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  1. rscovi6374

    Coral ID Help

    Anyone know what this is? It hitchhiked on a mushroom colony a year ago. There were only a couple polyps. It has been a battle but they are looking nice now. Thanks for the help.
  2. rscovi6374

    Post Pics for the September POTM

    Don't be fooled by the car. My treasure is in my reef tank
  3. rscovi6374

    My acans and others LOTS OF PICS!

    Awesome pics! You don't feed them??? Really? Impressive. Do you have a calcium reactor on your system? Lighting?
  4. rscovi6374

    Showin' Off

    Another Rock Flower Anemone
  5. rscovi6374

    Showin' Off

    Thanks for the compliments. Makes a reefer feel good. First pic, bottom left is the rock flower anemone. From what I understand that morph is very rare. Last seen eight years ago!!
  6. rscovi6374

    Showin' Off

    Not the best pics but I hope you enjoy. The Rock Flower Anemone is my current favorite. Thanks for lookin'. Rick
  7. rscovi6374

    Propagation Tank / WTB

    If you have a propagation tank, please let me know the details. The best way to contact me is rscovi@hotmail.com. Thanks Rick
  8. rscovi6374

    2 X 250 W HQI / T5 Maristar Light Fixture

    The lights in action. This is the Maristar over a 72 bow front. As you can see this is a bit too much light for my softies and LPS.
  9. rscovi6374

    2 X 250 W HQI / T5 Maristar Light Fixture

    Thanks for the advice on the price. Crazy how you have to give this stuff away in the end. I will sell it for $500. It is worth keeping for any less. $250? Yea dude, you shoulda bought that one.
  10. Hey Everyone, I have a 48 inch Maristar light fixture I would like to sell. The fixture is about two years old. I have never experienced any problems with this set up. I would like to sell the entire lighting system as a package. The package includes: 1. 48 Inch Black Maristar Light Fixture / 2 X 250 Watt DE HQI / 2 X 54 W T5 2. Maristar Mounting Bracket 3. 2 Geissmann 250 W DE HQI bulbs 20+K ( one month old ) / 2 Geissmann 54 W T5 Actinic + bulbs ( one month old ) 4. 2 X 250 W Electronic Galaxy Ballast ( very nice ballast ) I am asking $500 for the whole thing. Would be approx $1400 new. The best way to contact me is rscovi@hotmail.com Thanks, Rick
  11. You saved the best picture for last. Very nice collection of softies.
  12. rscovi6374

    Share the love...

    What are we a bunch of hippies? Pass the love man I mean, "share the love."
  13. rscovi6374

    Coral Devouring Hermit Crab Alive

    I am still unsure what this coral is. I am calling it a "meat coral" because it is a raging carnivore. Anyone know exactly what this coral is?
  14. The coralline encrusted object you see in the mouth of the coral is a hermit crab that was attempting to steal food from the coral. Crazy huh? Rick
  15. rscovi6374

    A couple Zoanthid rock pics

    Thanks for taking a look. I will be fragging these pieces in a few months. Peace, Rick