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  1. NEW Par Meter Booking Thread

    Done! Done!
  2. Few Corals for Sale!

    Those frag packs are pretty sweet!
  3. Greetings and salutations

    Welcome back! Nice choice of tank to get you started again - looking really sharp so far. Many of us here just getting back into the hobby after some time out. I was gone around 6-7 years myself and have just had a tank up for a little over a year now. Hard to put it down completely. Hopefully you will find some help and inspiration here to keep you going and maybe we will see you at a meeting sometime soon.
  4. Pretty cool. Thanks for sharing. I don't have this kind of granularity on mine but have a similar ratio of "blues" (channel 3,5,6 equivalents) and "whites" (one, two, four equivalents) at peak. I can't ramp so run the blues from noon to 10 and the whites from 2 to 8 with some moonlight supplementation for two hours on either side.
  5. $155 DIY apogee PAR meter!!!

    C'mon... where's your sense of adventure!
  6. 50g low boy

    You don't say A couple of the pieces I got from you last year are doing quite well so anxious to see what else might be lurking in the low boy this time around.
  7. 200 gallon starfire tank/stand/sump/pump/misc

    Someone on here really needs to buy this (besides me that is).
  8. Wtb: frag tank, sump, pumps, lights, etc.

    Well, that is one way to clear off the frag rack! If I had room I would consider something like what you are proposing in order to keep it simple (one set of main equipment, one set of water parameters to worry about) and take advantage of the stability of more water volume. Doesn't help with QT necessarily but can't have everything. Good luck! Brian - you are selling of the frag system as well? Bummer.

    Wow. Those are getting large! I have some significant turbos in my tank but I think you have them beat.
  10. Test kits

    Like most others, it's a combo of Red Sea (Phos, NO3) and Salifert (Alk, Mg, Ca). I tend to prefer titration to colorimetric when I have a choice - generally seem to give less ambiguous results (at least for my eyes). Haven't actually tried the Hanna kits yet.
  11. 50g low boy

    Things are looking pretty happy in there! Looking forward to seeing the system again at the Feb meeting.
  12. This never gets old?

    That is some crazy poly action on that bad boy. Nice pic!
  13. Shroom mini collection

    Sell this mushroom pack and you will be more than halfway to getting Brian's tank/stand! Good luck and looking forward to the pics
  14. Some cheap frags!

    Sorry to hear that Taylor - major bummer. Hope you heal quickly. Not sure when I can get down there realistically so if Greg is able to hook up with you then I'm sure he could give them a good home. If that doesn't work out, I would be happy to paypal you for the chalice and echinata if you are OK holding them. Whatever works best for you.
  15. 200 gallon starfire tank/stand/sump/pump/misc

    Wow - heck of a deal on a beautiful tank/stand combo. Wish I was in the market for something that size/dimensions. Someone should snatch this up while they can! GLWS.
  16. NEW Par Meter Booking Thread

    Wilapa now has the USB meter. Was checked for function and deposit collected. Can arrange to collect from him when done.
  17. Some cheap frags!

    Hey Taylor - I would still be interested in the chalice and echinata if you do come up but sounds like Greg also wants those and is much closer to home so no worries. They would be going to a good home 👍
  18. NEW Par Meter Booking Thread

    Haha! Surprisingly, I came away empty handed but it wasn’t for a lack of tempting items. Just trying to stay focused 😞. There was an acid trip milli there that was calling to me...
  19. NEW Par Meter Booking Thread

    Hey @Willapa I have the USB meter so let me know when it would be a good time to meet up and hand it off. Sent you a PM.
  20. Favorite Shops

    If you come all the way into PDX i would also stop at Seahorse. Woody passed away recently but his son in law Terry has been running the shop at the old location and getting in some really nice pieces. Cuttlefish is definitely a must stop. Bret also opened up a shop recently, Paradise, and I have heard good things about it although sadly haven’t made it there myself.
  21. Greg's Red Sea Peninsula 650 Build Thread

    Well - I just knew what would happen to me if I had that sitting in front of my work space 😍. Good luck focusing... on the homework that is.
  22. NEW Par Meter Booking Thread

    Sounds like I might be picking this up from C&C so want me to give you a shout when I have it? Would be good to hook up anyway as we are pretty close by if I recall correctly.
  23. Greg's Red Sea Peninsula 650 Build Thread

    I like how it's positioned directly behind your computer screens... that won't be a distraction at all I know what I would rather watch anyway... Looking good!
  24. Wtb Red Dragon Breath Macro algae

    I have seen some at Seahorse on occasion if nobody chimes in.
  25. Central High School

    If you are either willing to live with the condensation problem or get a sufficiently thick tank they can be pretty darn cool and the idea of collecting your own material sounds really fun. Steve Weast used to have some really spectacular cold water tanks he kept. There are some pics and additional info on the Oregon Reef pages... http://www.oregonreef.com/sub_coldwater.htm I saw these in person back in the day and they were awesome. The boxfish were super cool!