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  1. Just a quick shout out for the awesome Duncan frag @SuncrestReef looks really healthy and happy. Will try to get the real camera out for a pic... but you know how that goes 😁
  2. So looks like you have developed a "bounce" hammer 😁 This is kind of crazy - have not seen an example of that before.
  3. That is exactly what I thought they were when I saw your pic. I'm sure Scott could whip some up for PNWMAS members living in high DUI risk areas @spectra
  4. albertareef

    Lyretail anthias

    Interesting. I have wondered what the usual ratio is to get one to convert. I have had a pair for couple of years now and one still is still male so seems like it might be variable. Definitely cool to see them morph - at least from female to male. The other way around is often disappointing though πŸ˜ƒ
  5. Did you 3D print them? Cool option to have available for a DC conversion/pump replacement.
  6. Hey Trevor - I had really high Lithium (over 1000) and I do think it was causing issues. Only thing I could link it to was possibly a piece of man made shelf rock I had in the tank that I introduced about the same time I had the heavy metal problem cropped up. Thought they were from one and the same source but apparently not 😞 About time for me to send in another sample and see if cleared up. The corals are growing again so have to think it had an impact.
  7. Hey John - I will try one since there are still some left.
  8. This is awesome and thank you again Rudy for thinking of and supporting the TFT program! @Jeremevans just want to make sure you saw this Jeremy.
  9. You must be in the new house then?
  10. Well said Kim! But I do think a special shout out to all the front line health care providers (whether via fireworks or a simple thumbs up) is well warranted in these circumstances so count me among those who appreciate your contributions and the added risk those working directly with patients incur. That said, I agree, we are all in this together and all of us are essential in our own way. Stay well (both physically and mentally) everyone!
  11. Yeah - this was my thought as well. It's a bit whack as the station is still supposed to have people maintaining sterilization protocol - in which case, why can't they just pump the gas instead and limit the contact with the equipment? I think this may have been one of those well intentioned things that just wasn't well thought out under the circumstances. Not the first time...
  12. Hard to blame it really...
  13. I used to find these occasionally at some of the local stores - basically little mini zoa gardens. I always thought they were pretty cool and a nice way to add an instant splash of color to a tank. Guessing it might not have been worth the time to try and grow these out and people started getting particular about their zoas. Hope you can find something that works.
  14. they apparently use a modified (low volume) version of the Clippard in the Carbon Doser regulators so these should work well. I rebuilt one recently so had to dig into it a bit. I can't confirm the "custom" aspect of the aquariumplants.com part but ended up getting it from them just in case as it wasn't that much more money. Would be curious though if anyone used one of the standard Clippard parts to try and rework one of those units or build their own electronic controlled version (basically just tying one of these to a timer chip). Seems like someone in this crowd must have gone there 😁
  15. I am guessing it's a sign of the low curbs there but who know for sure. Maybe some popular bars in the hood? Excited to see the new place when we are finally able to socialize again. Maybe you could do a youtube walk through or something in the meantime πŸ˜ƒ
  16. This actually made it to O-live... apparently only the third reported sighting ever. https://www.oregonlive.com/news/2020/03/pacific-snake-eel-rarely-seen-in-oregon-washes-up-near-astoria.html
  17. Yikes! At least they didn't take out anything besides the mailbox. Looks a bit like a "Driving while Texting" experience to me. What kind of neighborhood did you move into anyway😁
  18. Sorry to hear this - definitely brutal out there. Jeff has been selling supplies at cost to help folk out but I realize that is only a drop in the bucket. Hopefully something comes up before you have to break it down - good luck!
  19. So did you get it? I might have some of the Seachem stuff left over if you need something ASAP.
  20. Thank you and the crew again Jeff. Very thankful to have your and the community's support through this.
  21. I have heard that it is best to deny food for a while to encourage the shrimp to go for the aptasia - of course that means not feeding the fish either. I think HigherThinking suggested something like a week @Higher Thinking I have not tried this myself but would consider it as an option if you can't get your hands on the berghia and manual eradication (Aptasia-X, Kalk) can't keep up. Thanks for the report - I have been wondering how the TfT tanks have been doing under the current circumstances so glad to see at least one made it to a safe place.
  22. Interesting. This is how I have my setup configured (not Apex) but hadn't heard this before.
  23. I've used ARM, reborn, and the Seachem product (ReefReactor) as well. Can't say I saw much of a difference in any of them but hardly a controlled study πŸ˜ƒ I tend to run a higher pH (around 7.0) so that could impact how they behave somewhat (reduce the chance they turn into paste perhaps).
  24. Yeah, yeah... that was the plan but ran out of time and tried to grab some quick shots with the phone, embarrassing for sure.
  25. OK... guess I will have to go with the crappy pics - got busy and now the lights are down. Sorry folks. Tank: 125 display with sump and separate refugium (about 40 gallons), 3 ReeFi Duo Extremes for lighting, Aquamaxx ConeS3 skimmer, Ca reactor, ATO, Aquatronica controller with Temp/Orp/Density/pH. Parameters currently pH 8.2-8.4, salinity 1.0245, Alk 9.4, Ca 430, Mg 1280, Nitrate 4, Phos 0.1. Acan frag on frag rack about 1/3 down (8 inches) on one end of tank. Like I said, crappy pics but as I hope you can see, two heads with clean cuts on both sides - no babies at this point πŸ˜” This is the "A" frag.
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