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  1. Yes indeed. Sad to see her go but it was time for a new home. Hopefully someone here is looking for a nice specimen.
  2. Thanks for the update - looks like great progress! Glad to see things are settling in and you are starting to be able to expand your critter collection. One nice thing about reef tanks is that even with limited stocking, there is almost always something interesting going on. Good to hear the students are already engaged in the tank - hopefully more good things to come.
  3. Hey all, Just a quick note that we dropped off our extremely attractive and healthy Desjardini Red Sea tang off at Seahorse Aquarium a little over a week ago so if you happen to be in the market for one you should take a look (it was still there yesterday). We had the fish for around 2 years and it has done great - only problem is that it was just getting a bit large for the tank and other fish. Not really super aggressive with other fish but just being large and energetic stressed the others out so it was time to find him/her a new home. Never any sign of health issues of any sort. Eats most anything - we fed a mix of Reef Frenzy, mysis, brine and nori. If you happen to be in the market for a good sized specimen (about 5.5 to 6 inches) you should take a look. Sadly no pictures but it is one where the yellow strips turn to spots toward the lower portion of the body... very handsome indeed.
  4. Ah - I remember the Photon V2s you had but somehow missed these guys. It is somewhat disconcerting that they were dropped so quickly - wonder if the "undesired results" were something specific or just general underperformance. Well, sounds like you should be in good shape going forward anyway - a lot more info and experience to tap into with the Hydra's thats for sure.
  5. Thanks for the pics and info Bret. I do like the idea of incorporating sock into the "overflow" compartment to free up space in the sump for bulkier items. Also probably makes monitoring and change out a bit easier.
  6. Hi Greg - I can't even remember what lights you ended up with. I do recall the discussion at Rudy's around the "flickering" which was a result of how some of the manufactures implemented their intensity control since the alternative (running the diodes at lower voltages) could result in less consistent output/spectra (since they were designed to run at a set voltage). I don't recall catching anything about what frequencies that might entail and whether or not you would be able to perceive it as flickering... perhaps if the output level were low enough? Seems odd that it will barely reach 350 at the top regardless.
  7. You just broke the PDXmonkeyboy quad rule! 😁
  8. Good to hear - hope all continues well. I was going to make mentionnin my previous post that not only was it an IPA but a double no less - maybe helped knock down that cyano 😁
  9. I think that is actually a bonus. 😃 Seriously though, Sirena and Scott put together some killer tacos!
  10. C’mon Randall - at least take them out of the bags for us 😀 congrats on some nice pieces to kickstart the new tank!
  11. Will be great to see you two - and eat some of Sirena’s fantastic food!
  12. Awesome - can’t wait to see these in action!
  13. Nice additions! Really like that blueberry cheesecake monti.
  14. Like Suncrest said - if you isolated it quickly by turning off the return and can completely drain and replenish the sump that should be a good start and hopefully limit any damage. Probably would be good to run some carbon when you can get some in there and test your parameters just to be safe Not to make light of the situation but this may the most “Portland” post I have seen here for a long while - where else do you get dogs knocking IPA into reef tanks right? Good luck!
  15. There are so many good options I think it might be hard to choose. 😳
  16. Fortunately my wife enjoys the tank as well although is more about the fish than the coral as they have personality. Her father was in to marine life so she had some early exposure and it stuck. I am, however, admittedly more obsessive about it 😁
  17. Looking good Randall! What made you change your mind on the halide?
  18. That is sweet Bret. Those look like some happy Seahorses!
  19. As if there is such a thing in this hobby 😏
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