bubble Magus, Simplicity etc Thanks in advance, Jay
  7. Getting ready to start a new build and needing about 300-400 lbs. PM me what you've got and price per lb. Thanks in advance, Jay
  8. Hi,

    Interested in some dry rock. How many lbs do you have? And how much per lb?

    Looking for about 300-400 lbs.

    Thanks in advance,


  9. Planning on a 12' long in wall build. Anyone have suggestions on local glass tank builders?
  10. price drop to $200 for everything. Need to be out by this Thursday.
  11. pdxmonkeyboy, prefer to sell to one person or two. If no takers I can send you a PM. Located in Vancouver.
  12. Getting ready to move. Selling 90 gallon glass tank w/ corner overflow. good condition. includes 55 gallon sump and stand.Pumps/skimmer/heater not included. Free 3 pcs of 54watt LED fixtures needs work to get whites to work.Approx 100-150lbs of live rock with some corals attached. Hammerhead, mushroom and frogspawn corals. Also have approx 30-40lbs of dry rock and bucket of salt water mix.Prefer to sell as whole package for $300. Otherwise $200 for all liverock/corals and $100 for tanks.Bring your own buckets for transport.
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