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  1. New sump from wanareef

    That's a beauty! Nice work Charles!
  2. Bug ID?

    Doesn't look like amphipods or copepods but it looks like what I always have grouped in with "pods" either way. They're harmless.
  3. ALk low

    The Red Sea kit I used long ago was way off. I always trust my salifert kits. Haven't had an issue in 20 years. There was a time 10+ years agothat people had problems with but I missed that batch. If yours is not expired, I'd trust it.
  4. Price Check: Radion X30's - Gen 3

    Treefitty😬 Seriously though, it all depends on what kind of shape they're in. If they are pristine, without any hardware and they're xr30 pros $350 is a good range...
  5. ALk low

    If both kits read the same or close then I doubt they're bad. Fwiw, I have had great success with salifert. Time to start manually dosing ca/alk/mg on a regular basis....
  6. ALk low

    It's surprising how much alk a maturing tank will go through weekly and or daily. I agree though that it sounds likes bad test kit. Is it a Red Sea kit?
  7. ALk low

    Are you measuring your Alk by Dkh or meq/l?
  8. Music calms the savage beast

    Speaking of masterpieces...
  9. Music calms the savage beast

  10. Music calms the savage beast

    If I'm running late for work...
  11. Music calms the savage beast

  12. Music calms the savage beast

    If I'm watching the tank then it's...
  13. Music calms the savage beast

  14. Music calms the savage beast

    Depends on my mood but right now it's stuff like this.
  15. SWC Xtreme 160 skimmer

  16. http://www.swcskimmers.com/product3.html 21" x 10" x 10" Pinwheel impeller. Always starts right up. Comes with a new spare pinwheel impeller(rotor/shaft/pinwheel) and a new ceramic shaft(sealed). Located in SE Portland. Will post actual pics after it is clean $150
  17. Aqueon Proflex Sump

  18. Aqueon Proflex Sump

    http://m.drsfostersmith.com/product/prod_display.cfm?pcatid=23752 Model 3 sump- 25.5"(L) x 14"(W) x 17"(H) Uses 4" socks. Have 10 clean socks Located in SE Portland. Will have actual pics up after it's clean. $125
  19. getting clown to eat..

    Was it eating at the store you bought it from?
  20. getting clown to eat..

    Live blackworms. Family pet center (122nd & Halsey)used to carry them. I heard they're closing up shop though. Give em a call.
  21. Gyre xf250 x2

    No way. I'll have them by Friday. With receipt and full warranty. Plus I'm supporting our newest sponsor. Sorry if I'm derailing your thread Jorge.
  22. Gyre xf250 x2

    Too late... 3 hours late and a 4 hundo short! Whatcha gonna replace them with?