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  1. chorse

    WTB Pepermint shrimp

    Check out Seahorse Aquarium I stock dozens and I'll price match woody
  2. chorse

    WTB Sump

    I have a sump with dividers $65 plenty big enough
  3. Stop by by me place, i've got everthing except Rods food and I have alternatives Woody Seahorse Aquarium Supply
  4. chorse

    Zoa Frags for sale

    what beeeaaauuuuuutiful photos you've shared
  5. chorse

    New member!

    Jim, It's good to see you on the forum! Your tank looks awesome!! -Isaac
  6. chorse

    Duncan problems

    Andy, if all else fails I will get you another duncan frag. How about one with a few more heads?
  7. chorse

    Tyree LE Toadstool

    Very cool Andy!
  8. chorse

    Duncan problems

    Was it open full when you got it? It looks like it should recover. I would put it in a low flow, low light spot until the recession stops. I have some coral dip at the shop I can give you to try if you want. No charge.
  9. chorse

    Any last words?

    No babies here so I don't have much advice. But good luck Eric. Whatever you do don't let him puke on the floor at aquarium shops. This happened in our shop last week. I am still traumatized from the incident.
  10. chorse

    Duncan problems

    Is there any brown or white slime?
  11. chorse

    Duncan problems

    It sounds like a possible bacterial infection.
  12. chorse

    Amazing new skatepark!! My dream come true!

    Fortunately the city isn't liable if someone gets hurt. This is a recent change however. The liability is the main reason these parks weren't around in the past.
  13. chorse

    Amazing new skatepark!! My dream come true!

    I think it is a great place for kids and adults to get recreation and stay out of trouble. I have been a skateboarder for 17 years now and I think if there had been a place like that I could have progressed faster without the tickets and skateboard confiscations.
  14. chorse

    Amazing new skatepark!! My dream come true!

    I forgot to mention that it is lit all night! What am I doing on the computer? I should be there right now.
  15. I don't think there are to many members that skateboard but if you do or know someone who does you should know about Ed Benedict park on 102nd and Powell. There are many skateparks in the area but this one is the best I have seen yet! The first time I saw it I thought I had died and gone to heaven.