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  1. I've been using some very effective and very well priced 50w LED floodlights from ebay ($17.99 each) and they are great for my applications, but I would really like to be able to do a little fine tuning on the color spectrum with the Kessil amazon sun. I was able to use one for a display tank at MACNA in Denver a couple years ago and it worked out great. If anyone has any leads on where to get one online or locally that would awesome
  2. Would love some of these for my coldwater tank since they represent the more true lighting that we receive here on the Oregon coast but cant seem to find them at any online retailers. I'm sure they didn't sell very well being a lower spectrum, maybe with the freshwater crowd? If anyone happens to have a used one they want to part with on the cheap let me know, or if you know of a source for them please post it up here Thanks!
  3. No problem Time for me to start growing them back out again. Might be a couple weeks before I have some more colonies to sell. You guys should have plenty though
  4. Looks like Emerald is getting a bottle also, I will be dropping them all off at Flashes tomorrow night.
  5. I also suggest that anyone getting one of the 2 liters go ahead and dump half of it into another 2 liter so you can have a backup colony going right away. Just top off the rest of the bottle with tank water or water from a water change.
  6. I'm out off of 172nd and Hwy212 just before Damascus. I should be home most of the day tomorrow, shoot mea text for address/cell
  7. Right now I have mine under a trio of LED spot lights that normally run a 12 hour light period, but I turned them on from the reef keeper about a month ago and and just left them on. Temp swings from low 50's to high 80's in the garage. They will 100% live outside though, just make sure they don't get cooked in direct light or water logged with rain. I'd guess a window or back porch on the south facing side of the house would give the best lighting and coverage from rain. Evap is a PITA, which is why I went with the 2liter bottles for the main grow outs. The tapered neck prevents a lot of the normal condensation.
  8. Glad I could help You guys should have no problem setting up a couple more solid colonies with those 2 liters you got Remember to spread em out so you have backups in case anything happens to one of them. My kids have knocked a couple of mine over before, lol.
  9. They will survive the temp, but will be eaten by other amphipods and the animals. These guys in the wild only live in splash pools that they at the highest animal on the food chain, and the algae they eat is the next. I've observed pools brimming with them and right next to it a pool devoid of them and only one or two slightly larger amphipod species. Best bet is to propagate them outside of the main system and then add them as a food source to your tank. The nice part is that they will live year round in room temperature stagnant saltwater. If u want more production out of them just raise the temp with a small heater and keep them in a tank, that will speed their metabolism and hop up reproduction times. I light mine 24/7 now that I have algae that will grow nonstop.
  10. I will be around the house most of the day on Sunday, I will shoot you my address and cell number so we can arrange a time for you to swing by
  11. Got a ton of tigriopus californicus growing out in 2 liter bottles in my garage, I like to thin them out occasionally so selling off some in 3 oz starter cultures. If you have anything that likes to eat small copepods these make great food, and they are super easy to grow. I think I've had the same cultures running for about 5 years now and all I do is give them light for the algae to grow. If you want a starter to get your own culture going just let me know $5 per starter, or if you want a whole established 2 liter I'd sell one of those for $25. Post here if you are interested and we can PM or text to arrange a time to meet. I live out towards Damascus/Clackamas and commute to Beaverton so can usually meet up somewhere in between during the week after work. Cheers! Stu
  12. Yup, what Josh said Short term exposure to elevated temperatures outside of their normal range they will be fine, long term will extremely shorten their lifespan. If these species could successfully be acclimated to higher temperatures over the long term they would already be living in those areas in the wild.
  13. Totally random, but I'm curious if anyone knows a guy that goes by the screen name of "Nice-Diver" that is from Eugene? Found his Flickr account and some posts on the Northwest Dive Club Forum (he hasn't been active there since 2014) but I figured that maybe someone here might know him since the diving and aquarium keeping worlds aren't too far apart. He took some photos of some grunt sculpins in Newport while diving the Jetty a few years ago and I wanted ask him about. Here's his photostream if anyone recognizes him or anything in it let me know would love to grab a beer with the guy and pick his brain https://www.flickr.com/photos/nice-diver/with/23601112121/
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