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  1. Dyed Anemones Cont...

    At reefsafari, I'm not sayin this is not an addicting hobby at all we all know it is! But to compare it to something that degrades society is a lil redic.
  2. Dyed Anemones Cont...

    The fact of the matter is people dye them and there's nothing that can be done about it... All in all there are FAR worse things that we do in the reef keeping world! That's like saying fraging coral is cruel...if it wasn't for a slight amount of it there would only be FISH tanks! At that how is it not "cruel" to the fish/coral that we pull out of their natural habitat?
  3. Dyed Anemones Cont...

    Are you serious???? How can you even compare drug dealing/using to reef keeping??? This is the most assanine reply you could make! Although I do love the educational aspect of this thread! Like I said before RESEARCH before you buy, easy as that! (If your a true "advanced" hobbiest)
  4. New Shop Update!

    Yea most def. Gunit has the best clean up crew prices around!
  5. Dyed Anemones Cont...

    What ever happened to researching the products you buy? There is a clear difference when you look at the dyed nems! There is no wonder in my mind why there is so much wasted money in this hobby.... how many of you would go buy a car and take the sales persons word to heart without researching it??? Atleast this wholesaler is telling you the truth about the product instead of liein!!! Now the problem really lays in your local lfs, if you "don't agree or like it" shop somewhere else! Its not like there is only one LFS in the state guys and gals! Plus its not like you are FORCED to buy these things...
  6. WTB - large pump

    contact Garrett at Premium aquerium... if he doesnt havewhat your lookin, he could probably get you one for a good price!
  7. NEW STUFF!!!!

    Stopped by Garrett's yesterday and he got in some AMAZING stuff! if any of you have time its def. worth stoppin in!
  8. Moving to Area.

    Lol well I hear ya! And I dont think anyone plans on hunting more than 1 day a year it just happens...lol As far as shops go there are a few nice ones up in Portland and a couple in Salem that almost always have Quality healthy stuff for fair prices! Well good luck to ya in the comming season and welcome to the area!
  9. Moving to Area.

    Snowmobiling really depends on our winters..... changes year to year but usually you can get a few months or so in if your willing to drive to the mountains..... And hunting season fully depends on if you hunt with a rifle or a bow! Rifle seasons are pretty short but bow seasons are pretty awesome! (I bow hunt myself)
  10. 60+ New Coral Colonies in!

    Everything is looks GOOD man! Fish next!!!
  11. Thanksgiving's Week Sale!!!

    These are some of the best fish and inverts that I have seen in a long time. I just stopped by to help Garrett and check them out. Great prices too man!!!
  12. WTS 90g,stand and hood

    that sounds about right! it's a standard 90g I don't have it at home otherwise i would get exact for you it's in storage...
  13. WTS 90g,stand and hood

    Bumpin it back up!!!
  14. who wants to make some beer...

    i need some info on this home brewing stuff! I have thought about it for a few years now and why not try it!!!
  15. WTS 90g,stand and hood

    Ok Ok.... I was offered $250 but it fell through... I feel this is a more than fair price! I know it will make an excellent set for someon im just not in the position to set it up myself. So for price we will say $250 O.b.o. Thanks, Derek