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  1. madmike

    Reef Stuff For Sale

    Says you can’t accept messages? Interested in the heaters if they are still avail. You can txt me 360 seven nine eight 0509 mike
  2. madmike

    Nice fish for sale

    Interested in the powder blue, purple and yellow belly blue tang, message sent
  3. madmike

    Pump needed

    No one has an old submersible pump laying around from the olden days!?
  4. madmike

    Pump needed

    Hey everyone... if you are like me you’ve moved over to efficient dC water pumps and have trashed those old ac pumps... im in need of one of those old pumps. I have a 500 gallon soaking tub that uses a wood stove to heat it to hot tub temps but there is quite the temperature gradient going on so I’d like to throw one of those old inefficient pumps in it while heating to circulate the water. I’m thinking a big mag drive pump would do the trick but I’m open to ideas... want to stay with internal for now, would hate to cut into my woodwork more than nececcary. Let me know what you got and how many beers/$$ you’d want for it thanks! mike
  5. madmike

    Methods for moving Large Tank

    last I saw ocean in a box had it but not sure where it went with the closure...
  6. madmike

    I’m almost back!!!

    Your boat going to fit in that extra stall? Dans shop looks good with our boats in it haha!
  7. madmike

    free LEDs

    Wow that’s a blast from the past!
  8. madmike

    Alert Weather "HOT"

    definitely keep that puppy between the temps of 72.1 and 72.6 degrees! haha these frenchies like to overheat! Here are mine basking in the AC
  9. madmike

    Vertex omega 180i

    Pm sent
  10. madmike

    1000 gallon system!

    She's the boss and doesn't put up with her Frenchie OR English brothers S@!t
  11. madmike

    1000 gallon system!

    wow thats one cute Frenchie! looks like our Archer
  12. madmike

    Controlling effluent flow

    I agree with jorge, get a peristaltic... there is a masterflex thread on reef central that explains how to purchase and setup one. These a medical grade that can run for years continuously without adjustment... not cheap but then again what is in our hobby!