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  1. Acrylic Bulging

    fill it outside and see if it holds :-) I had a 55 gallon and it bowed a bit!
  2. New way to kill Aiptasia?

    My fish olve the laser pointer...its the only way to get the clowns outta the corner! Of course we use extreme caution...but fun to watch!
  3. Finally ready to back into it

    Welcome back! It looks as if both of us still enjoy the great PNWMAS group!
  4. id please!

    thanks Miles! hows that baby? i love the fb posts!
  5. id please!

    sweet...thanks a bunch. it is a cool addition that magically appeared!
  6. id please!

    this started a few months ago. there are 3 "stalks" too stiff (i think) to be sponge [ATTACH]12416[/ATTACH]
  7. Just stopping back by...

    Heck ya we should!
  8. Just stopping back by...

    HaHa! All of the PNWMAS success were because of great folks before me!!! But, during my time, we enjoyed the "grow out" process! I'd list those who need a big thanks, but I may miss some one.
  9. Nice tank. I admire your hard work and dedication!
  10. Just stopping back by...

    Hey all. Love all of the updates to PNWMAS. A bit has changes since my time!!! I really enjoyed serving PNWMAS for the 2 years that I did. I am glad that the legacy continues on!!! Not much has changed. Still have my tank and its looking good. Starting the move towards more LPS and then SPS. For now, the softies, fish and LPS that I have are doing well!
  11. WTB: Chiller

    Don't want to go into another summer without one. Have about 140 gallons total so looking for 1/5 Hp at least. Let me know! If possible...email me Kris_waters@msn.com
  12. Sale!!! My Tank/Stand is For Sale!

    Frank...I love this tank. Can't wait to see the new one up in action. Miss you and the lady! Hope your dogs are great! Another trip to the beach and a romp in the waves is definately in store! Kris
  13. Reflector and Mogul Base - Eugene

    Chiller I am looking for a used chiller for my 110 gallon tank. I am hoping that it will be very affordable! It doesn't have to be now, but definately as things start getting warmer. Kris Kris_waters@msn.com
  14. Reflector and Mogul Base - Eugene

    I have a couple of mogle bases I could sell you and ship if you want. I have a DIY reflector but it is a pyramid shape. Let me know via email kris_waters@msn.com Kris
  15. Where to buy this localy?

    You can also purchase the hepa filter pads for your heater registers. They are square pads that fit into the register to block pollutants. I picked up a pack of 10 or more at my hardware store for about 5 bucks. Kris