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  1. My 1st attempt at raising clownfish fry....

    Ordered all their food from Reed Mariculture. Setup Rotifers and crossed fingers my fingers on hatch night..... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. My 1st attempt at raising clownfish fry....

    Developing.... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. My 1st attempt at raising clownfish fry....

    Here's the firs one they laid on a tile... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. My 1st attempt at raising clownfish fry....

    Here's a few pics of there previous clutches.... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. How to unglue pvc

    Nice! Sure as hell beats using a DREMEL(don't ask) ????
  6. Mmmmmm………. Beeeeeeeerrrrrrr….… Food sounds good too. I'll be there!
  7. Rotifers

    I'm looking for live Rotifers.... I am most likely going to place an order through reed mariculture but just throwing this out there. If anyone has some, or knows a local place to get a starter culture, I would love more info. Just got my Darwins to spawn on a 6x6 tile! Exited to try my hand at breeding!
  8. Rotifers

    Again, thank you for your imput. What you are saying makes sense but I am worried more about O2 levels with 400 fry in less than 10g. Probably negligible at their tiny size but just thinking out loud. I will definitely take your advice on this matter. Are you using Roti green in your fry tank to decrease water changes? Is it "cleaner" than Roti grow? I'm thinking of ordering 2 million/Roti grow and will divide them by 3. 2 cultures and 1 in the fry tank. Artemia and dry food (otohime) by day 4/5 and a crap ton of small water changes. I know that most breeders are shying away from artemia but I have lots of experience with them from my old cichlid days 20 years ago. Plus my reef loves them too. Thanks again for your input! Not sure how well this batch will come out but the next few should be solid. I'll make sure to start a new thread as soon as they hatch.
  9. ORA Red Goniopora. Big Frag!

    Great sized frags and great seller! So easy to do business with! Thanks again Andy!
  10. Rotifers

    Thanks for your input! Are you suggesting 7-8g for rotifer density only? I have no issue with buying more than 1 million. Plus after more closely counting the clutch, there's more like 400 eggs. That's alot of fry for 7-8 gallons or even 15g. I may setup a 30-40g.
  11. Rotifers

    Cool! Thanks!
  12. Rotifers

    only 4 totes? I have half a basement ???? I have to work tomorrow too and then I'll be out in the couve around 6pm. After that I'm free.
  13. Rotifers

  14. Rotifers

    Fisher, is 1 million going to be enough for a clutch of about 200? Or would I need to get 5 million? Chris, thanks for the offer! I just may stop by and pick those up(gives me an excuse to see your tank). You busy Sunday? Shoot me a pm. I have never raised any fry yet. My old pair of onyx were spawning but I was too lazy/busy to rear any of them. I am exited to try this time! Thanks guys!
  15. ORA Red Goniopora. Big Frag!

    I'll take it. Where are you located? Shoot me a pm...
  16. Onyx Percs

    Much better pics. They look like a cross between A. Percula and A. Ocellaris. The eyes are a dead give away. Beautiful none the less. Glad you are able to sell them. Didn't mean to derail your thread. ????
  17. Picoreefer

    Awesome reef! You definitely have an artistic eye!
  18. Onyx Percs

    Hieu, Those look like A. Ocellaris to me. Beautiful pair and a nice color variant, but not A. Percula. If I didn't already have a spawning pair, I would be all over this (especially with the nem).
  19. I'm also digging the polished concrete!
  20. You are a great writer and planner! I know one of your master plumbers not sure on the other???? Very wise to use the marine land stand and use gravity for your ATO. I've been telling people for years that gravity never fails. Some listen and some learn..... Once again, very nice system! I'm jealous! Can't wait to see the finished product....
  21. Seahorse tank!

    Very cool! I'm guessing it's an AIO setup with the flat back panel. Wonder if they make one without the AIO panel for a jelly tank.... Very nice place for a tank! Can't wait to see it stocked. Some dwarfs and a bluestripe pipefish would be sweet. Some NPS corals would be cool too... I need one!
  22. Light

    I got a 150mh sun pod you can borrow.
  23. What does your clownfish host?

    I have a RBTA that hosts a 7yr. Old pair of Black/White Ocellaris.
  24. What does your clownfish host?

    Anemones "host" clowns not the other way around.
  25. first 400 takes it

    Tempted.... If it was built by James I would buy it for a future fish only build.