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  1. Holly's Amazingly Awesome $10 Frag Sale

    Hard to feel too sorry for you there my friend! You could leave me some shopping money and I could pick up some things for you
  2. Holly's Amazingly Awesome $10 Frag Sale

    C'mon Jeremy - you need to reschedule so you can make this!
  3. Holly's Amazingly Awesome $10 Frag Sale

    BTW - I want whatever that last acro is
  4. Holly's Amazingly Awesome $10 Frag Sale

    Woo whoo! Always a blast and lots of great deals. (looking around to see where I can stuff some more frags)
  5. Walt Disney frag!

    Maybe Cherany can get you up to speed on the emoticons. Nice healthy looking frag Jorge - GLWS.
  6. Hey all

    Welcome - glad you found your way here and were able to make it out to the fragfest - looks like you may have found some goodies for the new tank while you were there. That is a particularly nice looking powder brown BTW!
  7. New 33 gallon Aquamaxx

    I kind of like the industrial vibe of that stand even if it is overkill!
  8. Re-turn

    Welcome back! I dropped out shortly after you when having to tare down my 120 due to majanos and just started up about a year ago. Hard to stay away for ever. Definitely some things have changed in that time. LED lighting has come a long way and T-5 are making a comeback. Lots of recent advances in automation (seeing alkalinity monitoring on controllers) and things like algae turf scrubbers for nutrient control. I am sure you will enjoy catching up as you plan your new tank... I know I did. Yep, there are a few of the old shops around and Woody's moved back to their original location and now has the next generation running the show. There are some notable new shops as well - Cuttlefish and Coral started up on Mississippi Ave and now moved to Hillsdale (well worth checking out). OIAB is still over in Vancouver but has undergone some ownership changes. TPA and ATA are not too far away and also well worth a trip. You should check out our sponsors page as many of the local shops are listed on their information. Good luck with your reboot. Hopefully we will see you at a meeting in the near future - next one is Dec 2nd at Kennedy School.
  9. What happens when tanks get natural light from windows?

    That looks like a great spot for the peninsula! Pretty exciting
  10. What do you want for raffle prizes ?

    I think those are all really good and popular options. Besides, I already have an AIO nano to put up. (slinks away sheepishly)
  11. What happens when tanks get natural light from windows?

    Invest in a good glass scraper! I have always had a lot of algae growth on the tank walls whenever I have had a tank near that much natural light - either salt or fresh water.
  12. Any Recommends for Refugium Lights

    What are you thinking for the new tank?
  13. Any Recommends for Refugium Lights

    I am actually - never solved the intermittent flicker problem. Grows chateo like crazy though. Glad you ressurected this thread though as I should order another one to try and couldn’t recall the link. Is yours still running?
  14. Hello from Redmond

    Welcome! Glad you found us and hope you find some inspiration along the way. Great community here with lots of helpful and experienced reefers - many with larger systems who likely have there own flood horror stories. If you do decide to take the plunge make sure to start a build thread to share the adventure!
  15. Buying a new house, need advice for moving tanks.

    Glad it wasn’t anything too drastic. Looks like you are up and running in the new location - congrats! Sorry I didn’t know or I would have tried to get down there and help out but sounds like you had it covered.
  16. Holiday Party Save the Date!

    Haha! I just question whether or not it’s wise to provide any additional motivation to Scott in this matter - I don’t feel the need to see any Bieber either 👍
  17. What do you want for raffle prizes ?

    Mini lop for the win! Definitely a cute one but not sure it’s bright enough for you Cherany 😁
  18. Holiday Party Save the Date!

    You just had to throw down that gauntlet didn’t you 😵
  19. Good afternoon

    Yep - my new tank made it about a week before it flooded the dinning room. 😳
  20. Holiday Party Save the Date!

    For some strange reason, this feels like a threat j/k Doge... will look forward to seeing you there (wig or no wig).
  21. Tapatalk?

    Bummer. Sorry I am of no help here Holly.
  22. Good afternoon

    Good call - I am sure that contributes to how well everything seems to be doing. I hope losing the 300 didn't entail any tragedy but at least what you are running now looks fantastic. Sounds like you may have joined us for the fragfest this year - that is awesome! We are hoping to lure some vendors from farther afield as well... maybe next year. Not sure we could handle two a year though - some significant recovery time may be involved
  23. Good afternoon

    Welcome! Those have the look of happy, mature tanks! Very nice. You might hold the current record for sump/refugium volume relative to display size if I am reading that right.
  24. I'm envious - I don't have data recording for my solenoid. Now I feef inferrior Oh well, I don't have flow data either so I might as well just give up. j/k Jeremy - really interesting to see all the tracking data on this with your system mods.
  25. Blue led strip

    Haha! Can't let a good pun go unacknowledged!