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    So there are a couple of different things going on. The "Leader Board" is by reputation points (from people liking posts) and defaults to the "by month" time frame, the "Top Members" list and the ranking titles that show up in profiles (the "shark", "zoanthid" etc.) are based on post count only and are cumulative. You can see the cumulative reputation points on the profiles and the Top Members listing as well but that isn't the sort in the latter case.
  2. albertareef

    Frag Fest photos?

    Man - that is one happy frag! Looking good Dodge!
  3. albertareef


    That could be arranged my friend...
  4. albertareef

    New buddy

    Interesting and definitely explains why they are hard to keep. Wonder if Scott still has his @spectra
  5. albertareef

    ReeFi gen 2 high power LEDs

    Ouch - at least you are discovering these things before it's too late to fix them. Frustrating I'm sure though. Good luck ironing out the production details!
  6. albertareef

    3 gallons of media low

    Yeesh - you and Suncrestreef are making me feel more inadequate all the time... I clearly need to retire so I have the time to up my controls game. (if only)
  7. albertareef

    Collector sps pack fs

    Nice selection! If I bought it could I leave them with you until they get colony sized πŸ˜ƒ I don't trust myself with high end frags anymore 😞 Seriously though, these look great and someone is going to score a really nice collection. GLWS!
  8. albertareef

    3 gallons of media low

    Seems like lots of folk use the standard tubing... I know that I have had issues with loss of pliability and hardening that can affect connections (had the line pop off at one point) so am a bit sensitive to the issue. I was just hoping you had found a cheap source for the C02 resistant stuff πŸ˜„
  9. albertareef

    New buddy

    Oh man... that is sad. Sorry to hear of his demise - especially as he seemed to be doing so well. Note to self - don't try to eat whole fire shrimp.
  10. albertareef

    Queen Angelfish FS

    Yeah, I will try later on a different computer - maybe the browser. I was wondering why you were getting rid of it, they are such beautiful fish! Hope it finds a good home Jon.
  11. albertareef

    3 gallons of media low

    My understanding was there there is a significant difference in permeability and susceptibility to hardening/cracking with non-CO2 "resistant" compounds. Looks like greenleaf markets some specifically for this type of application but runs about $1 per foot. Some of the medical purveyors also have versions but are even more expensive.
  12. albertareef

    Queen Angelfish FS

    For some reason I can't get this to play - bummed as I really want to see those angels!
  13. albertareef

    ReeFi gen 2 high power LEDs

    Will be great to have some options for those of us with longer tank dimensions. The pendants will work but a unit that better matches the tank profile makes a lot of sense as you (theoretically) should be able to get better coverage with fewer fixtures. Looking forward to seeing these in action!
  14. albertareef

    Black Storms everywhere!

    I will say that they are one of my favorite clowns to hit the market. I like how their eyes just look like the rest of the body markings and kind of disappear.
  15. albertareef

    Fish room planning

    Yeah - that position will definitely give you the best viewing angles even if is isn't the "cleanest" from a layout perspective. I could certainly see this being the preferred option to maximize your enjoyment of the tank. I will say, however, the whole thing makes me envious πŸ˜„
  16. albertareef

    3 gallons of media low

    Nice. What did the CO2 resistant tubing cost you?
  17. albertareef

    why are people flakey?

    I don’t remember that but may have been during my hiatus. It does make some sense although could be controversial if not used responsibly.
  18. albertareef


    Hey Miles - are you talking about the "Rank" designation at the bottom of the profile screen shots you included? If yes, I think that is a purely driven off of the post count number. At some point in time, different "ranks" were given to different levels of post count and they automatically change whenever you cross the next threshold - honestly don't know who came up with the designations or thresholds (anyone know?). Emerald has her own "rank" as as top poster for being the most prolific member on the site! Jeremy or Jay might be able to see the configuration and give a listing of the rank titles.
  19. albertareef

    Garf bonsai colony fs

    That was quick! Nice colony.
  20. albertareef

    why are people flakey?

    Well, at least I wasn't one of the 4 no shows πŸ˜ƒ Definitely think you are well within your rights to expect better communication and, while life can and does seem to wreck the best laid plans, I always try and let people know if I can't make an arranged meeting - as you say, common (or perhaps now uncommon) curtesy. Very disappointing to think at least two of those were potentially members treating another member here with such a lack of respect. On that note... what acro frags you got 😍
  21. albertareef

    UV LED flashlights

    So are you using this for screening hotel rooms when you are on the road or... Just curious. πŸ˜ƒ
  22. albertareef

    Back Up Pump FTW

    You realize you just jinxed yourself right? That is a pretty good run for sure.
  23. albertareef

    Bubbles 3.4 gallon drop off

    I liked that design - too bad it didn’t work out for you long term. GLWS.
  24. albertareef

    How bout them COWBOYS!!!

    As much as I would like to talk some β€œboys” smack, they were worlds better than the *#^% show that was the Raiders this year. No end in sight either 😞
  25. albertareef

    ReeFi gen 2 high power LEDs

    Thanks for the update Daniel - exciting to see this turn into a finished product! Congrats on seeing all your hard design work come together. Maybe we could get a demo at one of the upcoming meetings? BTW - who’s feeding the triggers while you are in China?