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  1. Glad you got pics of that... Good man!
  2. Ahh. Opposite of the RF chip. Let us know what they say...
  3. Too bad you didn’t open the driver and take pics. I’d love to see that. That looks like the area where the RFchip is. The indentation looks curious to me. Did ETM let you know what happened? Gotta love their customer support!
  4. chewie

    Clown babies

    The babies will not make it in a display tank. If the parents don’t eat them, they will be eaten by all the other fish/shrimps. I would consider setting up a separate tank for the parents, if you want your other fish to survive. My Darwin’s killed everything in my tank before I figured out they were laying eggs. If you want to raise them babies, there’s plenty of information out there on how to do it. I’ll post a link to my thread shortly. Good luck and feel free to ask questions.
  5. My guess would be... back in the day Hagen mad some pretty good pumps that were called “powerhead” 802/301 ect. The name just stuck. Could also have to do with head pressure(how much height it can pump with hose attached).
  6. Shoot me a pm or text.
  7. It’s AM. (3weeks later).... 😬
  8. Your first pic looks like a ball anemone to me. Very cool critter that I have been unable to keep alive long term. They do pack a sting so be careful what you place near it. They do not get much bigger than that and tend to stay in the shade. 2nd pic looks like sponge. Looks like you have some good live rock besides the aiptasia in pic 3. Peppermint shrimp should take care of that.
  9. I run one on my 525xl and have had 0 problems. I also run them on my other systems with 0 problems.
  10. Thx guys! Not sure why the video won’t work for you Sean. Really want to keep this fish but she has an appetite for Starfish unlike my other 2 angels. My big fish only tank build is on hold until I finish my working on my house.
  11. No pro here... still learning everyday. I miss the good old days. IMO, way more fun before it became more organized. Don’t get me wrong, I think the club now is awesome! Just not like back in the day... If Ryan makes the food for the next meeting, I’ll be there. Dude made some pretty amazing dishes straight out of culinary school! Asian BBQ sauce FTW!
  12. Stomatella snail. Good critter!
  13. Looks like a mystic sunset monti to me... nice piece for $15.
  14. Love these skimmers! I just hate that you can’t take the drain pipe apart to fully clean. My only gripe about them.
  15. As with any caulerpa, it is pretty invasive. Manual removal is best. Some tangs will eat it when hungry as well as Fox faces.
  16. I have a pair of Vortech MP60WQD’s for sale. They were used for 3 months. Manufacture date of 11/2/17. Never ran at more than 30%. Was saving them for a bigger build but that’s not happening for awhile. $550 each or both for $1000
  17. Nice! Especially with the neck cleaner.
  18. In my case it was 500 then 800. 😬 If you will be lightly stocked, the 160 should be fine. Or you will just have to have the cup drain into a separate container.
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